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  1. Update: Tank is doing well, kept it in the basement over the summer. gobies are happy. BUT... There is a but.... I picked up a 4.3 gallon cube from big als, an AC20 - I plan to pick up an ATO by next summer. I will be cycling the sand and rock soon, while I get a small overflow setup in the tank. I just want better filtration and the ability to surface skim.
  2. She loves it and misses it. due to the lack of air con, I have taken it into the basement to keep it safe. my display rarely goes above 82 down there. But it got to about 85 - 86 one day when it was upstairs so for its own safety, its being kept cool. So I try to keep her updated with fishy stories or pics. Also, the hair algae is gone - battle won. I thought i posted this ages ago...
  3. Okay, the hair algae is on the cusp of being conquered. I used fenbendazole in this tank to effect its end. Its still within the 10 days treatment span but its nearly cleared up. The front glass is still has crud on it - I need some new pads. You can see one of the two gobies in this picture. its still doing okay. The trumpet fell down, I'll get around to fixing it. I am thinking of upgrading to a slightly larger tank, one I can add a sump area like my 10 gallon - to give more flow and to clean the water.
  4. I will get teh FTS later. I had to do a bit of cleaning. Hair algae is a bit crazy, I am treating it with fluconzadrol (or however its spelled)
  5. Yeah she made herself quite the clown cave.
  6. lets see if they will oblige - they do. I fed them this evening, and wow were they happy and eager for the provided food. happy fat bellies. Can you see the fishy? (Back of house fishy) This is the front of house fishy
  7. I took my mum out for a visit to the coral shop to pick up her choice of "squishy" as I called it. She chose a fire and ice zoa "daisies" as she called them. I also got a pair of those super tiny tiger gobies (they are in her tank, any problems they can go into mine) they are so tiny I have trouble finding them. I picked up a small turbo snail for her. they also had some caulaupera that I picked up to use as nitrogen export. She was NOT happy with me with getting her to the dentist for an emergency filling. She took my appointment slot and glared daggers at me.
  8. it'll look pretty. I wish I had more time to get it established.
  9. Okay, Mum came down stairs early so I got to reveal it to her - which made my day much better. I of course stood in front of it and said Happy mother's day and then stepped aside, handing her the note I had written because I expected to be at work when she came down. I mentioned in the note that I have wanted to show her my tank, but her knees issue always put me on edge because the basement is a hazard. So I thought I would share with her the experience. I explained to her that this was the tank I was having trouble with - so it needs to be watched and that we might relocate it to the other side of the room - I don't mind. I also assured her I will take care of its maintenance. I was worried she didn't like it but apparently she was posting about it on facebook.
  10. I won't be home to see her reaction, I will be at work. Even though I got 3 stitches at work today. It is infront of a window, which is my main concern. I'll see what happens, I may move it somewhere else. Like maybe where my hallowe'en tree resides? also this is the first waterchange since the dino situation
  11. I bought a gorgeous gold one, within 48 hours it turned to mush. I got three now, i want some more though.
  12. It seemed to have passed. I was able to feed my fish. I did reboot my phone twice though.
  13. I need a light on so I can feed my creatures - kinda frustrating. trying to decide if my phonei s being a problem still.