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  1. Okinawa Biotope Sticking List

    I'm putting together a 40b with a 20l sump and was planning on doing anothing Okinawa Biotope with it. I've put together the following list of fish: 1. Flame angelfish 2. Mccoskers flasher wrasse (1x male) 3. Wheelers goby (w. Pistol buddy) 4. Tailspot blenny My question is whether or not all of those are available as captive bred or not. I've seen the wheelers goby on liveaquaria and many articles about flame angels but nothing on the tailspot or flasher wrasse. If those guys aren't available captive bred can anyone suggest alternatives that are captive bred? I'd like to make this tank as eco-friendly as possible. 2nd question is whether I'd have enough space for 3 flashers (1 male and two females) if I drop the flame angel and tailspot. I plan on having a mesh top once everything is up and running.
  2. Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    I've been thinking about setting up a tank on my desk at work and may very well do something similar to this! Silly question: You're using marine "live mud" in freshwater. Doesn't that somewhat defeat the point as all the saltwater microfauna is now dead? Aside from that I think starting out fresh is the best way to go for mangroves. Apparently all varieties of mangroves do best in freshwater (even red mangroves).
  3. 40Breeder Stand n00b Question

    I was thinking there was some method to attach the plywood to the frame without the screws being visible.
  4. 40Breeder Stand n00b Question

    Another stupid question... how does one skin a stand? (New to woodworking. I can haft an axe or do woodcarving but no clue about making furniture!)
  5. 40Breeder Stand n00b Question

    Hi All, Been a long time since I've posted here. About two years ago I put together this stand for my 40b with 20l for which I have slowly been accumulating dry goods. I don't remember where I got the plans from but I thought that I'd run these pics by Nano-reef to see if the stand looks like it'll hold the weight or if I should scrap it and make a new one.
  6. DIY Stand Skinning

    How does one get their tank from a 2x4 frame into looking like a nice piece of furniture? Virtually every single DIY stand thread I've seen skips this step. The progress pictures go from internal frame to completed stand with cycling tank on top of it. This is how my stand currently looks (NOTE: I will be adding another support in the center. I just haven't got around to it yet).
  7. Fortunately the tank was dry and in storage when it happened so no losses. However, I'd like to try and clean the gun cleaning solvent out of the tank and still use it if at all possible. My LFS suggested using a really, really light detergent (like an eco friendly biodegradable hippy detergent) to try and clean it, then thoroughly scrub and rinse the tank with clean water to try and get rid of the detergent. Just in case I went out and picked up a new 40b from petco. Thankfully there was a dollar-per-gallon sale going, ending today, and they had 2 left! Still, I'd rather not have an empty 40b sitting around. My DIY stand is made with a 20L sump in mind so I can't re-use it for that purpose. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can clean the gun-oil out of the tank? Maybe I can sell/trade it to someone with hampsters or snakes or something where using detergent to clean out the CLP won't kill everything inside...
  8. Tank Upgrade Questions

    Long story short, I'm going to break down my 20L and set up the 40b that I've had sitting around dry for a year. Current system has inadequate filtration (skimmer crapped out; only have a small-ish HOB filter,) byropsis has made an appearance, and majano anemones are taking over the LR. I'm planning a DIY stand based off of this: And stealing a sump design from this thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/328648-mojados-40-breeder-build-now-wfts/?p=4396804 Planning on using this gear: glass-holes 700gph overflow kit SCA-302 skimmer Rio 2100 return pump Eheim Jaeger 250 watt heater 2x Koralia powerheads (the 700gph ones) I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment so I'm planning on doing this in steps rather than spending the cash all at once. Assemble DIY stand for new setup. Break down 20L and move livestock + LR into 20 gallon bare-bottomed rubbermaid bin/tub (with HOB filter, my spare light, powerheads, and heater.) Trash the old sand. Clean out 20L (remove sand, scrub with white vinegar to kill spores, etc...), convert into sump/reufgium combo. Soak some base rock in a bucket of RO fresh water for a week to remove phosphates and dust. Assemble 40b + sump system (consisting of overflow, return, heater, and skimmer [probably an SCA-302.]) Add substrate, some "seed" cured LR, and the RO soaked base rock to new 40b setup, let cycle for 2 weeks or so just in case there is still die-off. Once 40b params are stable, add livestock. Cook old LR in muriatic acid (the majano/byropsis infested stuff). Clean old powerheads in white vinegar/peroxide to kill off algae spores the add to new system. I do have a few questions, though.... Can anyone see any glaring problems with my current plan? Anything that is bound to create a disaster? Is an ATO 100% necessary for a sumped system? I vaguely remember reading that some people don't have them. Will white vinegar actually get rid of byropsis spores? Should I try and frag the few softie corals (zoas/polyps) I have and toss the rocks they're currently on to get rid of the majano, or is there a dip I can use (like coralRX) to get rid of the majano before adding the corals to the new DT? How can I rescue the collonista snails, sea sponges, and sea tunicates that HH'ed on the old rock before cooking it?
  9. Pistol shrimp?

    I'm guessing an easy way to tell is if it has one claw that is significantly larger than the other?
  10. I just found these guys on my glass today. Never seen them before and the only things I added to my tank recently were a nassarius snail and sand-sifting starfish. There don't seem to be too many of them (yet) but I've read that their populations can explode quite rapidly. Are these the kind that spread toxins everywhere when they die? I'd rather not poison my tank with flatworm exit if I can avoid it. So far my tank (a 20L) only has an orange spot shrimp goby and a tailspot blenny. Are there any readily available wrasse that I can add to my 20L that won't outgrow it (or murder the heck out of my current livestock) that can help me keep the flatworm population low? I've read mixed things about a mccosker's wrasse in a 20L and am worried about aggression with a six-line. I'd try a velvet nudibranch if I could find one but I am concerned about it getting stuck in a powerhead and/or running out of food since I do not appear to have too many flatworms just yet. http://s66.photobucket.com/user/Masamune200/media/1002_zps92e6c906.jpg.html'>
  11. Hanging a Photon 24

    I managed to spoil myself and picked up a photon 24 but I'd prefer not to hang it from the ceiling. I managed to find a thread with pictures and guides on how to suspend the fixture from garden hooks meant to hang potted plants but for the life of me I cannot find the thread. I've gone nuts these past few days trying to figure out what search terms to use but I've had no luck so far. Can anyone help me out? I'd really like to start using this light asap since the one I have currently is bleaching out my once beautiful LR (long story about why I have that one.)
  12. Stressed Clownfish

    I floated the bag for a few minutes and had the light off more or less all day while he was stressed. He seems to be perfectly fine now. He's been exploring the upper areas of the tank all day, eating, and is now hovering around the rocks. I think I'll have to be more careful with acclimation in future.
  13. Stressed Clownfish

    The tank has been running since early June. Don't see anything wrong in water parameters. I thought that maybe it might be an electric current or something but I thought that'd just flat out kill livestock, not stress them. I did a 10% water change but he hasn't moved from the glass. He isn't pushing his nose into the corner anymore, though. I'll do another water small water change when I wake up tomorrow and see how it goes. I might also take a water sample to my LFS to see if maybe there is something going on with my water that the my tests aren't showing.
  14. Stressed Clownfish

    The poor guy seems to be getting worse. He is literally pushing his nose into the very corner of the tank now. If I go near the tank he swims away but immediately goes back when I leave...
  15. Stressed Clownfish

    I just added an ocellaris clown to my 10 gallon today and I see signs of stress that concern me. Specifically, he's swimming in the corner of the tank near the surface and appears to be breathing heavily. Just to be sure the fish was stressed I added a little bit of food but he ignored it completely. 0 ammonia, nitrates, or phosphates. Water temp is 80 degrees. The clown is the only inhabitant in the tank aside from CuC, copepods, sea tunicates, and a fine-line pistol shrimp who has been there for months with no problems. I plan to do a water change tonight in case there is something off with my water water quality and I added a new aquaclear filter to that will hopefully add more water agitation to oxygenate the water (in case that is the issue).