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  1. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    I lost My blue cloves and my Xenias and my green Leather took a significant hit but seems to be recovering. been working on water quality since then and it seems to be boucing back great. FTS from just a few minutes ago The GSP and pipe organs up in the top right haven't opened up since the power went out but im hopeful they will come back
  2. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Hey, How'd you make out with the hurricane? I lost a few of my softer corals but my fish survived.
  3. Looking to finalize my coral livestock. I'm looking to for a one or two frags each of Frogspawn, Torch and Hammer corals (any color). Anyone local to Broward county FL or willing to ship hit me up.
  4. [FS] Purple tip hammer and frogspawn

    Would love to get a couple heads of each. LMK if you change your mind about shipping to 33065
  5. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    I appreciate it. Thanks. As for the screen, I'm not sure if HD has the clear screen mesh. and I believe it would be cheaper to get the white mesh online. Its less than $12.00 on amazon. The frame, frame corners and spline might be cheaper there too.
  6. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    You could try a screen. Get clear window screen mesh, screen frame, corners and spline online or from home depot. It should be easy to put something together to cover the top while allowing for air transfer. Quick search even found this tutorial https://blog.marinedepot.com/2015/05/diy-screen-top-aquarium.html Good luck
  7. adding new sand to existing tank

    Depending on the type of sand you could really cloud the tank. Some have has success pouring the sand down a length of PVC to direct it to where you need it to go with minimal clouding.
  8. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Nice work ! Keep the updates comin!
  9. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    I was able to get it cleaned and set up today. It fits almost perfectly. The cover doesn't go down all the way. just a little bit raised
  10. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Actually I cant remember lol. Ive had it in a sump for the longest while. I'll be cleaning it up and setting it up tomorrow in the back chamber so I'll let you know then.
  11. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Awesome! Thanks man. PMing you my contact info.
  12. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Well... a few months back I suffered a setback... called disinterest. I did the bare minimum maintenance for a long time after dealing with an algae outbreak. Now I'm back to good parameters and basically have just live rock, a pair of cleaner shrimp and a pair of clowns.The only corals in the tank are some polyps that survived and a half dead bubble coral. I had a sump and a Aquaticlife 115 skimmer in it but that's out of commission until I can clean and re-set it up. I recently updated my sand bed and redid my scape but that about it for now. I'm currently looking around for a few cheap corals for a trial run of making the tank a reef again Here's my current scape. I tried to do a shelf section with sand on top. The pic was taken the same night I changed it. I'll upload some new ones tonight
  13. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Small world indeed! Been here since '97. The fixture is holding up just fine. I dont notice any adverse effects from having it. I originally did it because I didn't already have a mounting option for the light but Its worked out great. good luck witht he build and keep us posted!
  14. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Looking forward to the build. I have the same setup that I am currently bring back from just fish to a full reef. I found that the AI Prime fits perfectly inside the hood of the HQI MH fixture. That where mine is. I just gutted the internals and slipped the Prime inside. I ran the wires through where the MH wiring went and unless you were looking up under the fixture itself you cant tell the difference. I'll take some pics later if you want