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    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon

  2. 1.0reef

    What Fish Should I Get?

    Small benthic fish like Gobies and blennies.
  3. 1.0reef

    Fish Compatibility (Royal Gramma & Azure Damsel)

    Chrysiptera damsels can be especially aggressive, but many fish will often harass new additions. Capturing the established fish and keeping them in a separate area and allowing the new fish to acclimate can work, sometimes changing the aquascape will work too. If all else fails you may have to catch the damsel and return it.
  4. 1.0reef

    Why are purple monsters so expensive

    Kinda odd, you can get them for way cheaper pretty easily. They must be overcharging I guess
  5. 1.0reef

    Blenny species

    Ekemblemaria species would be my best guess, kinda hard to say. Whatever it is, it’s most likely a sporadic import which might make it hard to find for sale.
  6. 1.0reef

    Nano Fish with Small Mouths Feeding Issue

    I’ve had this issue with small fw fish, usually I’d turn the flow off, feed any boisterous fish, then put crushed pellet foods on the surface and force them to sink. You could try live foods as well. YCG May take a while before taking prepared, it’ll probably hunt pods until then.
  7. 1.0reef


    Sounds good, there’s tons of cool inverts you could add. In addition to cleaner shrimp you could add small snails, anemone shrimp, Pom Pom crabs, and others.
  8. 1.0reef

    Slight confusion with stocking levels

    With you’re filtration, territory is the limiting factor. A group of threadfin cardinals and a blue assessor would work, if you don’t experience any nutrient issues for a while then you could try clowns. Wouldn’t put a dwarf angel in a 30 with so many others though. Also add the clowns last, as they’re the most territorial.
  9. 1.0reef

    Stocking for 14g Peninsula Ideas

    Possum wrasse and a cool benthic fish would be cool
  10. 1.0reef

    black ocellaris clownfish

    If they’re still spawning they’ll be worth quite a lot, might have to look around marketplaces of forums to see previous asking prices
  11. 1.0reef

    Unique Stonogobiops nematodes (hybrid?)

    Probably a genetic thing or it grew an extra after an injury. Neat specimen
  12. 1.0reef

    Wrasse: Cirrhilabrus Lanceolatus?

    The lunatus is a better deal, they’re still more uncommon than the Isosceles, which is now the most common member of that entire complex. Their also the best fairy wrasse for a smaller tank because of their small size and somewhat cryptic nature.
  13. 1.0reef

    What Happened To The Blue Spotted Jawfish?

    They’re probably collected seasonally
  14. 1.0reef

    Mixing Different Breeds

    Depends on the variants and/or species you want to mix and what setup they’ll be going in.
  15. 1.0reef


    I’d avoid an urchin in such a small tank, they tend to just uproot frags and eat coralline anyways lol. Same goes for the emerald, they can get kinda big and become annoying. Smaller/more peaceful crabs like Pom Pom crabs or porcelain (anemone) crabs are great. Theres tons of other cool nano inverts, especially shrimp. If you want coral that doesn’t become take up too much space you could stick to encrusting species.
  16. 1.0reef

    16 Gallon Stocking Question

    Wouldn’t recommend that, even if the dragonet is eating prepared foods it’s better to have a larger system or at least a refugium with them imo. Considering you have a skimmer, you should be fine adding a small species of goby that is less likely to be bullied by other tankmates, shrimp Gobies and their symbiotic pistol shrimps are always great additions.
  17. 1.0reef

    Zebra Barred Dartfish and Tilefish

    They might be active because you don’t have any boisterous tank mates, which is great. I’m sure the tilefish likes having the fart fish as company too. Make sure they get multiple feedings and have a sandbed or a container with fine sand so the tilefish can burrow. The dartfish can be kept in there long term, as an adult the tilefish will need more space. Heres a good article on long term care for tilefish, not sure if there’s any info on if they’re compatible with small inverts. https://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/9/fish
  18. 1.0reef

    San Francisco good lfs

    I’d recommend stopping by Aqua forest Aquaria, it’s not a reef store, but they have awesome ada nature aquariums. If you can, definitely try to go to the Academy of Sciences/Steinhart aquarium. Plenty of awesome reef exhibits. Most of the stores I know are in the east bay.
  19. 1.0reef

    Fish for 30L help decide- take 2, midas blenny

    A fang blenny would be a good option, they don’t get nearly as large as Midas blennies.
  20. 1.0reef

    Lorekeeper's 10 Gallon Mixed Reef!

    Glad to see someone got some skunk clowns! Probably the most underrated clownfish out there
  21. 1.0reef

    24G invert aquapod fish suggestions

    Flame angel would be a bit big in a 24 gallon, if you can find one a golden aurinatus dwarf angel could work, as they’re a smaller and more cryptic species. For inverts, a squat lobster would be cool, and there’s tons of obscure anemone shrimp. Periclimenes and Urocaridella shrimp are great options. Blue coral shrimp will also work, and they aren’t as aggressive as their relatives. If you get an sps colony, a Trapezia crab would be a cool addition. Other options include urchins, certain nudibranchs, certain star fish, anemones, and feather dusters.
  22. 1.0reef

    Yellow Priolepis Goby

    They’re very cryptic, generally they’ll just hide and eat pods.
  23. 1.0reef

    5 fish in NanoCube 28?

    Maybe by other rock dwellers, but the other fish in the tank are pretty peaceful besides the clown, and none of them will share the same territory as the goby because they’re open water fish.
  24. 1.0reef

    5 fish in NanoCube 28?

    You should be fine, neon gobies aren’t going to get into any fights most likely.