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  1. Sounds like everything is on the upswing! I am so glad! Your tanquito looks good too!
  2. That's what I thought, low light - so they were in the lower part of the tank. One is on the sand. But they're not as bright anymore so I tried higher just in case. I don't have any test kits anymore and my only way of correcting things are my 100% weekly water changes. These are under the Tuna Blue 12w LED. In case the blasto isn't supposed to get as much light, I have a piece of paper shading it right now.
  3. Tank Journal Entry Tanquito is almost 2 months old! May 6, 2017 - It was a nice day yesterday so we went for a walk at a botanical garden. Of course it was really close to a LFS, so I felt the need to pick up a couple of frags for the jar's almost-two-month celebration. I found an acan that I liked and a zoa that my husband picked out. The new acans: Does anyone recognize these zoas? Dark skirts, peach centers that look like hearts in a latte! It also has a fourth polyp that won't open. It looks like it shrank since yesterday. Should I worry? Progress pic on my rescue red and blue blasto. It's definitely bigger but is sort of losing color so I moved it up higher. Tried to get a pic of the mystery polyp, but the blasto is getting good at covering it up. And my current FJS: New things I've noticed in the tank - the asterina has been nibbling at the coralline on my astraea snail. Herbert looks awful now, like he has a huge scar on his shell. But I'm sure he's fine. Benjamin the stomatella is still spawning now and again. He has also grown quite a bit. The pocillopora, bird's nest and red blasto seem to be browning and losing color. I lowered the light a little, hoping to get them to color up a little more. I noticed how brown they looked after I put in the new acan - what a difference. I'm sure the green blasto isn't as bright as before. The tips aren't very blue like they were in the beginning. So, major tank rescape happened. Good idea. I think this will go on my list for things to get sooner rather than later. And do you have a glue that you recommend? I've just superglued the one frag that I actually took off the frag plug.
  4. I think fishy needs a cheering section. Eat, fishy, EAT! Eat, fishy, EAT!
  5. Thanks, natalia. I'll try not to worry about it too much at this point. I'm just doing my thing...feeding, changing water, vacuuming the sand.
  6. Base still has closed polyps but the rest are all out and happy enough. I really have to maybe frag some more of the base and just glue this guy down. I'm just afraid of how to cleanly break the fatter part of the frag. I also have a fear of commitment. Only the pocillopora is glued down and here I'm afraid it's in the wrong spot. It's in a high light, okay-ish flow area. Need to look up it's care requirements again.
  7. Good luck on your interview tomorrow! Sounds like lots of things are perking up in the tank - woohoo! I hope you and Weetie get a chance to get together at some point. It's fun getting to meet a Nano Reefer in person!
  8. We don't fall for that where frags are concerned.
  9. Please sign me up for the frag line.
  10. Rain24

    Money's Evo 5 *Lets Try this Reef thing*

    Yes, pick up Lugol's! It never hurts to have it on hand. I got mine just in case and I was so glad it was there when I left my bird's nest out of water for too long. You are also validating my every worry about getting a mushroom/ric. LOL. I hope it perks up!
  11. Crossing my fingers and hoping fishy eats! Oh, some news - my niece (who is 3) surprised my sister by asking for a fish! (She has no idea I have a tank.) So her new roomie is a betta named "Ariel" even though it's a male. My sister just told her it was a girl fish. LOL. My sister also wanted to use the betta tank as a night light. I had to tell her that fish have to sleep too. Her reply: "What? Get out! Really?"
  12. Mr. Experiment One also seems to have one bubble of bubble algae. LOL. I need to take care of that again. I do hope the pico is healthy. I feel like I'll believe it when the red blasto gets a new head, although that one seems to be getting fatter. My pocillopora is also worrying me. It has all these shaggy polyps, but I don't think there's really color on its flesh. Does that mean there's too much light? Too little? It's just sort of a blah, fleshy color and the green tips on the polyps aren't very bright anymore.
  13. I will once I find my missing charging cord for my camera. My phone just can't get decent enough pics.
  14. So, I think it was yesterday or the day before that I realized there is yet another thing growing on Experiment One's little island of rubble. A green polyp has appeared next to the fan worm/feather duster. Wonders never cease with that green blasto. Can't identify it yet. Stay tuned. I've also noticed something weird/interesting with my corynactis - little ones keep budding and then disappearing from bits of tissue left on the rock where the old one used to be. I found a much bigger corynactis in the back of the jar. I wonder if it moved or if I just never noticed this one before. Went to a talk at the beach and learned that some anemones do propagate from their base (pedal something or the other type of propagation).
  15. Rain24

    The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    You're lucky your Petco has pretty coral. I went to the one near here. Yikes. That gorgonian is a beauty!