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  1. Led light for 32g biocube PLEASE HELP!

    Anybody else?
  2. Looking at upgrading the lights in my biocube to led. I was thinking of either the ai prime or the kessil 160. i plan on growing soft corals and maybe some frogspawns and acans. What light would be best for me?
  3. Looking for info on lighting for a 20l. I've been out of the hobby for a while, the last light I was using was a photon 24 on a 40 breeder. Seems like a lot has changed though and I'm wondering what light would be best for my 20l mixed reef. Trying to stay fairly cheap but also use led
  4. HELP with my 65g reef lighting

    anyone else?
  5. HELP with my 65g reef lighting

    i havnt tried the led thing yet so i dont know either but i do know what the ATI can do
  6. HELP with my 65g reef lighting

    yeah i was thinking of maybe just using led's for accent lighting. i really like the way led fixtures look though
  7. HELP with my 65g reef lighting

    im thinking of going with a 6-lamp ATI fixture or 2 of the 4-lamp "iNFUSE" fixtures from ledtric maybe you will even know something better then the both of those that dont cost much more tank is a standard 65g with corner overflow and a center brace
  8. I need to buy a mag7 today! please help!

    how many gph and how much do you want for it?
  9. WTB stunners and panoramas

    its straight blue no white?
  10. I need to buy a mag7 today! please help!

    ok how much shipped to 34683?
  11. I need a mag7 ASAP!!! I will also buy 36" lighting
  12. brand new media basket for 14 biocube. on the website its $48.99 and shipping is $10.97 That comes out to $59.96 Im willing to let it go for $45 AND IT WAS NEVER EVEN USED!! will take trades
  13. need some of each let me know what you have