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  1. The FTS Thread!

    Thanks for your kind words
  2. The FTS Thread!

    My FTS.......juwel lido 120
  3. The FTS Thread!

    My nano 15g
  4. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Unfortunately I did format on the computer the video I prepared lost Fortunately I found one that I had saved.The problem is that short-term and because it will take me time until they re preparation See this temporary see in high quality sorry for my English thank you
  5. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Thank you my friend I wish the best for you Thank you for the comment my friend I wish I lived near to give you some frags
  6. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Hello Sorry for the delay I had a problem with the temperature but fortunately now it's all good this is a small update
  7. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Hi again...I present the new acro. and this is my tank
  8. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    That's all for today I wish the best for all
  9. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Some photos.......
  10. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Hi guys i will try too update some news from my tank.My reef tank is 2 years old. I have some algae problem but fortunately begins to weaken(Thank you my God) Hope you like it and any comment is welcome My English writing is bad so don't worry Tank Specs: Tank: HAILEA 15g (480X360X428) Lighting: 16-LED Bridgelux 7-White 10000K 8-Blue 452-455nm 1-Violet Circula: KORALIA nano pump Heater: Eheim Jager Heater 100w Filter Media:Deltec Spescial Carbon,Brightweell Phosphat-R Protein Skimmer: Boyu Protein Skimmer Wg-428 Fish: Amblyeleotris randalli Gramma loreto Nemateleotris magnifica Nemateleotris decora Bluestripe Pipefish Yellow Wrasse Corals: them in the photo Τhis is my main aquascape (20-04-2000) And this is as it is now Soon new photos Thank
  11. Indo Shallow Reef

    it's very beautiful and healthy reef tank.
  12. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    thank you
  13. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Hey again I have some new photos and would like to introduce you.I wish the best for everyone because it is a hobby that can give us too many I wish to continue the good work do it all in the forum and got useful information
  14. Gianni"s Nano Reef (60l)

    Hi guys i have some new photo s...I hope you like....thank^s N.R
  15. July 2011 - DaveFason

    Congrats....very very beautiful tank dave