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  1. Jims temperate pico

    beautiful tank...and congrats on being featured on RB. i had stopped coming to NR but now i have very good reason to start coming here .
  2. are these still available or at least one available?
  3. Okay i know it looks like crap but I would just like to tell you about my story. I bought a used nano customs unit last year from one of the members over here. I paid more than you did and it had the same issue as you did as far as the salt creep goes around where the wire comes out of the actual unit. But other than that the unit was clean and worked flawlessly. So i didn't make a big fuss about it and just cleaned it up. It still works great and i do think that nanocustoms unit is a well built unit. Now its up to you. These units are no longer made so for fluvial edge tank owners there are not many options which go with the stock look of the tank.
  4. My Insatiable FLUVAL EDGE

    It came with its own AC20 filter. Here is the pic of it
  5. Dr. Tims one and only

    I had pretty fast cycle using this product. I used BRS reef saver rock and live sand. Used the ammonia supplied by dr tims aquatics. Just like nystang, i too used Microbacter 7 after the initial cycle. During the first week the Ammonia and Nitrites were high but then on day 8-9 the Amonia and Nitrites dropped to 0. Now i have had Nitrates of about 10ppm for last 4-5 days. From all the research i have done it seems you can either lower the nitrates (by 50%) by doing 50% water change but then there are is also a school of thought that says that you should just let anaerobic bacteria to establish and let the nitrates drop on their own which might take a week or two. So in response to your post. Dr. Tims Aquatics one and only has worked so far for me. It might be too soon to give a 5 star rating but uptil now it has done what it was supposed to do. Hope this helps.
  6. Fluval edge conversion

    The rock is a bit too close to the opening and i say that because once you start adding corals you will realize that you will need that additional space to move you hand around in the tank to place corals or to do maintenance. I had a similar scape when i first started my edge but soon had to change it for the same reasons. Hope you enjoy your fluval edge as much as i did.
  7. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    wow nice set up. I love the feather duster.
  8. clam for my 6 gallon?

    I agree with TheKleinReef. My clowns didn't host anything for almost 9-10 months and then suddenly one day the hairy mushroom started hosting the clowns. Pic below. crocea clams are available everywhere. My LFS sells it but i bought mine on ebay from a reputable seller. In case of clams you really want to check them (especially near the foot/base of clam) for any pyramid snails. They multiply every 90-120 days and can kill your clam. Use a magnifying glass to make sure that your clam is pest free before you put in your tank.
  9. here are couple of pics of my z & p
  10. clam for my 6 gallon?

    +1 to that. I have a crocea too and i went with them for the same reason mentioned above. As far as the coraline goes...may i ask why do you need that? I don't have much coraline in my tank and i am actually happy about it since that much less i have to scrape of my glass. In such a small tank i would stay away from dosing and just keep up with the water change.
  11. clam for my 6 gallon?

    I would say that you wait couple months before you put a clam inside. I have a 6 gallon and I only put a clam after 8 months or so of having a stable tank. You do need a test kit but not really to keep a clam. If you are doing a good amount of water change every week then you don't need to worry about the Cal, alk. I have had a clam now for almost 5-6 months and it doing really great with growth of almost an inch without any additional dosing. I do 30% weekly water change. Here is the pic of my clam which i took yesterday.
  12. My Insatiable FLUVAL EDGE

    So I have been busy but tank is still going strong and i am ready for an upgrade. So i thought i would post some current pics of the tank. This will be the last picture update for this tank. FTS Zoa Garden Clowns happy in their host mushroom Tubbs blue King Midas and Pink Zippers Hidden Gems in the back - Green Nepthea, Tyree toadstool, long polyp toadstool SPS Clam Top down shot left side Top down shot right side Top down shot center Clam again - the color is bit off and i am not able to get the right color but its close
  13. December 2011 Reef Profile - Dipg

    The ditritus which i blow off during my weekly water change is from the rocks and you really can't see it until you are actually blowing it with turkey baster. There is nothing on my sand. I am not sure what is causing yout ditritus issues unless its not really ditritus but something else. At 2 months your tank should be cycled but i have seen tanks with diatoms outbreak but that also should go away as your tank matures. You might want to keep an eye on it and take some pictures and post it here to make sure its ditritus and not some kind of algae.
  14. March 2012 Reef Profile - razarmi

    very beautiful tank. Congrats!! I am pretty sure that in person with all the movement of softies it might be so soothing to watch.
  15. JayPagi's Shallow Reef

    love the clean look of your tank.