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  1. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Can't believe it has been 10 years! happy birthday!
  2. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    wow happy seventh! what a nice place to spend five years of my hobby!
  3. sps identification

    Prohibited Species: All harvest is prohibited of the following species: Live rock, Bahama starfish (Oreaster reticulatis), longspine urchin (Diadema antillarum), Venus sea fan (Gorgonia flabellum), common sea fan (Gorgonia ventalina), any hard or stony coral (Order Scleractinia), or any fire coral (Genus Millepora).
  4. ---DONE DEAL---

    odd, this is what it is Current USA Outer Orbit Pendant 1x150w 10K HQI-MH w/ 3 Lunar Lights 129.99$
  5. ---DONE DEAL---

    Cheap but please click through the banner on the sponsor tab.
  6. HELP! Need to find LFS in these cities in Florida

    Yeah Melbourne is alright, most of the good stores turned sour or closed up though(WMA and Nahacky's have the old guy problem). Vero has a few great places, and I am sure if you could arrange a trip to a wholesaler down south your day would turn out really great.
  7. HELP! Need to find LFS in these cities in Florida

    Hi, a google local search for pet store turned up quite a few stores. The one I was thinking of in Stuart closed down, butthere are more. Big Als has a store in Fort Lauderdale that has everything if you are interested in, Big Als Aquarium Supercenters6820 N University Dr Fort Lauderdale, FL 33321 (954) 722-3474
  8. They sell medication for being backed up, I believe you can get it at most pharmacies. Tom is very good at what he does, I have 2 hoods of exceptional quality.
  9. Seahorses in a 10 setup ?

    For a 10 you would want larger dwarves and a whole herd of them. You should look into a extra tall tank or something of about 30 inches in height for anything else. Almost every seahorse needs low indirect flow and alot of hitching posts with food readily available through out the day.
  10. Mr. Fosi's 5.5AGA fish/coral mix

    red things are foraminiferans.
  11. Pistol Shrimp I.D.

    Hello, I just recently opened up a box of liverock and at the bottom under rubble was a little pistol the size of a quarter. I can't find him through a google image search, do you have any ideas? edit: I think I found him finally, Alpheus leviusculus
  12. what the heck is this?

    I believe it is a trimma goby http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Di...cfm?pCatId=1968
  13. sdbeazley

  14. peppermint shrimp turning blue?

    Most fish and shrimp turn almost clear at night but I have nevre heard of this blue coloring.
  15. Oh Wow anotehr local! Congratulations on finding thelogicalreef it is probably the best around for 100s of miles. Have you ever looked at Fish's thread with his starfire cubes? pretty neat stuff.