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  1. After loosing all his limbs, the best he could do was shake his tail to move. Made it about a week and his limbs were just starting to grow back when I noticed him stuck to the top of my mp-10. He died a few minutes later. Not sure if I want to make an attempt at getting the female anouther mate. Probably not though.
  2. They are aggregating nems. I've been thinking about a past few days and I would love to have a few of these in the reef tank. According to what I can find on them, they grow from alaska down to baja. Is Baja really that cold for cold water anemone? Really hard to find out much on them since few people deal with cold water tanks.
  3. really have no idea what kind of anemone they are. They were in a tide pool on the Oregon coast. Really is a difference in the way things look in a natural environment. Maybe it's the macro algae and barnacles that give it the look.
  4. I was gonna do this with one of my tanks then add in some mini carpet anemones for color.
  5. I have no idea how many heads this thing has. It's got a good number of larger heads but clusters of small heads. This was one of my first corals. $15 well spent.
  6. 40B 11 inches from the wall with underwater/overwater photo on back wall. Gonna redo the image in 11x17 framed metallic photos. Really does a good number for the tank and way better than something on the back of the tank.