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  1. I'm putting together a 40b with a 20l sump and was planning on doing anothing Okinawa Biotope with it. I've put together the following list of fish: 1. Flame angelfish 2. Mccoskers flasher wrasse (1x male) 3. Wheelers goby (w. Pistol buddy) 4. Tailspot blenny My question is whether or not all of those are available as captive bred or not. I've seen the wheelers goby on liveaquaria and many articles about flame angels but nothing on the tailspot or flasher wrasse. If those guys aren't available captive bred can anyone suggest alternatives that are captive bred? I'd like to make this tank as eco-friendly as possible. 2nd question is whether I'd have enough space for 3 flashers (1 male and two females) if I drop the flame angel and tailspot. I plan on having a mesh top once everything is up and running.
  2. I've been thinking about setting up a tank on my desk at work and may very well do something similar to this! Silly question: You're using marine "live mud" in freshwater. Doesn't that somewhat defeat the point as all the saltwater microfauna is now dead? Aside from that I think starting out fresh is the best way to go for mangroves. Apparently all varieties of mangroves do best in freshwater (even red mangroves).
  3. I was thinking there was some method to attach the plywood to the frame without the screws being visible.
  4. Another stupid question... how does one skin a stand? (New to woodworking. I can haft an axe or do woodcarving but no clue about making furniture!)
  5. Hi All, Been a long time since I've posted here. About two years ago I put together this stand for my 40b with 20l for which I have slowly been accumulating dry goods. I don't remember where I got the plans from but I thought that I'd run these pics by Nano-reef to see if the stand looks like it'll hold the weight or if I should scrap it and make a new one.