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  1. it's in the off topic gallery. No biggie. And some ppl just like posting stuff in the photography thread.
  2. This is awesome! I just visited ur thread the other day and remembered thinking how it should definitely be tank of the month. Truly inspiring and something I would hope to strive for in the future with a tank that size. Congrats!
  3. Maybe some Xenia/anthilia, sinularia, nephthea or colt, probably some devils hand and a toadstool? Aka a bunch of leathers
  4. coooooooool!
  5. The only snail I know of that eats zoas is a sundial snail. Google it and see if it matches. Don't confuse them with collonista snails tho which are harmless.
  6. pokerstar? morningstar? not really sure sorry. Is it plating or encrusting?
  7. Flower petal monti
  8. FTS

    I think the really fuzzy photosynthetic gorgonian's are typically called corky finger gorgonian. It's actually Briareum sp. There's a version that looks like gps as well. It's hard to tell from the pic if it's a corky tho.
  9. FTS

    Awesome. Something so calming about softie/lps tanks and their movement
  10. I don't even know where to start with this comment... like every single thing is false...
  11. um... I think ur clownfish swallowed a dog. awesome
  12. Win
  13. vermetid
  14. nice! That'll look awesome when it grows out.
  15. might get more feedback in the identification forum. It's hard to tell from the pic. Is it hard? Soft? can you get a closer pic?