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  1. Stocking 66 Gallon reef tank

    A dwarf angel should be fine space wise, but might pick at coral. If you add Bangaii cardinals, get a pair instead of a trio as they aren't schooling fish once adults. Clowns, most gobies, dartfish, blennies, and the basslet are all good options. Just make sure to add more peaceful species like the firefish before bigger, more active, and more territorial species.
  2. 4th and Final Fish Suggestion

    Yellow Coris (Really a Halichoeres species) would get too large for a nano with a square footprint, and six lines can be aggressive.
  3. DIY frag setup

    Maybe a hydroponic tray or have some glass cut for you and make a shallow tank. If you have the money there's other custom or pre existing options like the IM 25 lagoon, JBJ 20g, or some of Ocean box designs frag tanks.
  4. 4th and Final Fish Suggestion

    Should be fine with 4 or 5 fish, I doubt anything will pick on the goby tbh. For fish you could add another cardinal or clown to have pairs. There's tons of other options as well, small basslets, peaceful pseudochromis, fang blennies, possum/pink streak wrasse, etc are all good.
  5. Flasher wrasse or Orchid dottyback?

    Flasher wrasse would probably do better in a tank with more swimming room, and the Assessor and dottyback might not work even though Orchids are usually peaceful. A small species of gang blenny or a pink streak/possum wrasse could work.
  6. Fluval Evo 13.5 Stocking

    The bioload of those gobies is probably less than the bioload of a shrimp. Don't be too worried about corals either, many of the softies, lps, and even some sps will grow like weeds in less than optimal conditions.
  7. A kiwis 5 gallon aquarium adventure

    Tons of various small fish that'll work, gumdrop coral crouchers (small scorpionfish), most small gobies, small blennies, etc Anemone shrimp are cool as well
  8. What fish for 10gal frag tank ?

    Either a comb tooth blenny (Like a tailspot blenny) or a small wrasse like a pink streak or possum wrasse.
  9. Future Fish Plan

    Don't get a sand sifting goby, most species get too big for nanos are a a PITA.
  10. Red spot goby

    A few people have had microgoby tanks, there's one on YouTube that must have 30 gobies in around a 50 gallon tank. Thy should be fine with most other small fish in such a large tank.
  11. re-stocking 30 gallon

    Definitely a lot of good choices in there, I'm bias to species tanks but I think a species tank for a pair of a larger dottyback species would be awesome. For a community tank a pair of clowns with a smaller pseudochromis/assessor and a couple other small fish would work well too. Theres a few neat Liopropoma species that aren't too common that won't break the bank, swalesi is a good example. For clowns, there's plenty of Occy/Perc morphs, and Skunk clowns are a good option as thy tend to stay relatively small.
  12. Stocking a RSM C-130

    Should be fine, add the gramma last as they're more territorial compared to the more peaceful firefish. A cardinalfish could replace either the gramma or firefish as well.
  13. Running Reef tank at 72 Degrees?

    Many people who've kept deep water fish like Ventralis anthias often lower their tank's temp to the low 70's range without issue.
  14. Need a big colorful fish for my DT tank

    Genicanthus angels are a good option, completely reef safe as well.
  15. I.D this clownfish!

    Probably a Mocha Ocellaris