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  1. 1.0reef

    Restocking a 30g Nuvo.

    The wrasse will outgrow a 30, you could get a yellow fang blenny as a replacement. The blenny looks similar and will be out in the water column. Orchid dottybacks are usually less territorial than pictochromis, but add it later on to avoid issues with other fish. Firefish are nice, generally more timid so add it first. Imo dwarf angels do better in larger setups too, but it could work. Of course there’s also the risk they’ll go after coral.
  2. 1.0reef

    What would you pay for rare golden dwarf moray

    That’s probably the most solid gold one I’ve ever seen, almost looks like a Gymnothorax miliaris! From what I’ve seen lately they’re going for 200-350 but it could depend on size, color, seller, etc
  3. 1.0reef


    It’s easier to help with far more specific questions. You got a 150 already, what filtration is being run on it? For tanks that size a sump is practically mandatory. For livestock it helps to browse around, find some fish you’d like and create a list. Then others can go over that list and critique what might go wrong and better options.
  4. Surprised people are still optimistic, pretty sure my whole generation has accepted we’re screwed lol
  5. 1.0reef

    Fang Blennies in 10 gal?

    I had the 6 gallon desktop setup as a paludarium for a while but because of school I’m taking a break. Slight chance I may setup a pico in college but most likely I’ll wait until after college until I start a proper build.
  6. 1.0reef

    Fang Blennies in 10 gal?

    Personally I wouldn’t just because they can be pretty active. Less active basslets or firefish could work though.
  7. 1.0reef

    Mini Complete Reef

    Tbh I think putting a top on it would be better than an ato. Manual top off should be easy with a pipette lol. For livestock small inverts like small shrimps, Pom pom crabs, and things of that nature should work. For corals just be careful because of territorial issues and growth space. Doing a frosted background might look nice, but I’m not sure if the overflow pieces would look weird with it.
  8. 1.0reef

    Skinny glass tank recommendations?

    They probably are, originally they were mr aqua but then they stopped making them/selling them ? I dunno what happened but the same tanks mr aqua sold are now sold under other brands lol
  9. 1.0reef

    Skinny glass tank recommendations?

    6 gallon aquatop, 24 x 6.7 x 9 about. Fits perfectly.
  10. 1.0reef

    Controversial: Goby in a 5 gallon?

    You could trade in your coral banded shrimp for a blue or gold coral banded shrimp, same genus but smaller species.
  11. 1.0reef

    Controversial: Goby in a 5 gallon?

    A small goby will have a smaller bioload than the shrimp, should be fine.
  12. 1.0reef

    Leaf fish in 20 long???

    Should be fine, they can be a bit messy so keep an eye on nutrient levels.
  13. Well we’ve more or less killed off the stony corals of the Caribbean already
  14. 1.0reef

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    Glad to see coldwater tanks are still around, are there still people selling coldwater livestock?
  15. 1.0reef

    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon