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  1. Where do you buy your corals?

    LFS Mostly but mine closed!
  2. Good LFS in San Francisco???

    NiPPON Closed and i'm so sad they were the best in the City. I would also buy my saltwater from there, and they guy's were extremely helpful. I'm sorry but 6th AVE SUCKS!! BIG TIME!! The live stock HAH! More like DIE STOCK. I only go there for the bag of salt, or aquarium supplies which are pretty well priced. I stay away from the backside. Oh and the corals you find in front poorly cared for and not vibrant at all. It's pretty sad.
  3. What if the power goes out?

    This was my worst nightmare ever! I had a 12g Nano at the time and being a newbie not knowing what to do in a blackout situation it happened to me. The first 10 mins I thought.. "oh it will come back on". 10 mins passed going into 30 mins the temperature was dropping in the tank and it was in the dead of winter. Not to mention it was too late to run to the nearest Home Depot and time was ticking. By candlelight I was watching the temperature drop from 82, 80, 79, and by then I needed to just DO SOMETHING. Luckily we had gas stoves (no i didn't cook my tank..LOL") I poured pre-mixed saltwater into a pyrex bowl heated some water in a pot and placed the bowl of saltwater in the middle of the pot of water. I had an extra aquarium temperature that i had to check the temp of the saltwater in the bowl. I would wait till it rose to the adaquate temp in the aquarium may be a few degrees warmer to offset the temp dropping in the tank and poured it in. It worked for about an hour but it was a pain. Finally, i figured i couldn't do this all night and there was no telling when the electricity was going to come back on. Plus i was running out of saltwater. I would have to transport all clown fish, a couple of corals, an the clean up crew to a place that had electricity. I called my friends all over the city to see if they had lost power and thank goodness a friend who didn't live far still had power. I said "I need to bring my fish to your house NOW!" I gathered two buckets stuck some LR and all my corals in one and filled it with aquarium water, and placed my fish and cleanup crew in another. I grabbed the heater and powerhead, drove to my friend's carefully. Brought in the buckets and plugged everything then added Marty(my fish) and the clean up crew in the bucket with LR and covered it. I stayed there till everything in the bucket was neutralized and stable then went home. This all happened in 3 hrs. The power didn't come back on at my house till early morning. Luckily i had extra heaters and pumps at home to prepare a place for my livestock to come home to. Everything came home just fine. I did loose a few snails only because i couldn't see them sifting by candlelight the night before. I was relieved but determined not to loose my fish and corals. What if the power goes out for longer than 1 or 2 day's? What is the longest generator available?