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  1. Ralgo

    Noobie Aquascape - Any feedback is appreciated

    Really like it! Lots of placement spots and the negative space looks great too
  2. I did think about that but my current scape has grown really crowded over time as ideas pop into my head and i wanted a fresh look for the new tank
  3. Im looking to move from a 29 biocube to a SCA 50g (24x24x20) in the next few weeks. Looking for ideas on scape. All pics and ideas are welcome.
  4. Ralgo

    Xenia Rocks

    PM sent.
  5. Ralgo

    Adding Sand to Established Nano Reef

    Here's what I recommend. Dont use live. Just get a 10 or 20 lb bag of whatever sand looks good to you. With the established sand bed it will be live in no time For minimal clouding do this 1. Open the top of the bag and rinse it with a couple gallons or RODI of distilled water. Fill the bag, swish it around with your hands, pour the water out and repeat. Once the cloudiness dissipates squeeze out as much water as possible from the bag. 2. Turn off all flow to the tank and slowly lower the whole bag into your tank. Use your hand to close off most of the open top while Letting water from your tank flowing into the bag at a low rate. Once the bag is fully submerged, fully close it and flip it upside down. 3. Wait for things to settle a bit and then let the sand slowly pour out of an open corner, keeping the open end of the bag as close to the sand bed as possible. Fill in the bare spots and the have a thin layer of new sand cover the entire sand bed. Take your time and you should have a brand new looking sand bed in a few minutes and any residual clouding will go way much sooner. worked great for me a couple years back
  6. That actually looks really interesting. Researching now. Thanks for the input guys. Keep the recommendations coming!
  7. Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my Biocube 29 to a SCA 50 PNP system (24x24x20) in the next 30 days and am currently in the planning stage. I'd like a recommendation on lighting I already have a single AI Prime (non HD) over my biocube so I wonder if i could add a second Prime. I figure spacing the Primes evenly over the tank and keeping them close to the water level would suffice (or maybe not). I could also just get a whole new light and sell the AI prime. What would you guys recommend?
  8. Ralgo

    Miami FL: Offer Closed

    Sent PM. I'm relatively local too
  9. Ralgo

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    I lost My blue cloves and my Xenias and my green Leather took a significant hit but seems to be recovering. been working on water quality since then and it seems to be boucing back great. FTS from just a few minutes ago The GSP and pipe organs up in the top right haven't opened up since the power went out but im hopeful they will come back
  10. Ralgo

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Hey, How'd you make out with the hurricane? I lost a few of my softer corals but my fish survived.
  11. Looking to finalize my coral livestock. I'm looking to for a one or two frags each of Frogspawn, Torch and Hammer corals (any color). Anyone local to Broward county FL or willing to ship hit me up.
  12. Ralgo

    [FS] Purple tip hammer and frogspawn

    Would love to get a couple heads of each. LMK if you change your mind about shipping to 33065
  13. Ralgo

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    I appreciate it. Thanks. As for the screen, I'm not sure if HD has the clear screen mesh. and I believe it would be cheaper to get the white mesh online. Its less than $12.00 on amazon. The frame, frame corners and spline might be cheaper there too.
  14. Ralgo

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    You could try a screen. Get clear window screen mesh, screen frame, corners and spline online or from home depot. It should be easy to put something together to cover the top while allowing for air transfer. Quick search even found this tutorial https://blog.marinedepot.com/2015/05/diy-screen-top-aquarium.html Good luck