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  1. Mikes DIY 24 CREE/Meanwell LED Build

    RAPIDLED is where I got all my parts. I have since changed my 50/50 ratio of cb/rw I added some warm white, neutral white, and blues... Still have 24 total. Updated growth shot. P1010877 by mteske1, on Flickr Just fragged the bottom of the sunset.
  2. Mike's 29gal Biocube on full tilt

    It was on a very small plug. Here it is now... P1010903 by mteske1, on Flickr You can see some growth, and the green has changed color. Polyps still blue.
  3. Mike's 29gal Biocube on full tilt

    Picture update! P1010898 by mteske1, on Flickr P1010897 by mteske1, on Flickr P1010895 by mteske1, on Flickr P1010892 by mteske1, on Flickr P1010891 by mteske1, on Flickr
  4. BioCube 29g?

    Yea, Vortech MP10 Tunze 9002 nano skimmer Tunze ATO Stevie T media rack Tank looks good. What bulb are you using? Radium makes a 20k DE bulb.
  5. Mikes DIY 24 CREE/Meanwell LED Build

    Here is a current shot of the sunset. Check out the growth! P1010336 by mteske1, on Flickr
  6. JBJ NanoZapp UV... opinion?

    BUMP. I am debating getting one and want to put inline with return pump on 29gal biocube. Anyone?
  7. Mike's 29gal Biocube on full tilt

    Picked up a frag of hologram montipora from a local reefer. He got it directly from Ian on R2R. Can't wait for it to grow out. I glued it down on a fist sized rock giving him good space to encrust nicely. hologram monti by mteske1, on Flickr I think this is my new favorite.
  8. Test your Alk, Calc, and Mag. Post your numbers.
  9. I Biocube 29 I

    If you want an algae eater get a lawnmower blenny. Hippo tangs (all tangs) need large tanks. A 29gal biocube isn't even close to what you need. Even as a juvi they won't have enough swimming room. They will end up with ich or something and stop eating, and die. Trust me. Did you start with liverock or dry baserock? You should add another powerhead in the tank. Also, I see you are talking about dosing iodine and calc. You do NOT need to dose iodine in that tank ever. Keep up with water changes every couple weeks and you will be fine. If you dose Calc you also need to dose Alk in the same proportion to keep your levels balanced. However, with a 2 week old tank you likely do not have the demand to warrant any supplementation. There looks to be not much corraline, and you have no corals... Also, purigen and chemipure last MUCH longer than 2 weeks... Take it nice and slow.
  10. RKL+myreef 2 for Dummies

    Not sure sticky on here is needed. Go to the DA Forums, and you will find everything you need. I did not realize all the info over there. Use the search function, and I think you will be good. There are a good number of experts over there. Also, go on DA website and print the full pdf manual. It is 51 pages versus the 2 page cheat sheet that comes in the box.
  11. RKL+myreef 2 for Dummies

    Thanks, I have the heater down now. I have the channel set to default on with the heater set a degree or two above what the controller is set at. As far as the dosers go, I have created a thread on the DA forum. Not sure we are allowed to link? Here it is... http://www.forum.digitalaquatics.com/viewt...f=34&t=9195
  12. Choosing a Clam

  13. RKL+myreef 2 for Dummies

    HELP!?!?! Ok, I am attempting to set my heater on the controller using the temp probe. Also, I want to set up two BRS dosers on the timers to run multiple times a day for 3-4 minutes each time. I am going to post some screenshots to show where I am at with things. First setting up the Heater: HEATER screenshot by mteske1, on Flickr Does that look right to keep it set? Next, the Doser pumps. I am using multi-timer right now, and not sure if there is a better option? Screenshots... DOSER screenshot 1 by mteske1, on Flickr Next once I click "timer setup." DOSER screenshot 2 by mteske1, on Flickr I know I would have to set the 3rd channel for my second timer. One on Alk and the other on Calc. Any tips please? I really appreciate all the help this thread has provided to get me this far! Thanks, Mike
  14. Crazy happy Paly

    Texas Trash Paly's
  15. Nikon D3100 and LEDs

    You are probably already doing this, but turn OFF all the flow in the tank. Turn every single pump you have OFF! This will help a lot.