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  1. Some more updates for the Holidays! Inhabitants doing great and growing fast. Feeding the LPS krill and LRS twice per week. Green hair algae still here and there but receding with routine plucking and a few 10% water changes.
  2. A few new additions - Caulastrea and a bubble (always wanted one!) I cheated this time and bought large colonies instead if growing from a single head!
  3. Thank you!! The transition to LED has been great so far. I used the acclimate function of the Kessil controller and it did a good job-all corals seem to open on schedule and are out all day. There's a little different algae growth on my glass, but that's no worry to me. I'm running the lights at about 75% max power, and they're about 15" above the water line. Any more power than that and the leathers seem to close up during peak light hours.
  4. The little Rock Anemone that came in as a hitchhiker on a piece of live rock is now the size of a dinner plate!!
  5. Sorry for the huge delay in updates!! Lots of good growth and a few algae battles but here she is. Need about 12 more months before it grows in like the old tank on this thread! P.S. I switched to Kessil A360WE's!
  6. Few shots from today. In one, you can see the growth in my Derasa over the last 2 months. The second pic shows a hitchhiker rock anemone that came with some Florida live rock. He's quickly becoming a beautiful anemone, and he eats like a beast. Had recent good growth in the Halimeda around him, too.
  7. Thanks! It's great to be back. I can't wait to see what this tank can do. There are some great LFS in my area, with tons of healthy stock to choose from. One shop even specializes in soft corals!Â
  8. Excellent! Now your tank has inspired me. Those Gorgs are amazing, where did you get those? Are they photosynthetic?
  9. Quick closeup of the Derasa. He's put on about 1/8" of new shell over the last 2 months.
  10. That's great to hear! Im glad my tank inspired you, the world needs more soft coral tanks. Would love to see a pic of your tank!  I don't use too much gear. I have a 40 breeder for a sump, Avast Marine skimmer, and two Tunze controllable power heads. I dose BRS two part. My lighting is 6x39w T5HO.  Nope I'm back in Upstate NY now.
  11. Back in the saddle! Here she is at 3 months old, just took these pics today. The first few months were pretty gross and not post-worthy as I had major algae outbreaks. Nice and balanced now though, and beggining to stock some softies!
  12. Hello folks, it's been a crazy two years but I'm finally getting around to starting this tank back up! Hope to get some equipment pics up soon as I setup the tank. For now I'll be running the same lights, sump, skimmer, etc. Thinking about going bare bottom this time, just to try it out. Bare bottom was all the rave when I had a reef tank back in the mid-90's.