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  1. Great, thanks! I'll look into it. Oh, btw...*poke*...are you going to get your tank set up yet? I miss your tank updates. Oh I like you! You come bearing articles to read! Thanks for the links. I'll be doing some reading through lunch.
  2. How I wish we'd get baby stomatellas. Benjamin is alone in this tank. Poor guy. Why did I read that iodine was bad for something? Was it for shrimp? Am I not just remembering correctly? Anyway, glad to hear I don't have to rinse. Haha...I often think it's not what I'm doing since I haven't had them for that long yet. We'll see in another few months.
  3. So sorry to hear about your fish. But I would also like to say that your naming a clown pair Athena and Helo is just AWESOME!!!
  4. I was wondering if you got your tank back up and running yet! Regarding the Lugol's, I wasn't sure if it was okay not to rinse so I made sure to rinse it. Also, Experiment One has 3 new heads aside from the 2 that are growing well. You can actually see one of the older, larger heads in the pic above peeking out from beneath the front polyp. Boy, I adopted this frag thinking it was a goner and it's been pretty prolific so far. Also, Benjamin the stomatella had a long spawning event yet AGAIN today. (I caught sight of a cloudy jet while I was inspecting the tank this morning and there he was.) Can they really keep spawning like this? I hope this doesn't mean his end is near. He usually zooms around and eats a lot though.
  5. It's fishy day!!! Hope to see pics of your new baby soon!
  6. We're going to breathe in...and out... In...and out... OMG...new fishy!!!
  7. 4/25/17 - water change I always feel weird when I change water. Everything is just SO happy after eating and then there I go ruining all the happy polyp extensions. Can anyone tell me if my bird's nest is doing okay or not? It looks like the white tips from sitting out of the water too long last week are getting polyps back slowly. It's hard to see in this shot, but if I turn the pumps off and look from the top, there are tiny polyps on one side of the white tips. The bird's nest coral got a dip in Lugol's for 5 minutes (4 drops in 4 cups of water and rinsed before putting back in the tank - thanks @Weetabix7). Here is a pic of what the base looks like with the polyps not opening. See how it looks pretty happy with polyps extended above where it branches? The polyps used to open all the way down. The frag isn't glued down, it's just poked through a hole in the rock. Can anyone tell me if this fan worm(?) on the left of my green blastos is good or bad? The blastos still open. It's just weird how it looked like a blade of algae on day and then all of a sudden this hairy, feathery stuff came out and started waving around. And after my water change, my rocks look like they suddenly have a thin layer of fuzz all over them that wasn't there before the water change.
  8. Will be thinking of you. Drive safely! Let us know that you've arrived when you get a chance! <3
  9. I knew I ordered Lugol's for a reason. I'll have to read up on instructions and do it when I change water tomorrow. Okiedokie, I'm going to dip it just to see how it does. Regarding the white tips (not the base), it looks like one side of the tips might have polyps recovering, the other side...not so much. I fed them earlier today and I'll be changing water tomorrow. Birdie is going to spend water change time in his very own Lugol's bath.
  10. These pics are actually making me interested in keeping macros someday!!!
  11. I love your photos. Look at that action shot of your egg-laden pom pom!!! I love the clearer photo of her as well. I can't wait to have one in my jar.
  12. Yay, Hype! Good to have you aboard! I'm having fun with my little tanquito so far.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the siphon from Ace. It reminds me of the one my dad used on his old aquarium. Ah, nostalgia! Your second suggestion reminded me of the DIY precision siphon that someone on here made! I was planning on making one but still can't find a local source of rigid airline tubing. Hahahaha! I love those movies. Yeah, I'm going to have to take better care of the bird's nest. The lower polyps are now also not opening. I saw a rather large amphipod by its base today. I wonder if it's getting irritated by the pod or if there's something else wrong with it?
  14. Thanks, Weetie! That was originally my plan, frag if they don't recover. I'm just really hoping it gets better. Now I'm a little nervous about the next water change. In other news - the green blasto's new heads are getting larger. The hammer has a couple of itty bitty little new buds. The red blasto is looking better, but that's the one not completely attached to the skeleton on one side so I'm wondering how long it will be before I even see new heads forming. It has a good appetite though!
  15. That is SO frustrating! I had attended a lecture over here years ago about protecting the diversity of species found in the Philippines (although these were mostly terrestrial species) and knowing how the governing body functions over there and the under-trained police that perform the raids, who knows if these confiscated corals even survive. Maybe your reef club could ask about how they are handled after a raid and make suggestions.