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    Can’t stop admiring this angler

    https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/425624/bandtail-angler Besides the price, I only have a dry 10 gallon that I’m saving for seahorses, another 10 gallon that needs to be resuscitated, and a 28 gallon aio community tank that has an aging clown fish, a black cardinal fish, 2 Molly miller blennies, a widowed clown goby, a young pair of file fish, and a brand new pair of peppermint shrimp.
  2. Durbelethwen

    Bumblebee snail

    After having second thoughts on banded coral shrimp for my bristle worm problem, I remembered reading about bumblebee snails for bristle worms. My question is I have a hitchhiked polychete who lives in a coral skeleton. Even though it was a hitchhiker I have a soft spot for it as something different but practically takes care of itself. It has stayed very small. Since it lives in the coral skeleton significantly off the ground, will it be out of reach of the bumblebee snail?
  3. Durbelethwen

    Anybody ever heard of this place?

    I’m thinking about getting into dwarf seahorses and found mysaltwaterfishstore.com Any updated reviews since this thread is five years old?
  4. Durbelethwen

    Black barred convict goby breeding

    It appears that my clownfish chased off mother goby so I’m going to take the whole flower pot out and put it in a spare tank
  5. Durbelethwen

    Black barred convict goby breeding

    I have a mated pair of black barred convict gobies. I’ve had them about two years. The mostly reside in the space between the wall and a nearby terra cotta flower pot that I put in for a cave for other inhabitants. Yesterday morning I saw one of them in the opposite corner and the other one in their regular apartment. This afternoon I saw one next to the flower pot and one inside the flower pot, right now mostly hidden by a rock in it. There is also a white blob on top of the rock, though it maybe part of the rock as it is hard to see in it because it is always shaded. But my cleaner shrimp who often hangs out in the flower pot has not been disrupted. could the fish have laid eggs? I cannot find anything about breeding or sexting black barred convict gobies. I would take a picture, unfortunately there is hard to scrape off algae and I do not want to disturb them if they are caring for eggs
  6. Durbelethwen

    Mated pair should be three

    On diver’s den I found a mated pair of chromis http://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/380608/acares-midget-reef-damselfish-pair while doing research I read that the are best in odd numbered groups. If I buy them do I need to buy a third fish to school with them. Also does it have to be the exact same kind? I saw on regular liveaquaria that they are out of stock. I also have a lone clown fish.
  7. Durbelethwen


    After doing various research I found that a molly miller blenny would be perfect for a current tank of mine. I'm having trouble finding them in stock from the usual places. This website says they have them in stock, but I can't find any information on them outside of the website itself. http://miniwaters.fish/product/scartella-cristata-molly-miller-blenny/ thank you
  8. Durbelethwen

    Unnaturally born crabs

    I bought a decorator crab a few days ago, who did not live very long. (please see my other post) While examining the crab this morning I found an orange/red mass on the body. A while ago I had a pair of pom pom crabs that got "pregnant" a couple times and I thought it looked similar to their eggs. Could they be eggs, and what should I do with them if they are viable. (It would be interesting to try to do something with them)
  9. I bought a decorator crab yesterday. Today it was found dead. It was described as having mushroom anemones for its decor. I was wondering what I could do for them (I think there are four of them) right now the corpse is sitting in a cheap one gallon tank with some water from the existing tank. I am not looking for any discussion about what might have happened to the crab; I am only looking for suggestions about what can be done for the mushrooms/anemones. Previously I was able to keep an anemone from a pom pom crab alive for a while. It died because a goby sat on it once too many times
  10. http://www.liveaquaria.com/diversden/ItemD...amp;ddid=171850 This is about what I have been wishing for in my six gallon cube, though I am afraid the size and possibly other things about it may be pushing the bioload. They would be the only mobile animals in the tank not including the snails. They would only be sharing the tank with snails, corals and tube worms.
  11. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2012/11/10/...intcmp=features
  12. Durbelethwen

    A pair of gobies in one tank

    I am thinking of adding some sort of small fish to my six gallon with just a coral croucher to provide some movement. I was browsing around the live fish websites and I found a fish that I have always admired for nanos the panda goby (which is in stock at one website at least) and thinking about it a bit more I wondered if I could get two considering how small they are. Though I am also cautious about the fact that they can be aggressive to conspecifics, but I also read in a book on breeding marine fish, that the coral gobies change sex due to the fact that they do not swim very far from their corals so when they lose a mate they are prepared for what come along.
  13. When I had a pom pom crab die on me once, she let go of one anemone and held on to the other. The one attached more or less died with her and I ignored what happened to the drifted one. I little while later I found what looked very much like it on the rock that holds my leather coral. It was doing very well until my coral goby sat on it once to many times.
  14. I have been doing some research into flame scallops and have decided that I might buy one. But according to this one article that I read it said that a flame scallop of about 5 cm (about 2 in)is a fairly old scallop and that possibly one reason that flame scallops die shortly in aquariums is that they are already rather old. Unfortunately most of the places sell them at sizes from 1 in to 2.5 in with it being "potluck" on how big the animal you get will be. Though the same places also say that the maximum size is three inches Also there is a pair on diver's den which are already two inches each. I am a bit flummoxed about whether it would be worth while to possibly buy a larger scallop or not. Thank you.
  15. Durbelethwen

    reef lobster just molted

    My reef lobster (which I can only tell it is alive when it molts because I have never seen it proper since I put it in) molted again last night. I was wondering if it is possible to preserve the molt. It is in very good condition and he did a very good job cleaning himself out of it. Right now it is laying on some paper towels on a counter.