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  1. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    I have run 10 doses of Dino-X. I did a 30% WC, vaccume and changed out the filter floss. Added in a dirty filter floss from my reef (bacteria) , and fresh carbon. Introduced three small crabs + shells 2 nass snails 1 astrea snail And a small blasto frag + the trumpet that kept falling down from my tank. The water has been crystal (or close as crystal without carbon or filtration other htan floss) for the past week or so - no sign of dino. I plan to do 3 more doses, plus remove the UV steriliser by December 8th. Mum wants a fish or two again, but I want to monitor the tank for at least one month before (prefer 2) before I do that, in the mean time, slow introduction of some corals, or mushrooms/zoas are in the plans. Also in the plans are a mini-tide for her tank. It likely will be my current one, and I'll jack the new one.
  2. Sunstar

    What do you guys do to retire coral?

    trade. I had a rather large, ableit lovely hand leather but it was too big for my tank. I got it as a tiny frag in a rescue situation, and traded it. I kept three frags off it, in time I will trade those in. I want to trade my trumpet, but my clown fish are hosting it - I really could use that real estate for something else not so enormous.
  3. Sunstar

    Longest your clowns lived?

    I have had my pair for about 2 or so years and they are going on strong. If you really don't like her, then find her a new loving home.
  4. Sunstar

    NanoBox Mini Tide Series

    I am considering ordering one of these again, this time for mums tank. (or take the new one myself and give her my old one - either or. Any chance I could do the payment thing (2 - 3 parts) again if I do?
  5. Sunstar

    Have a plan for possible power outage!

    I have a battery backup and bat air pump. 10 gallon tank. Currently my hydor powerhead and lights are connected. in summer I would have a cooling fan connected - but my tank is in the basement so its easy to keep cool. My husband retreived the bat backup from work. we have two, I plan to get the other one with new bats to plug my mums tank into. we don't get power outages for long, 20 minutes to two hours at worst. mostly its flickers.
  6. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    It looks worlds better - I am gonna carry treatment for a full 30 days I have to admit, I am not sure how dino-x will affect the cycle, if I should carry on with cycling the tank - the issue happened within 10 days of setup, apparently dinos were likely part of the problem that crashed the tank. I am not sure if they caused the snail to die - which caused a cascade effect, but could easily be.
  7. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    Zoas melted, the GSP so far has survived - I suppose it would be easier to pull it down, and start anew. but I haven't given up on the GSP. Dino-X and a UV steriliser are being used in tandem. dinos don't seem to be as spread as before, and seem to be dying off.
  8. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    if this treatment doesn't work, I'll pull down and sterilise the tank and equipment - then restart. Outside of the struggling zoas, Only green star polyps and a leather survived. I can likely remove both and dip them or ditch them - and fully restart.
  9. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    I did a three day total blackout - followed by current treatment.
  10. I have three rockflowers, None have bred yet.
  11. I traded in my leather coral, kept a tiny frag moved the gorg to the back, trimmed back the trumpet a little. The colours are a bit off. I tried to reduce the blue with a orange overlay in photoshop. I got a Scionix Salinity tester today. Oh and Happy Birthday to me :3
  12. Sunstar

    Mother's Pico 4.3G - CUC introduction

    Update: Treating with Dino X and a small UV steriliser. Losing the Zoanthids.
  13. Sunstar

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    I did hypo and was quite successful with my fish. They didn't object to the drop in salinity and the increase - I did hte increase slower than my decrease.
  14. I got this UV steriliser as a backup treatment, but I want to know, does the indicator light come on when the light is bad, or turn off when the light is bad? the instructions indicate it should be on, but my brand new out of hte box device does not show that its on. Vids I watched also seem to show it not on - any one can weigh in?