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  1. Beautiful setup, already one of my favorite Caribbean biotope setups that I’ve seen. The centerpiece gorg really perfects the scape
  2. Any small goby/blenny/benthic fish will work. Certain smaller species could be kept in pairs as well.
  3. Here’s the link, they’re technically for ultum nature series tanks but I think they have same dimensions as mr aqua tanks. I know the bookshelf tanks share the same dimensions. https://shop.glassaqua.com/search?q=glass+lid Here’s a link for ADA lids as well https://aquaforestaquarium.com/collections/aquarium-tank-cabinet/glass-cover Generally freshwater/planted tank stores carry more of this stuff, great for ultra clean/modern look.
  4. Aquamaxx (aka mr Aqua) tank’s have available lids, same with ADA tanks and most other big rimless tank makers. Custom lids could be made as the clips for the rimless covers are available separately.
  5. Only reasonable lighting for such a small tank is led, cheapo par bulbs would be good unless there’s some ther cheap alternative. Sumps would be overkill imo, canister filters are uncommon anyways but when used with lily pipes look really good. Most sumps/canister setups wouldn’t offer much of a technical advantage over hob filters, but may offer an aesthetic advantage. For livestock I don’t think price is a fair way to restrict buying, but limiting the number of species/varieties of coral could be done. Might make the tanks more homogeneous though. To stay in the contest photo updates would be good, easy way to track a tank’s growth as well. Exceptions could be made for emergencies, travel, etc Keeping things open ended May cause a less even playing field, but would lead to more interesting setups imo
  6. They had other ones that weren’t labeled ORA with defects too, pretty much every large breeder won’t cull properly.
  7. I’ve seen a decent amount of incorrectly labeled fish (Especially designer clowns) and likely genetically deformed fish (mostly low quality designer clowns)
  8. Surprisingly the skies were clear so I went out and took some pics of the SF fireworks show. I’m not experienced with fireworks/long exposure stuff so critiques are welcome. Happy New Years!
  9. The wrasse will outgrow a 30, you could get a yellow fang blenny as a replacement. The blenny looks similar and will be out in the water column. Orchid dottybacks are usually less territorial than pictochromis, but add it later on to avoid issues with other fish. Firefish are nice, generally more timid so add it first. Imo dwarf angels do better in larger setups too, but it could work. Of course there’s also the risk they’ll go after coral.
  10. That’s probably the most solid gold one I’ve ever seen, almost looks like a Gymnothorax miliaris! From what I’ve seen lately they’re going for 200-350 but it could depend on size, color, seller, etc
  11. It’s easier to help with far more specific questions. You got a 150 already, what filtration is being run on it? For tanks that size a sump is practically mandatory. For livestock it helps to browse around, find some fish you’d like and create a list. Then others can go over that list and critique what might go wrong and better options.
  12. Surprised people are still optimistic, pretty sure my whole generation has accepted we’re screwed lol
  13. I had the 6 gallon desktop setup as a paludarium for a while but because of school I’m taking a break. Slight chance I may setup a pico in college but most likely I’ll wait until after college until I start a proper build.
  14. Personally I wouldn’t just because they can be pretty active. Less active basslets or firefish could work though.
  15. Tbh I think putting a top on it would be better than an ato. Manual top off should be easy with a pipette lol. For livestock small inverts like small shrimps, Pom pom crabs, and things of that nature should work. For corals just be careful because of territorial issues and growth space. Doing a frosted background might look nice, but I’m not sure if the overflow pieces would look weird with it.
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