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  1. FS Cadlights NR -1 nano media reactor

    what gfo and gha did you use? i use the brs versions of both and noticed they are too small and go through the large holes in the reactor
  2. zoas: candy apple reds

    how do i get a profile pic that cool, oceanic?
  3. FS Cadlights NR -1 nano media reactor

    i just bought one monday...and your local to indy. geez did you use the control valve? what were phosphates before and after?
  4. FS: Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

    sending pm inbox full. local pickup inquiry
  5. FS: Yumas and Zoas

    i will take the rainbow yuma if you ship. yumas are pretty easy to ship
  6. Where to buy rare scolys?

    swaps, ebay
  7. Well...i lost one, which has been replaced with a platinum. I like the way they compliment each other more. but i miss the original pair. also lost the flasher wrasse in my avatar. both just completely disappeared. i think my maxi mini might be having some clown/wrasse sushi
  8. Thank you. I am very anxious for it to fill out more. Just getting into sps and that should help. How is your red planet?
  9. RBTA or Orange BTA/Lemon Drop

    lol cmon now dont share. use to be able to get some crazy nems from that guy for $22 bc no one else would bid.
  10. ADA vs. Elos

    ADA all the way if... the plumbing is done nicely have a way to hide things...cords, powerheads aesthetically pleasing aquascape the seems on ada tanks are considerably superior to those of elos tanks,IMO also ada stands look very modern and clean
  11. StarkLED Blunova LED Fixture

    Currently using AI SOL as well. To me it is outdated. No wiresless option. Older leds. The vega is suppose to address these issues but AI never releases anything on time. Personally, I think the controller should work first time. I have had to replace mine and know many others who have. I do like my AI sol but there is a large improvement that can be made.
  12. Anyone have any expereince with starkled. I really like there new fixture blunova. Here is a link http://www.starkled.com/led-aquarium-light/blunova Anyone know pricing?
  13. what is the cost for priority mail interenational to 46228. if you can keep the box under dimensional weight that will really help. pm me. thank you.