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  1. are these up on site?
  2. are these up on site? looking for some nice sps. trying to find strawberry shortcake mini colony. lmk thanks
  3. it is so brown LOL j/k that is HOT
  4. my buddy owns reef filration and just got a set of these units in. They are freaking awesome.
  5. what do you mean by good lighting? As in supplemental photography lamps or aquarium fixture?
  6. what type of camera do you use? all my photos turn out brown....
  7. they are from zoanthinds.com red devil people eaters....a more affordable version of the RDPE from cherry corals which went for $300 polyp
  8. i do have some fs
  9. thank you very much. this is my first attempt at taking pics of my corals. i washed out the photo, i wish the green center was more vivid.
  10. ARC Poinsettia - for the holiday season
  11. yeah def looks like an elegance. esp the foot, i did not know bubble coral had a foot like that
  12. love the over-saturation look.