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  1. 1.0reef

    Fish for 30L help decide- take 2, midas blenny

    A fang blenny would be a good option, they don’t get nearly as large as Midas blennies.
  2. 1.0reef

    Lorekeeper's 10 Gallon Mixed Reef!

    Glad to see someone got some skunk clowns! Probably the most underrated clownfish out there
  3. 1.0reef

    24G invert aquapod fish suggestions

    Flame angel would be a bit big in a 24 gallon, if you can find one a golden aurinatus dwarf angel could work, as they’re a smaller and more cryptic species. For inverts, a squat lobster would be cool, and there’s tons of obscure anemone shrimp. Periclimenes and Urocaridella shrimp are great options. Blue coral shrimp will also work, and they aren’t as aggressive as their relatives. If you get an sps colony, a Trapezia crab would be a cool addition. Other options include urchins, certain nudibranchs, certain star fish, anemones, and feather dusters.
  4. 1.0reef

    Yellow Priolepis Goby

    They’re very cryptic, generally they’ll just hide and eat pods.
  5. 1.0reef

    5 fish in NanoCube 28?

    Maybe by other rock dwellers, but the other fish in the tank are pretty peaceful besides the clown, and none of them will share the same territory as the goby because they’re open water fish.
  6. 1.0reef

    5 fish in NanoCube 28?

    You should be fine, neon gobies aren’t going to get into any fights most likely.
  7. 1.0reef

    Would you buy this wrasse?

    Most rare fish in the hobby aren’t rare, usually they’re just not imported for various reasons, the Lennardi wrasse is a good example. They aren’t endangered, but because they’re only found in NW Australia in protected areas. Another interesting characteristic imo is just how crazy they are as proper adults, I don’t think there’s any in captivity that are full grown foot long adults with full blue/yellow coloration like this.
  8. 1.0reef

    Help me finalize my fish choices.

    Good choices, the only change I’d make is replacing the tiger pistol stomp with the smaller randalls pistol shrimp. They’re better suited for nanos and won’t disrupt corals on the sandbed as much, plus they’re more peaceful. Otherwise the firefish and goby are great choices, just make sure to qt them.
  9. 1.0reef

    🐠🦐Stocking a 9 Gallon Drop-Off Tank 🦐🐠

    Firefish themselves are very peaceful, often timid, and should be kept with peaceful tankmates.
  10. 1.0reef

    🐠🦐Stocking a 9 Gallon Drop-Off Tank 🦐🐠

    You could keep a pair of clowns in there, but eventually they'd need to be moved out IMO. A good minimum tank size for clowns would be a 20g as that's what most breeders use. You could keep a firefish and another small fish in there, kinda depends what you want. There's plenty of small species of gobies and blennies that don't require sand that'll do well.
  11. 1.0reef

    Custom 20g Zoa Garden

    Nice setup, nice to see some yellow cardinal fish! Such an underrated species.
  12. 1.0reef


    In the fresh tank, take the java ferns and tie them to the wood or keep the rhizomes out of the substrate. They should grow like weeds, even with stock lighting.
  13. 1.0reef

    Stocking 66 Gallon reef tank

    A dwarf angel should be fine space wise, but might pick at coral. If you add Bangaii cardinals, get a pair instead of a trio as they aren't schooling fish once adults. Clowns, most gobies, dartfish, blennies, and the basslet are all good options. Just make sure to add more peaceful species like the firefish before bigger, more active, and more territorial species.
  14. 1.0reef

    4th and Final Fish Suggestion

    Yellow Coris (Really a Halichoeres species) would get too large for a nano with a square footprint, and six lines can be aggressive.
  15. 1.0reef

    DIY frag setup

    Maybe a hydroponic tray or have some glass cut for you and make a shallow tank. If you have the money there's other custom or pre existing options like the IM 25 lagoon, JBJ 20g, or some of Ocean box designs frag tanks.