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  1. skimmate diatoms

    Will not emptying your skimmer cup for awhile create diatoms on the sandbed?
  2. Which one do you guys think is a better coral? Compare them, do they grow faster, do they adapt to tanks easier, do they need strong light/flow, what do they eat? Which one would be better?
  3. tangs

    I like the one spot foxface as well. Is the copperband an easy fish to keep? I hear they are tricky to get eating.
  4. tangs

    I just thought because it was 4" but then 2" front to back so they could swim front to back as well. Do they need height as well?
  5. Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Picture update?
  6. GiantBen's Shallow Mixed Reef

    Any more pictures? I love the dimension as well. Do you find it too big for the room? Is the 36" fixture good for a 48" tank?
  7. tangs

    Can small tangs be kept in a 48"x24"x14" 70 gallon tank or is that still too small for them? I just want to be sure before adding one. I won't be adding one if the tank is too small. Thanks
  8. Hypes Archipelago

    Thanks for the sump pic! How do you like having such a shallow tank? Also, did you ever think of LEDs?
  9. Hypes Archipelago

    Do you have a picture of your sump?
  10. Which AIO

    Are the solana or ecoxotic still available? Who here votes for a custom pico 18" cube to look like a solana but have the sump of the picoaquariums?