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  1. Seanano

    Skunk Clown + Nem

    Not a skunk clown, its a "blackfoot" A. Nigripe, gorgeous clown none the less.
  2. Seanano

    CREE XR-E Q5 LED's

  3. Seanano

    Slow DIY LED dummy build help.

    Ever get an answer on this?
  4. Seanano

    Any LED Groupbuys going on?

    Yeah i finally caved into doing LEDs and i saw the ones i just missed.
  5. ...? I don't see any but sometimes I miss things posted else where.
  6. Seanano

    Best place to buy LEDs?

    Alright Im set to place my order today, went to Nanotuners and they are running, low on whites, RapidLed is out of town for a couple more days and ledsupply is more money... Anywhere else I could get some from? Thanx
  7. Seanano

    What size heat sink?

    Fair enough... I was really hoping to get away with just two meanwells but it is what it is. Is there a formula for figuring out the heatsink?
  8. Seanano

    What size heat sink?

    Alright I'm going forward w/ my LED project. I was on hiatus due to serious family issues and everythings taken a hit. But my Radium is set to expire. So what size heatsink would you reccommend for 24x20x18? I am thinking 12x10 w/ 26LEDS. Any inputs welcome. Thanx
  9. Seanano

    Another LED Retro Current Orbit 20"

    Any news on the ALC?
  10. Seanano

    LED Group Buy : IV

    I assume I just missed the boat on this?
  11. Seanano

    LED Head explosion, please help prevent it.

    Alright, getting a little bit of mixed feed back between here and the RC. Is it possible to use a thick aluminum plate and some quality fans 3-5mm or greater instead of a heatsink? I have an industrial surplus store not far from me that i could probably get some aluminum plates for relatively little cost. (http://www.acmeindustrialsurplus.com/)
  12. Seanano

    A lunar phase function for the Arduino

    I assume this would work w/ the meanwell D drivers?
  13. Seanano

    A lunar phase function for the Arduino

    Fair enough man... Getting ready to build my LED setup so I'm w/ ya on that. I downloaded all the stuff on my mac. I was kind of surprised they had it for it as well. I actually opened up VMware getting ready to do it all in XP. I'm going to order the stuff form sparkfun shortly. I tried copying and pasting your sketch in to the arduino app it didnt seem to take when i clicked verify. Of course I'm sure its not that simple. Thanx for all the info. Tho I'm not sure about all the soldering again which is where pics would help greatly... Thanx again! I'd love to get that sunrise/sunset/cloud/storm/lunar phase thing going... Would be ideal.
  14. Seanano

    A lunar phase function for the Arduino

    Excellent work, now I'm pretty dumb myself when it comes to this..... But I'm not dumb enough not to ask if you could you be so kind to give us a how to and what we need to do this? Ya know hold our hands? Pictures, parts, etc? It'd be greatly appreciated... I assume this could be done very similarly for bringing up the sun slowly and setting it? Blues ramp up then bout halfway thru the whites start coming on?
  15. Seanano

    LED Head explosion, please help prevent it.

    Sounds good Evil. So I should be good w/ out any optics over the tank. On the meanwells how do i adjust them from 1000mA to 700 for the RBs? I think I read theres an internal pot adjustment?