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  1. Overheating Tank

    I have a 10 gallon with no thermostat. Just one of those coil heaters and a thermomoter. So am I filling bottles with any old water or mixed seawater?
  2. Overheating Tank

    Yeah... Most of my money goes to rent and food these days.
  3. Overheating Tank

    It's my first summer in my new apartment and I've learned that it gets quite hot here. The water in my tank has been reading upwards of 85 degrees dring the day and some of my corals are starting to wither. There's no room in the budget for a cooling unit, or a fan for that matter. In an act of desparation, I dumped an entire tray of ice cubes in the tank butt it did nothing to lower the temperature. Any suggestions?
  4. Blind Fish

    lol you said spit.
  5. Blind Fish

    I almost got an African Butterfly Fish a few times butt I don't have enough money when I see them. There are lots of really cool freshwater fish but I get so caught up in my reef tank sometimes that I neglect my FW at times.
  6. Blind Fish

    Elephant noses are cool too but I've never had one. I also really like Raphael Catfish and Ropefish.
  7. Blind Fish

    I know this is a saltwater forum, but I have no where elso to show off the new guy. I just got a Mexican Tetra which is probably the coolest FW fish available. I've been looking all over the city for them for over a year and this one tiny shop happened to have some new ones. I call him Noclops.
  8. Hermit Hats

    No, I mean like this. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0sg5pJz...ae9xeo1_500.jpg But shaped like a top hat or something.
  9. Hermit Hats

    I want a bunch of shells shaped like little hats for my hermit crabs. That way, they'll all look likt they're wearing hats. Does this exist or did I just have the most awesome idea ever?
  10. Suicide Snails

    My astrea snails keep climbing up the output of my protien skimmer and onto the outside of the skimmer where there's no water. I keep putting them back into the water when I see them up there but today I found a dead one there. Do astrea snails (or other marine snails for that matter) die if they're not in water. If so, why are they doing this? Are they predispositioned to be retarded or am I doing something wrong?
  11. What is your favorite type of fish?

    Definately Volitans Lionfish. They're what brought me into the hobby.
  12. Wrong teaching on nano-reefing

    He is the cause of the fallen economy. His whole house is probably made of stuff he got at a dollar store.
  13. Help pick my one and only fish

    I'd definately go with a dwarf lion.
  14. How often do I feed?

    This has probably been discused a million times here, but it's always better to hear it from people who know my specific situation. I'm a long time keeper of FW fish and a huge noob with salt. FW fish should fed two to three times a day and that's what I've been doing with my 10 gallon FOWLR. I recently saw something saying that a nano tank sould only be fed once every two to three days for bioload reasons. Normally, I'd comply with my damsel and clown, but there's this one fish, a bumblebee goby, who's no larger than a half inch. A small fish means a small digestive tract and he seems to need his daily feeding. Any advice? The only thing I can get him to eat is bloodworms if that makes a difference.
  15. Aquascaping IN the ocean

    I haven`t heard of this happening before, but it sounds like something conservationists would do. If not, they should. Like people who spend many hours planting trees in the boreal forests.