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  1. 93 Gallon Rimless Custom Cube System!

    Fair enough I'll update it. Thanks!
  2. 93 Gallon Rimless Custom Cube System!

    Bumping, system is still sitting in the basement ready for some love =)
  3. Saltwaterfish.com recent experience

    They have incredible prices because that is how they get sales, not customer service. I made the mistake of ordering with them a few years back. Order took 3 weeks to ship, and when it did 3 out of 4 fish didn't ship (they refunded 90% the value of the fish instead of the whole thing for some reason) then the last and only fish that shipped (a $20 fish) wasn't even the right fish... I did a chargeback after trying to call them for a week to correct the issue. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, NOT WORTH IT.
  4. Still having nutrient issues!

    I would LOVE to believe that it is simply tank maturity but I set this tank up in November of 2015 so it has been running about 2 years now. Nearly all of which I have had algae issues, I am just finally getting fed up with it and trying everything. I have so much surface area in this tank I just really have a hard time believing that coupled with the carbon dosing isn't providing enough for bacteria growth. My concern is since the tank was seeded with bottled bacteria that maybe I don't have enough bio-diversity? Sadly that is also hard to believe because of all the livestock and coral frags I have added would bring the bacterial diversity to the system... I fed the tank almost NOTHING at this point and still have significant hair and macro algae growth in the display (have some form of green wirey algae as well). The fish load is moderate at most and still I am getting no noticeable change with anything I do. Feels like I am just not hitting what is causing the issue at all. The tank started BB but I added a 1" sandbed (clean dry sand - new) after the algae started thinking I needed the additional surface area for bacterial population. Who knows, it is very discouraging because I have a crappy 40 breeder sitting in the next room that gets 1/10th the attention and its beautiful. I even thought "Hey, maybe im just messing with it to much" and didn't touch anything for a few months other than changing GFO, light feeding, WC, etc and my PO4 / NO3 skyrocketed... Not sure if this matters at all but I stopped GFO for a few weeks a while back and my po4 went from detectable at around 0.04 to 0.25 in 3 days. Still trying to figure that one out. Total mystery with this system. I'm to the point that I think I will just restart the system, a lot less headache then figuring this out and it will tell me a lot if it just comes back with new rock, sand, and a fully cleaned out system... Thanksf or the help!
  5. Still having nutrient issues!

    If I go that far I am just going to move some of the rock and fish into a holding system, get some new rock, and start over. At one point during all of this I took all the corals out and did a 10 day black out and changed filter socks daily. Algae still alive. I am starting to think that for whatever reason this system isn't developing the normal bacteria cultures that we normally see on liverock. Obviously this is just a hunch but it just doesnt make any sense otherwise. I have another 45 gallon tank sitting right next to it that gets basically the same care with 5 times the feeding that has none of these issues. Same source water, salt, etc.
  6. So glad that you clarified that you were in the army, and are not a millennial or sheep. That really changes my outlook on all this! I was impartial at first but have grown to realize that you might win the award for most impossible and delusional poster I've ever met on the internet, congrats. I wish you the best with the tank!
  7. You in the original post ^^^ You just now ^^^ What is the difference between giving you feedback and opinions? Just curious. As far as I am aware telling you that you don't need a canister filter or UV is giving you feedback, and an opinion... Not sure how to separate that to make you less unhappy.
  8. Lets not start grouping every single millennial in with this guy, that would be real cool . He obviously just doesn't want any advice, your post was pretty reasonable honestly... Oh well!
  9. Still having nutrient issues!

    So a quick update. Been doing the following for 3 weeks, some of it much longer. Running GFO, normal dose, changed weekly Running activated carbon Dosing NO3PO4-X @ recommended top dose. Feeding 1/4 cube of mysis (rinsed) daily, fish eat it all in ~20 seconds. Removed 2 fish from system and rehomed Cheato reactor For surface area the system has 2 marinepur plates along with ~45 lbs of reef saver BRS rock. Nitrates are holding steady at around 7-10ppm and PO4 is reading at .04ppm SPS are becoming very pale and my cheato growth has completely stopped. Algae growth in the main display however continues to grow and spread. I'm getting pretty close to just putting the fish in a temp system and totally restarting. I'm approaching a year fighting this algae in this system! Some tests I have done at the recommendation on NR Put a little bit of my rock in a 5 gal bucket overnight, po4 read 0.00 next day. Put a little bit of my sand in a 5 gal bucket overnight, po4 read at 0.00 next day. Reduced lighting to 6hrs / daily Confirmed ALK / Calk / Mag / SG are good (8 / 420 / 1300 / 1.026) Changed GFO frequently (weekly) Added CUC Siphoned sand and blew detritus from rock every few days. Changed filter socks every 2 days Skim wet (skimmer rated for 220 gallon system filling up every 3-5 days) Reduce feedings Remove some bioload (fish) Still can't get this algae to go away. I am ok with using bandaid solutions but don't want to use them until growth stops, otherwise it will just come back. Hoping for a couple final recommendations before I just start over. There is no way underfeeding or over exporting while using carbon dosing could cause this issue right? Every alarm in my head is saying the tank should be WAY to clean however it isnt... Thanks!
  10. Still having nutrient issues!

    Skimmer is a vertex 180i. Oversized for the tank. Running wet. Fills every 5 days or so.
  11. Still having nutrient issues!

    RODI with a output TDS of 0. Tested my weekly WC water which had been sitting for a couple days mixing. NO3: <1-2 PO4: 0 Not sure where the nitrate came from but its not enough to worry about I don't think. I feel like export is high on this system but I dunno maybe I'm crazy! GFO is being ran and changed every week (2 max) this has been going on for ~8 weeks now. Still have significant algae growth
  12. Still having nutrient issues!

    I'm changing it weekly.
  13. Hey all. Have a 90 gallon cube sps tank (currently mostly frags) and am having some weird nutrient issues. The tank has been up for about a year and I have fought with nutrients pretty much the entire time. Currently the parameters are SG: 1.025 Temp: 78-79 Calc: 420 Mag: 1300 Alk: 8.7dkh Po4: 0.095ppm (hanna ULR Phosphorus) No3: 10ppm (Salifert) Lighting is provided via 4 ATI t5 and 6 nanobox led arrays at around 60%. Flow is provided by 2 MP40s. Nuisance algae is under control but its almost everywhere. Short hair alage and cladophoropsis have the biggest presence. Tank has about 40lbs of reef saver dry rock seeded with 5lbs of cured live rock from LFS. Also have a few 1" marinepur ceramic biomedia plates in the sump between baffles Filtration is provided by filter socks, a bag of carbon, vertex 180i, GFO reactor, Cheato reactor, and No3Po4-X (9ml daily carbon dose). There are 9 fish in the system and a very small clean up crew. Water changes are done with Red Sea salt at ~35% weekly. Coral health is improved after a water change but after about a week it begins to decline again, hence the aggressive water changes. I am looking for advice because I am at a loss with this system. Between extreme filtration and light feeding (1/2" mysis cube daily with occasional phytofeast squirt) I expected some improvement but I have made no changes in the last 8 weeks and have seen no reduction in Po4 or No3. It is completely stable around 0.1ppm Po4 and 10pmm nitrate. I have another 30 gallon system with a larger bioload, way less export, I rarely do water changes and it has no issues whatsoever. It kills to see the difference between the two and know I am using the same methods on both with totally different results! I had another thread on here a couple months ago in which I was able to at least get the nutrients stable by adding the cheato reactor but since then no improvement. I keep looking to import vs export issues but really can't figure out what is going on. I feel like import is minimal and export should be sufficient... Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  14. Starfish ID

    Maybe? https://www.google.com/search?q=astera+starfish&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS716US716&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiCou6qvcjVAhVh0YMKHaiZDXQQ_AUIDCgD&biw=1920&bih=974
  15. High Phosphate after 5 months!!

    I've had some seriously good luck with lanthanum chloride. I dose it into my skimmer to catch the flocculant. Been using it on my frag system for a long time and know of 2 or 3 local guys that have been dripping it into their SPS system for a couple years now. Recently started using it on my main display to fix a long term po4 leaching issue, with great effect. I think within the next couple years as nothing bad happens people will pickup its use even more. It does an excellent job of binding phosphate as long as you have a removal method for the remaining bound phosphate. The BEST thing about it would be the fact that as po4 levels lower it becomes less effective making it really hard to strip the water as you can with GFO or aluminium based phosphate removers. I remember way back in the day when GFO was considered a crazy dangerous thing to do