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  1. Mini Magnetic Frag Racks Demo Video

    Nice, might have to order this
  2. food grade bucket?

    I'm going to be replacing the buckets I use for water changes, etc.. I know that the buckets I currently use are considered 'food grade'. is it necessary to get food grade buckets for water storage and water changes? where is the best place to get food grade buckets? thanks
  3. I am experiencing an algae issue right now in my biocube29. I just want to know any tips on how to remove it. The algae is dark, almost black, that has adhered to the back wall of the biocube. It covers a majority of the back wall now and I notice that small pieces of hair algae keep growing on it too. I remove the hair algae and within what seems like a couple hours its back. I tried to remove the algae with my hand, but it appears as though that is not removing it at all. I then tried a razor blade but that was incredibly hard to use on the wall without scratching it. If I scratch at it for a bit with my fingernail it will come off the wall. Any suggestions on what kind of algae this is and the best way to remove it from a back wall without scratching the wall itself? I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Hippo Tang Extremely Sad...

    i love the color of that carpet anemone
  5. FS: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO

    Bump - $60 shipped
  6. FS: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO

    Just realized the mailbox was full, i just cleared some of it out. if you are still interested, send me a pm.
  7. FS: JBJ ATO

    Thanks for letting me know, it was full. It should be fine now. I do have it still, pm me if you are still interested
  8. ID this coral please

    i think its a cacaphony
  9. FS: JBJ ATO

  10. FS: JBJ ATO

    I am selling my JBJ ATO. This unit is basically new as it was never actually used. I am asking for $55 shipped, or best offer. Pics upon request. PM me with any questions/offers! Thanks
  11. I have a Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO for sale. I am asking for $70 shipped - or best offer. It was only used for a few months. Pics upon request. PM me any questions/offers! Thank you
  12. Tunze 3155 Osmolator ATO

    anyone know if the tunze 3155 osmolator fits in the third chamber of biocube29?