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  1. It has a mohawk!
  2. That's a sexy manfish in the back
  3. Hey there, I really kind of like the color of your tank. It looks pretty natural. But... I do feel like the lighting could be a bit week for many corals. What lighting are ya using? Cool rock scape though
  4. Nicely scaped
  5. Whoa dude... it's like a rave under the sea.. I'm freaking out man!
  6. Mmm creamy. Creammy manfishtank. No more Vodka dosing. Straight up Bailey's!
  7. Love the colors!
  8. My favorite Torch coral gently waving in the flow while Thing 2, my Clownfish, plots revenge on me for rearranging his sleeping quarters.
  9. Purdee!
  10. Sooner or later we'll be able to photoshop real life
  11. Really neat pic
  12. Kids just never sit still together for a good photo... le sigh