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  1. This is awesome! I just visited ur thread the other day and remembered thinking how it should definitely be tank of the month. Truly inspiring and something I would hope to strive for in the future with a tank that size. Congrats!
  2. Been waiting so long for u to get this! Congratulations! Always great to see a local! =)
  3. Been waiting so long for u to get this! Congratulations! Always great to see a local! =)
  4. Finally got a good top down of the open brain

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  5. New trachyphyllia geoffroyi. At least as far as I can tell. Just put it in like 30 min ago so probably not fully expanded. Definitely the brightest coral in my tank. Honestly didn't even touch the colors in post. Hopefully I can keep it that bright.

    © (c)dopp

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    My fatty sixline after gorging himself...
  7. Water changes are fine. U shouldn't need to dose. Start with ~10-20% weekly. As u get the hang of it and learn how ur corals react u can do it less frequently.
  8. Question for the fish experts out there. I have 20G that's been going almost 1.5 years now and I'm thinking about getting more fish to liven it up a bit. I'm not so worried about bioload because I haven't done a water change in like 3 weeks and I actually had to turn off my skimmer because there were 0 nitrates and my LPS weren't thrilled. I have a 6line (model citizen) and 2 clowns that like to only bicker with each other. So my question is whether or not a pair of neon gobies would fair well? It would be 5 fish for a 20 which is a fair amount. Keep in mind that the clown's are not full grown yet either. I've never owned a neon goby before so I'm not sure how their personalities are vs fish that can be more agressive even tho mine don't seem to be. Also, I'm curious how to pair them. Is it just like clowns? Throw them in together and hope for the best? I prefer pairing them myself if possible because I'd like 1 neon and 1 yellow stripe neon. Purely for aesthetics of course. If anyone would shed some light on the pairing process and personalities that would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. +1 it really depends on what kind of tank you have. The BRS reactor is quite bulky. if you're going to use it in a sump, then it's fine. If you want to plumb it into an AIO type tank then it's going to be more annoying as it uses push connect fittings and polyethylene tubing which isn't very flexible. You can modify it to take vinyl tubing but you'll have to buy some barb connectors. The TLF reactor already uses vinyl tubing and is also made for hanging on the back of a tank. The BRS can't hang off your tank. It's also worth noting that the TLF reactor has a tube that runs up the middle. I don't know if that plays a role with what you want to put in there such as a sock of carbon. The BRS one will flow down the outside, then up the inside barrel vs down the tube and up of the TLF. IMO, if u have a sump, probably go with BRS, if ur doing an AIO I'd say TLF. Size of the tank also plays a role because neither are very good on a nano. The reactors are made for much larger systems so when u start running like 1 Tbsp of GFO it takes up like 1/4" and starts tumbling like mad. u'd really need maybe like 4+ Tbsp's to get a decent depth in there otherwise ur probably better off just running it in a filter sock. Remember you don't want to over do the GFO as well. HTH
  10. I would probably say devils hand or some thing like that. Medium flow and lighting most likely. They do shed from time to time but I would just leave it some where and let it settle. Moving it around too much is probably making it angry. If it showed polyps up top, just leave it there and see if it comes back after its shed.
  11. acans. Tho if I had a wellso... I have a feeling I'd like that alot too
  12. algaefix. Just saying if u've exhausted your options... might be worth an attempt. Yes blah blah blah it's a chemical... but it works so... Just make sure u follow the instructions and don't overdose. Be conservative at first and make sure u do a water change after 3 days and to remove decaying algae.
  13. yes they can crawl on rocks. There's so many different types that it's going to be hard to ID. There are stories of sea cucumbers nuking tanks if they die but I don't know if they're true. Probably not. Personally I would keep it, as it's something cool and free but it's your choice. I've never had one so I don't know but maybe do some research and see if you'd like to keep it or not.