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  1. I'm going to bite the bullet and get the mini-pendant 150watt DE MH fixture for my 29 reef. It's just not doing quite as good as I want with 3x55 PC's and instead of toying with VHO's I thought I would just go straight to MH and stop messing around. Some questions: Is this DE 150 enough for SPS, LPS, and maybe a clam? I understand from reading that the 150 DE puts out more PAR than a 175 MH ... Is this correct? Also, most fixtures come with either a 10K or a 20K bulb. I have 2x55W PC's that I can use as actinic to supplement the 10K bulb as needed. Is actinic needed with a higher Kelvin bulb and would a 20K 150 watt bulb be all I would need for the tank? I'm looking at possibly an upgrade to a Sunburst 12K bulb. Any opinions on this bulb? What single bulb do you use? Thanks!
  2. Plate Coral Hijinx--Mysterious Movement

    Also consider flow issues. My plate seems very sensitive and even slightly too much current appears to cause it to remain contracted more. Perhaps yours wants more light but is bothered when it is out of its cave by more exposure to current?
  3. Red Hair Algae (Looks like cottoncandy)

    Bri, I agree that this is not necessarily cyano. I have some red hair algae as well. It is just like green hair but only red. I've had cyano before (in a previous tank) and this is not it. My emeralds/snails/skimming water quality efforts have cleared-up my green hair in my 6-week old 29 gal reef but the small amount of red (acually light pink really) hair has grown slightly. I've seen my emeralds picking around it and they don't really seem to like it. My Mexican turbo hasn't touched it either. I've tried pulling/scubbing it and it has been partially affective. Anyway, it's such a small amount and doesn't seem to be growing quickly anymore in my tank so I'm not too worried about it yet.
  4. 29gallon lighting

    I have just upgraded my 29's PC's to 3x65. Well, it's actually 2x55's from hellolights (square pin) and 1x65 CSL smartlamp retro together mounted on Hello's large flat retrokit reflector. I have it loaded as follows: 1x65 W 03 actinic (Hello's) so I can run it by itself, 1x55 W 10K (Hello's), and 1x55 W CSL Smartlamp (50/50). So that's a total of 175 watts. I'm still setting-up and I haven't put-in any corals yet so I can't say how any of it will work on the reef. I do think the intensity and the colors are very good. Especially, the spectral variety from the 3 bulbs looks good together. It's amazing how much less appealing the color is (to me) when I turn-off the 03 bulb and just view the 10K and the smartlamp together.