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    •The ‘Box

    Great start and looking tank! I'm getting ready to set up a very similar setup, WB20, Corona LED, IM MJ return, and Icecap k1 nano. I have an older mp40 I'm hoping I can get away w/ otherwise trying to trade it out for an mp10. Is the very back pane of your tank painted black as well, do you know if it is able to be removed in anyway? Excited to see this come along.
  2. Seanano

    Waterbox 20 or IM25 Lagoon

    Locally have a Platinum IM dealer. Top Shelf Aquatics
  3. Seanano

    Waterbox 20 or IM25 Lagoon

    Despite popular opinion, I went w/ the WB20. I ended up stopping into their official office not realizing it was not an actual store, just saw a giant WaterBox sign. That said, Dean, I believe his name was showed me around and all the tanks they had through out their offices answered any questions. The tanks are beautiful. My entire experience was great. I was really leaning towards the IM, but between the experience I had at WB and the extra height, which from where it will be viewed most often it just seemed a better fit. Coupled w/ seeing MisterNanoReef's I really like his tank. We'll see how it unfolds.
  4. Seanano

    SkiCat's WaterBox CUBE 10 Mixed Reef

    Beautiful tank, just ordered the 20. How far do you have the mightyjet turned up? Looking at it for myself. I think the next size up actually wouldn't fit.
  5. Seanano

    pfcjackson0716's nuvo 10

    Everything looks great. How do you like the mightyjet? How far is it turned up?
  6. Getting back in to the hobby after a long hiatus.. Much has changed. The itch never goes away. So that said, I'm really stuck between the WB20 and the IM25. The WB is a beautiful tank the lack of aftermarket support and the glass false wall are concerning. The IM25 I worry maybe too shallow and slightly more expensive. I currently have a RapidLED Corona which I plan on using that was given to me and worry on the lagoon it maybe too much. Any nudge or insights that can be given from owners of either would be greatly appreciated.
  7. It is not the QD, it's the ES driver and in near perfect condition, so much so that I've never had to replace the wet side due to during the time it was up and running it was cleaned weekly and never allowed to clog. That said are you in Florida, really want to keep this local-ish?
  8. Is it 9001(With DC pump)? And are you in Central Florida?
  9. I am getting back in to the hobby have some equipment I'm likely not going to need in this build. The mp40w is immaculate and runs perfectly, I'm a bit OCD w/ maintenance. I am looking for either an MP10Q in equal condition or a Tunze 9001/9004 DC. Also consider a mightyjet(plus). Fairly open, preferably local, in Central Florida
  10. Seanano

    CREE XR-E Q5 LED's

  11. Seanano

    Slow DIY LED dummy build help.

    Ever get an answer on this?
  12. Seanano

    Any LED Groupbuys going on?

    Yeah i finally caved into doing LEDs and i saw the ones i just missed.
  13. ...? I don't see any but sometimes I miss things posted else where.
  14. Seanano

    Best place to buy LEDs?

    Alright Im set to place my order today, went to Nanotuners and they are running, low on whites, RapidLed is out of town for a couple more days and ledsupply is more money... Anywhere else I could get some from? Thanx
  15. Seanano

    What size heat sink?

    Fair enough... I was really hoping to get away with just two meanwells but it is what it is. Is there a formula for figuring out the heatsink?