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  1. Tank finally running, setup complete and inhabitants moved from main tank.
  2. Hole in front panel siliconed today, eggcrate arrived to sit rock on. Well known online company messed up my pump order opened box to find ready to use fondant icing bags instead of pumps. Not impressed still they refunded money and I get to keep icing, anyone want a green cake 😊. New pump ordered hopefully arrives tomorrow.
  3. 4 branches stuck together 😊 didn’t help I dropped the big piece 😩
  4. Just in the early stages of setting up my Fluval Spec V, no fish planned just shrimp, coral and possibly some macro algae. Shrimp from my max nano and needed new home. Just buying bits at the moment, things progressing slowly at this stage. Fluval Spec V White InTank Media Basket 404 or 606 pump (both arrive tomorrow) Hydor Theo 25w Heater D-D Heating Controller Hydor Koralia 900 (add if needed) 2kg Branch Rock Purigen Seachem Matrix Tank seems we’ll made except base, plastic seems flimsy presumably it’ll take 20kg of water
  5. Hi all, Upgrading to a larger tank Red Sea Reefer 170, just wondering what lighting options I should use. Originally wanted a Radeon X30 pro but ruled that out due to cost which left me with 2 options. A Hydra 52HD or Radion x15 pro with reeflink both of which are approximately £500. Want to create a Zoa garden and maybe add some LPS or even SPS, will the Hydra 52HD be overkill for tank? Now to circulation pumps was thinking of single MP10qw or 2 jebao rw4 (either side of weir) what do you think jebao work out at £100 versus £230 for Vortech Thanks J
  6. What happened to the nano reef newsletter, haven't received one for months and months think it was about halfway through volume 2. Also there is nothing in the members area of the nano reef site
  7. I presume Brad will be sending over the email addresses? Although don't remembering him asking for it do you want me to pm it?
  8. Albert, book arrived today here in the UK, purchased it through brad and his bulk buy. Great read really pleased, one question how do we get hold of the ebook version and subscription said to be included? Cheers
  9. Made by Boyu Aquariums (China). They hold 12 gallons and are all glass. Another model is available with no hood but a halide on a stand over the tank.
  10. Available at Shirley Aquatics in the UK for £69
  11. Back again What are the minibow and the nano tanks you use. the photos of the jbj nano cube look very similar to the boyu aquariums available in the uk? Thanks
  12. Hi all, Looking into setting up a nano reef here in the UK. Havent got a clue where to start. Background - kept fish best part of 20 years mainly tropical, touched on marines in the 1980's. Since then Discus, Koi, Malawi's and a Red Tailed Cat in a 800 gallon heated pond. Since those good old days moved house (left home) now i have a lot less room and a 3 year old to contend with. Not to mention the purse holder (wife). I currently have a Jewel Rio 180 "dutch" with congo tetras but have always dreamed of a reef in the house. Where do i start? Will my tank be suitable or would i be better starting new with a cube or something. Any hints and tips even a shopping list or two would be greatly appreciated. Wheres the best retail outlet in the UK for this sorta thing. I live a few miles from Shirley Aquatics are they any good for reef? Sorry its so long but i am stumped where to start. Thanks all John The Pom
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