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  1. Selling AI HYDRA 26 HD

    Still available? Please contact me at 631 786 8609

    Pm sent on hydra 26
  3. I would like to start using bio pellets on my 24gal nano. I have a tlf reactor, but im afraid that it will be too big. Of course I know I will have to throttle the flow down but is the reactor itself too big due to the fact there will be a small amount of pellets in the reactor?
  4. Jr973/lps1212 feedback

    Awesome easy going guy. Far beyond exceeded my expectations as far as packaging for shiping. The delivery truck could have blown up and I have no doubt the corals would be safe. Fast return responses, would not hesitate to but from him again. I did lose a single polypp off a frag plug but that may have been due to an over zealous hermit crab. However I know its in my tank somewhere. A++++
  5. FS BC29 stock hqi light

    Will this fit on nc24
  6. Just like the titles says
  7. Just as the title states 75 for both shipped....if you need one or the other please let me know and we can work somthing out
  8. WTB mp20/40 wetside

  9. WTB mp20/40 wetside

    Just like the title says. Not looking for new, not looking to pay full price.
  10. F/S: Ecotech Vortech MP40

    Good job getting it going. GLWS
  11. 36" Aquatic Life 50/50 LED strip light

    where in ny are you located and what are you looking for in trade? i am def interested