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  1. Thank you so much for writing it out! I love information like this. I'm adding this to my reefing notes. It will totally help me in case that pesky algae pops up in my jar.
  2. Pics look good. I'm glad your jar is recovering. Could you post a full jar shot sometime? I'd love to see how the scape looks now.
  3. Love the new pics! I adore your goni garden. Could you please go into detail about how much Flucon you're using in your tank right now and how you add it in?
  4. Everything is looking good! I can't wait to have corals in mine!
  5. It's okay. I've never had a FW tank, so this whole air line business is new to me. Thank you! Whew. Glad to know that it'll do. We have power outages often enough here.
  6. I am currently too lazy to go out for coffee, so it'll have to be whatever I find around here. LOL...grooming the next generation of coffee lovers, are you? If I have a check valve, is that good enough to prevent a back siphon if there is a power loss?
  7. Shelby and The Disappearing Nem And now we have a title for a children's short story! LOL. My guess is that Shelby dropped a nem and found it again. (Total guess.) Where did you get Shelby again? I've looked locally and no one has a pom pom. I've decided against hermits to keep Benjamin (the stomatella) safe.
  8. What? The Powder Blue isn't a contender for your waterfall tank? Ooooh, you mentioned coffee. I think I need coffee before I tackle putting in the air line in my reef jar. Do people really put the pump above the tank??? I wasn't planning on it.
  9. Every time I pop into your thread, I get inspired! I saw a lovely goni when I was at the LFS. I'm hoping to have one in the future. In the meantime, I will be eagerly watching yours!
  10. Right? I was thinking that I could get a larger bowl and then maybe a little 4g tank a little ways into the future. About an hour after that, I was checking out how to retrofit LEDs into my old Biocube hood. LOL. Must. Focus. Reef Jar!!! ***** And now we're just going to catch up on some documentation for posterity. Tank Journal Entry We are now IN the reef jar! March 12, 2017 - I was so restless today. Just knowing I had sand in a bag kept me moving with a purpose. I made sure to rinse and dry the jar first. Then, I spent a good part of the morning re-learning how to use my hydrometer. The water in the bucket was at 1.028 SG. 100ml of distilled water brought it down to 1.026. Washed the sand thoroughly until all that cloudiness cleared up. Found a few pretty large pieces of shells and debris that I fished out. Once it was all clean, I scooped the sand in, moved the live rock into the jar, added the heater and powerhead and crossed my fingers. There was also some super gluing of vermetid snails before the rocks went into the jar. The heater dial is still set at 67F on the 50W Hydor Theo heater and it's keeping the jar at 78F. Despite the powerhead, there wasn't that huge of a sandstorm in the jar and it finally cleared up after a few hours. I also finally ordered my bulb, air pump, airline, check valve and flow valve. Oh, and some CoralRx for dipping. They should get here by Tuesday or Wednesday. Still no fixture for the bulb. Our little hitchhiker. As soon as I got the live rock in, my husband took a look at the jar and found a snail zooming along the inside of the glass. Our "abalone" survived the car ride home with no water on the live rock and just wet newspapers wrapped around it. I finally got a good look at our little guy and it isn't an abalone - it's a stomatella snail! Thank goodness it is also reef safe. He's small, about 2/3rds of an inch long with his foot, and my husband has already named him Benjamin. This may or may not have been due to the latest episode of The Walking Dead.
  11. I love Yasha Goby and candy cane shrimp pairings! I could forever stare at them sharing their tunnel while the shrimp keeps building it. Does your sand have a few larger pieces so their tunnel doesn't collapse? When I had my BC14, I had plans for a Yasha/Pistol combo. Do you have a chisel? You could probably chisel off the bottom of that frag plug if you need to. My bristle worms never bothered me, so I left them alone.I liked seeing them come out at night. Oh hey, which LFS store do you go to in the Chicago area? I used to live there and my favorite store was Beyond the Reef up in Schaumburg. Mind you, that was probably four or five years ago now, so I'm not sure what they're like now.
  12. I'm very partial to orange zoas - those look so nice! And is the other one a duncan?
  13. Isn't it funny how things just follow you home or jump in your cart? Madness, I say! LOL The jar looks good! How are you sealing the top and leaving enough room for your cords?
  14. I love seeing all the new progress in the tank. Shelby molted! Exciting times. I always look forward to your posts since there's so much to see and read about. I'm also fascinated with how your blue scroll is coloring up! How did you handle the cleanup of all the extra food? I know that normally you'd do a water change from what I've been reading. But with Shelby newly molted, I was wondering how you did it?