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  1. WTB: MP10DQ & x2 IM Spinstream

    I have a less than 3 month, in perfect condition mp10qd. I can do $195 shipped. I bought it from BRS and received it in early Oct 2016. I have the original box and everything that came with it. I have tons of feedback at R2R and RC under my username, Maximus. Let me know if you want it. Thanks. -Sang
  2. Such a beautiful tank! Looks like AGE made it. If I didn't have an AGE tank on order now, I would have bought this one. Btw, I am a UCR grad from 1994!
  3. FS: h. pannosa & fluffy green algae

    Do you have any pannosa left? If so, I'll take some.
  4. Best place to buy clams?

    Has anyone seen any blue squamosas for sale lately?
  5. It's officially sold. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi guys, sale is pending on it but if it falls through I will contact the next person in line.
  7. Hi guys, I have a black NanoBox Duo+M for sale. It has every option available. It includes 5 channel dimming and moonlight. It also includes black anodized screws. I paid close to $480, brand new from NanoBox. It has worked perfectly and is extremely quiet and is in perfect condition. The only reason I am selling is because I am taking down my nano. I have sold numerous goods on RC and at R2R under my username, Maximus. I can ship it USPS Priority mail insured and will pack it well. I am asking $375 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  8. NanoBox HOW TO Bluefish : Tide/Duo/Quad Series

    Hi Dave. no change in the fan. I just left the lights off.
  9. NanoBox HOW TO Bluefish : Tide/Duo/Quad Series

    I just turned it to to 90% to all settings and it's still off?
  10. NanoBox HOW TO Bluefish : Tide/Duo/Quad Series

    Can someone tell me how to turn on the fan? Is there a special place in the Bluefish controller? It's currently off now and the lights are on. Thanks!
  11. NanoBox New Units : URGENT!

    So basically, the metal contact points face up? Do the instructions say to face the contact points down or does it not mention it in the original directions? I should have my light tomorrow. Thanks Dave. Do we need to take apart the Bluefish controller to access the connector so we know which way to orient the plug?
  12. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    Hey Dave, this is Sang. Any idea when my Duo will get sent out? I did find my name on the order list but I'm toward the bottom. Can't wait to receive it! Btw, any chance you could swap out the stainless steel screws on my black duo with the black colored screws? It looks much better with black screws on a black/black Duo. Thanks.
  13. Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Fusion Lagoon Aquarium

    Dave, I changed my mind and went with the IM 20 (24x15x13). Would you recommend a 9" or 13" gooseneck? The IM 20 is about 5" less in width. Thanks.
  14. MP10QD for sale ~SOLD~

    Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy shipping. The mp10 looks and runs like new!
  15. Do you have one made for an Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20? If so, how much? Thanks.