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  1. it did come with a black cover to cover the refugium area.
  2. I just finish the 20g long i got from yankeepete it look really good when finish. My silicone job wasn't that great hopefully when i water test it tomorrow it be fine 5_13_2012A20glong by Tinyen
  3. AquaStyleOnline Club

    i had never even solder anything in my life and i just order the 24 led kit for tiny 8g nano lol so im going to have to dim the led down alot. i went with 8RB,2NB,4 45K, 4 10k, 4 420 true violet, 2 cyan. That should cover most of the spectrum the corals need.
  4. Cadlights 8gal Stock lighting?

    It can handle very low light sps however the color is going to be very dull/washout, someone on reefcentral attach two strips of the blue Ecoxotic EcoPico led light to the cadlight 8g led light and it work very well. I had the cadlight 8g for few months now and i can keep any LPS but my monti is not doing well at all. I'm ordering a new light so that i can play around with sps coral.