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  1. Tunze Nano 3152 ATO - SOLD

    $60 shipped?
  2. I finally got some coral in the tank check it out...
  3. Hello, its been awhile since I've been active on the forums. Had a career change that consumed my life for the past 6 months. But I have finally got around to building a new setup. I used to run a 40 Breeder so going smaller tank wise is kind of a bummer. The best thing though is less water to make up during weekly maintenance. Hardware 12g JBJ Nano Cube (hoodless) SteveT media basket Cobalt MJ900 return pump Nano 240gph circulation pump Eheim Jager 75w heater Fishneedit 70w/20k metal halide 10lbs live cycled rock 10lbs Bahamas Oolite sand Livestock 2 tank raised ocellaris clowns coral comming soon...
  4. SWC-150BMK Skimmer

    What a steal! Just sold mine locally for $150... $125 shipped is crazy!!!! *Awesome skimmer for a 40-120 gallon tanks
  5. My Red Sea Max 130D

    Looks awesome, makes me wish I never got rid of my RSM
  6. Singlefin's MakersLed 40B

    VERY NICE! Now I miss my 40b *love the tang
  7. Chino's 12g Nanocube DX

    Looks great! cant wait to see the 20 tall progress.
  8. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Both pumps are now sold... Please close.
  9. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Single Tunze sold to swayd! One left at an asking price of $45 Shipped!!!
  10. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Thanks for the bump. *poison*
  11. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Michigan, still $85 shipped to your door.
  12. Singlefin's MakersLed 40B

    need an update with more pics please!
  13. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Thanks Isteallunch$$$ Bump for the day.
  14. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    Thanks for the free bump.
  15. FS:Tunze 6045 $45 shipped!

    I wasnt being a jerk, if you can log into a reef site and browse sales forums then you should be able to google the model number. Jamie, they ran on my tank for 6 months no issues but I bought them used before that.