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  1. https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/425624/bandtail-angler Besides the price, I only have a dry 10 gallon that I’m saving for seahorses, another 10 gallon that needs to be resuscitated, and a 28 gallon aio community tank that has an aging clown fish, a black cardinal fish, 2 Molly miller blennies, a widowed clown goby, a young pair of file fish, and a brand new pair of peppermint shrimp.
  2. After having second thoughts on banded coral shrimp for my bristle worm problem, I remembered reading about bumblebee snails for bristle worms. My question is I have a hitchhiked polychete who lives in a coral skeleton. Even though it was a hitchhiker I have a soft spot for it as something different but practically takes care of itself. It has stayed very small. Since it lives in the coral skeleton significantly off the ground, will it be out of reach of the bumblebee snail?
  3. I’m thinking about getting into dwarf seahorses and found mysaltwaterfishstore.com Any updated reviews since this thread is five years old?
  4. It appears that my clownfish chased off mother goby so I’m going to take the whole flower pot out and put it in a spare tank
  5. I have a mated pair of black barred convict gobies. I’ve had them about two years. The mostly reside in the space between the wall and a nearby terra cotta flower pot that I put in for a cave for other inhabitants. Yesterday morning I saw one of them in the opposite corner and the other one in their regular apartment. This afternoon I saw one next to the flower pot and one inside the flower pot, right now mostly hidden by a rock in it. There is also a white blob on top of the rock, though it maybe part of the rock as it is hard to see in it because it is always shaded. But my cleaner shrimp who often hangs out in the flower pot has not been disrupted. could the fish have laid eggs? I cannot find anything about breeding or sexting black barred convict gobies. I would take a picture, unfortunately there is hard to scrape off algae and I do not want to disturb them if they are caring for eggs
  6. On diver’s den I found a mated pair of chromis http://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/380608/acares-midget-reef-damselfish-pair while doing research I read that the are best in odd numbered groups. If I buy them do I need to buy a third fish to school with them. Also does it have to be the exact same kind? I saw on regular liveaquaria that they are out of stock. I also have a lone clown fish.
  7. After doing various research I found that a molly miller blenny would be perfect for a current tank of mine. I'm having trouble finding them in stock from the usual places. This website says they have them in stock, but I can't find any information on them outside of the website itself. http://miniwaters.fish/product/scartella-cristata-molly-miller-blenny/ thank you
  8. My zoologist Mom thinks it is some kind of worm though the worms I love usually run into prefer sticking around to the ground.
  9. http://comicskingdom.com/mark-trail/2016-04-03
  10. That chia pet came with a black head, apparently painted with something. I bought it about 10 years ago
  11. I have an elephant chia pet and I thought to be a little different that the next time I get a coral that is on a frag plug I would stick the plug in the chia pet water hole and let the coral spread on the chia pet. Does anyone know if the painted head will be a problem in a tank?
  12. I set up a 28 gallon nano cube about three months ago. My dream for the tank would be having minimal live rock for them to hide behind to have lots of different kinds of clown gobies and branching soft corals (also a pair of gumdrop coral crouchers). I was hoping to have them in pairs. So far I have a piece of phony coral that I bought years ago for another tank and two black barred circus gobies (which I bought as a bonded pair) which alternate between being in the same corner near the top to being in different corners near the top. I bought a pair of gumdrop coral crouches which disappeared the moment I released them from the acclimating bag, and another clown goby which was MIA. I am having trouble finding suitable branching corals. It is getting discouraging. What other kind of focused tank could I create?
  13. There are a couple of things on diver's den that I want to buy. The problem is I live in the state of Washington and we have been getting some major dumpings the past couple of weeks (the mail was never delivered on Monday during a storm which dumped nine inches of snow). It makes me somewhat nervous about delicate animals getting through. especially because one the animals I want is a clam and it will be my first clam. Also since it is diver's den I do not know how long it will be available. Also since it is Christmas week live aquaria says it will not ship anything again until next Monday. The weather report says that it will snow on Tuesday though I cannot tell yet how much snow this storm will bring. (It is too bad that they were not shipping for arrival tomorrow because even though there is a lot of snow on the ground the rounds here are only 700ft alt. are clear. Wednesday's forecast is partly cloudy. Should I take my and the animals chances and buy them to arrive next Tuesday, or should I just let them go and wait for another nice looking clam and other animals? If you are wondering here is the clam I have in mind: http://www.liveaquaria.com/diversden/ItemDisplay.cfm?c=2733+1&ddid=290795
  14. I also toyed with the idea of getting a clam when there was a particularly pretty ne on diver's den. But unfortunately it was sold before I could make a final decision if my tank was good enough for a clam
  15. I have a jbj 28 gallon that has been set up for about a month. So far it has one leather coral and a huge hitchhiker worm I transferred from my ten gallon. I had been thinking of putting in lots of branching type of soft corals and clown gobies with a pair of coral crouchers, with a thought to put in a pair of skunk cleaner shrimp. Diver's den has a pair of bristle tail filefish which seem to be interesting animals, but will they behave in a tank that I have described? My research shows they are also called matted filefish and apstia eating filefish
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