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  1. idea for rocky seashore/tidepool biotope

    Hey everyone, i am interested in possibly setting up a rocky seashore biotope with a tidepool. During college, I took a trip with the biology department to the marine research center located on San Salvadore, Bahamas. While there I did a research paper on Tectarius Muricatus, one of the littorinid gastropods living on the rocky seashore. I would love to have a tank, a paludarium really, that has a good portion of the rock out of the water and sloping down to a cut-out of a tidepool. I am not so much interested in fish as I am in crabs, snails, small nems, etc. My main reservation is about how to stock such an aquarium. I live nowhere near the ocean so collecting is not really feasible. Does anyone know of anyplace where such things can be purchsed...semi-aquatic crabs and snails, etc. It would be pointless to build a biotope and then be unable to stock it.
  2. Selling dragonbreath

  3. Par 38 Lamps for Nuvo 16

    I am looking at the Pacific Sun Galileo light for mine, but it is pricey too...a bit over $500. I like that the light is white to match the tank and is actually pleasing to the eye unlike the AIs, IMHO. I have never used Par 38 bulbs but I agree with Salty-Snack that you will likely need multiple units for sps.
  4. Mike's Fluval Edge Build

    And I don't think an emeral crab is really suited to a 6g tank either. They can get aggressive and in a small tank that is a bad combo. I think you will have problems keeping other inverts with the emerald crab. I would ditch the emerald crab and go with something more suited to the tank size like a pompom crab and small group of sexy shrimp. A cleaner shrimp is not suited to a 6g tank either. Just because you can keep one in a 6g tank doesn't mean that you should. Cleaner shrimp are rated for about 20g. Sexy shrimp stay small and are perfect for small tanks. You can even keep several. Look at liveaquaria.com. They a very good source to see if your tank is large enough for certain animals. Look at their suggested minimum tank size. They tend to be pretty accurate.
  5. Mike's Fluval Edge Build

    I also have a 6g Edge. I actually had to break it down because my nephew put a nice-size chip in it. I do plan resetting it up though when I get a replacement glass tank. I do plan on adding a couple more mods though. I successfully ran mine over two years, but it was not my first tank either. A hard newbie tank, IMHO. Some pointers. Do not slack with weekly maintenance. It's a must for this tank. I would personally get rid of the clowns...clowns are too large for a 6g tank. Instead go with something like a tailspot blenny or clown goby. Much better suited to this tank size. And AI Nano light is way overkill. I would look at the Innovative Marine 8w LED light. It would fit in the hood and provide ample light to keep softies and lps. It is also way cheaper than the AI, and if you do decide to upgrade tank size in the future, it would work well as a fuge light so it would be reuseable.
  6. Crazy alien tentacles come out at night!

    I doubt the tentacles (arms) would just be able to grab them. I think for the types of brittle stars that can catch fish that they usually find a sleeping fish and hunker over them and trap the fish in the cage their arms make. But then again you do have tons of 'alien tentacles' so who knows.
  7. Innovative Marine Nuvo 16

    I have one in white. I really enjoy it. I added a small breeder box to the rear to increase fuge space. I also added a third light in the middle. However, I have future plans to replace the three lights with one fixture possibly the Pacific Sun Galileo.
  8. FS: Elos Midi complete setup (high end equipment)

    What exactly does the sump have? Size, number of baffles, room for a skimmer and fuge, or possibly room to put an ats?
  9. Crazy alien tentacles come out at night!

    Was it from a local reefer's tank or rock aquacultured in the gulf. I got my LR and sand from Richard at Tampa Bay Saltwater. Good stuff.
  10. bright nano fish that are non aggressive!

    In terms of wrasse for a 20g or smaller tank, I would look at either a possum wrasse or pink streaked wrasse. I have a yellow-banded possum wrasse in my 16g and love him. They can be quite shy though so only house with other non-aggressive fish. I would not do a six-line wrasse unless it is going to be the only fish in the tank. I had one in a 40g and he was mucho aggressive in a tank that size. I moved him to my 25g sps tank that had no other fish for him to terrorize and he did well there. I would also look at either a barnacle blenny or a tailspot blenny. They have awesome personalities. Also, look at some of the smaller species of basslets like the swales basslet. I know someone mentioned the yellow assessor basslet, but IMHO, I don't think 20g is enough for a yellow assessor. And if you get a basslet then you shouldn't get a wrasse and vice versa as there might be aggression issues. Clownfish are always a good fallback too. But if you want to keep sps, I'd limit myself to only two fish.
  11. Stocking Poll

    It would help if we knew what fish you had already decided on as certain fish should not be housed together. No tangs in 56g tank especially at only 3ft of lateral swimming room. Should be 46" minimum for a tang, IMHO. I'd also be very wary of any butterfly since you plan on keeping coral. The only anthias I think would do fine is the sunburst anthias as it is a solitary anthias and can be kept alone. Other types of anthias don't tend to do well unless kept in groups and 56g is no where near enough space for a harem of anthias. I like the yellow assessor basslet alot but there might be aggression issues if housing it with a wrasse. Also won't do well with other basslets or hogfish. And will hide alot if housed with more aggressive fish. I like cardinals but they are slow swimmers so can easily get picked on by more aggressive fish. Chromis are a good choice with other fish but may pick each other until only one is left...kinda hit or miss keeping them in multiples.
  12. Crazy alien tentacles come out at night!

    How many brittle stars do you have in that rock??? Looks like an entire colony of them.
  13. Joocey 28gal NanoCube HQI

    Looking good. Is on of those clowns Capt Jack? If so, have his fins all healed up...poor guy? I would try listing the nem here and on RC. Probably someone willing to drive an 30min or more for a free nem.
  14. GARF vs Inland Aquatics vs IPSF

    Cool! Can't wait to hear your verdict. I do like that they free shipping when you order the package but price is still pretty steep. Don't want to order and it turn out to be junk.
  15. Live Rock

    Well, I ordered from Tampa Bay Saltwater. I totally recommend the. Yes, shipping is a bit expensive but with good reason. Richard overnight air ships everything IN water...not just wrapped in a wet paper towel. So there is minimal die-off. My first shipment of live rocks and sand cycled my tank in about half a week...meaning 0ppm ammonia/nitrites that fast and the ammonia never got too high anyway. I already had a ton of hitchers with the first shipment including snails, hermits, pistol shrimp, sponges, tons of worms, corals, etc. The real fun began with the second shipment. Richard includes TONS of extras with the second round of rock. I got four large sponges including a yellow ball sponge, an orange tree sponge, another orange sponge, and a gorgeous blue sponge. I received three large sea fans, more corals, an anemone, tons of hermits and snails in addition to the ones included in his package deal. I got more pistols and a mantis (who now has his own tank). I did get some gorilla crabs but was anticipating that with live rock aquacultured off Florida's coast. I captured them fairly quickly. But my fave hitcher was a tiny goby...too cute. And ALL of this stuff came with only the 15g package for a NANO tank. I got so many freebies that they wouldn't all fit in my tank. I gave my bro-in-law one of the sponges, two sea fans (they were large so I only kept one for my nano), and the anemone since my lights weren't strong enough With the amount of freebies I received, it more than made up for shipping costs. I checked out liveaquaria and would have paid well over what I payed in shipping if I purchased all the freebie items from them. So sometimes you get more then what you pay for. TBS was that way for me and I highly recommend them.