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  1. Ingenious idea with the mag stirrers, can't wait to see this build progress!
  2. Got a couple bottles of Pink Fusion coralline algae in a bottle by ArcReef. Interested in seeing the results. I all ready have a little bit of purple coralline growing growing on the back wall so figured id try the pink. Has anyone used the Pink Fusion or Purple Helix?
  3. One of these would work. 30w with four individual adjustable channels. If interested I have a brand new one for $55 shipped https://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Spectrum-Dimmable-Saltwater-Bracket/dp/B07GKHKXHZ/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=pixie+30&qid=1553228314&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  4. Im having the same issue on my 3 month old reef. Im running a skimmer, growing cheato and have a ton of marine pure spheres. Ive doubled my feeding and added a new fish but nutrients still haven't budged(zero No3 and Po4). Im not sure what to do next. Thinking about going to bi-weekly water changes and cutting my fuge light to 6 hours from 12. If I were you I would consider dosing No3 and Po4. You can do a DIY solution really cheap. Although with it just being a 10g the easy approach would be just to buy the NeoNitro and NeoPhos from brightwell. I was going to go that route but figured I should try to bring it down naturally first.
  5. Got the 1Link cable in today for the Neptune DOS and Installed everything in my stand. Was a little tricky trying to get all the air bubbles out but finally got it figured out, calibrated and programed. I want to keep my ALK at 9 but am using RedSea Coral Pro salt for water changes. Programed it to dose ALK at night and CAL during the day. I also programed the DOS to turn off on Saturday(the day I do the water change) so the bump in ALK will almost even out. Once this salt bucket is gone I'm going to switch to Fritz and match my ALK to the salt level. Has anyone used Fritz RPM salt? If so how do you like it? My back compartment with dosing lines and probes, using Vertex holders
  6. Im not really sure to be honest. I think it depends on the type of chalice and how it grows. Most of the chalices I have tend to encrust though. I would just google some images and see if you can find a larger colony of the chalice you have and see how it is growing.
  7. Here are some colony shots that the two rainbow frags above came from
  8. Thanks! When they are grown they look so much better then these booger frags lol, apparently that one is suppose to be one of the better growers though. Here are my other two 😝
  9. Yea I can't wait to get it set up. Right now I'm manually dosing 5.5ml of ESV Bionic every 2 days. I will probably stick with the ESV for the doser as well, still have about 300ml left. After that I may switch the ALK part to soda ash from BRS. Someone suggested it because it gives you more of a PH boost.
  10. Welcome back @lhernandez86, I recently just got back in the hobby about three months ago with a Nuvo 30L. Its a great tank so far, I really like. Looking forward to following along with your build. What are your plans for corals?
  11. Sixline continues to do well and get along with everyone. I have a little good news regarding PH. I decided to re-calibrate my PH probe. The first time I calibrated it I didn't float the PH solution in my tank to match temps. This time I did and I got a PH bump of .07, this makes me pretty happy. Last night my PH only dropped to 7.78, a big improvement so far. Also picked up a new rainbow chalice today. Cornbread Showstopper
  12. Glad they are doing well, and that the daughter loves them. Really makes the hobby enjoyable when your family is interested. I got my clowns in my 30L about 3 months ago. They don't sleep together either but do swim together most of the day. Not sure if that's normal or not. Im using the Ai Primes as well, right now I'm running a modified Saxby schedule with only like a max of 10% white and 4% red and green. Its pretty blue but I like it. Thinking about switching to the BRS AB+ settings but know it would be super strong with my LPS. If I do switch it ill probably rent a par meter from BRS and tweek it.
  13. Just read through you build. Really disappointing you had to restart but I think in the end you will be happy you did. I ordered a bottle of that purple helix the other day, hopefully it works well. How are the clowns doing?
  14. So right when I put the sixline in he went straight for where my midas blenny likes to hang out. The Blenny tried to nip at him but he got away then hid in a small crevice of the rock for the rest of the day. Today he is out but mainly sticking to my shadows and away from the midas blenny. The clowns don't seem bothered by him so that's good. he also ate some mysis today when I fed, think he is going to do just fine. Got in my Neptune Dos and containers today. Got free 1 day shipping from saltwateraquarium.com, plus no tax. I have to wait to install it though because I realized just last night you could use a 1link cable and connect it directly to the eb832 without using the power brick and usb cord.My cables are a mess as it is so one less power brick the better. I got that ordered but won't ship till Monday, sometime next week ill get it set up. Also went today and picked up a small chalice frag, its a CB Blue Flamethrower. Pretty nice but it has some healing and coloring up to do.
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