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  1. Cube tanks?

    I'm currently starting to plan for my new tank and I'm wanting to do another cube but upgrading from my little 7.5 gallon to a 30-50 gallon. Does anyone have any good websites or know any retailers that sell glass cube tanks? I don't care about rimless or not they both look very well to me. Any ideas? Thanks a lot, Payson
  2. Lighting question!

    So I recently took down my nano reef and am planning an upgrade most likely a 40 gallon breeder. I was wondering if one radion would be sufficient enough for a 40 breeder? Thanks a lot, Payson
  3. Mr. Coral Order Review

    For having a business as big as yours you're very unprofessional.
  4. Paysons 7.5G Pico Aquarium=D

    Haha thats awesome! I'm still saving for the 20 long its going to be about $1200 for it:P
  5. Paysons 7.5G Pico Aquarium=D

    I'll be taking it down soon to upgrade to my 20 long!
  6. Lighting for Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    I have a par 38 over my 7.5 gallon cube and the lighting is perfect every inch is covered with no dark spots. 1 par 30 should be sufficient enough but if you like your tank to be bright it wouldn't hurt to have 2. My boostled light does the job but I may add an additional one soon. But the light is meant to cover 12x12 area which is the size of a mr. aqua 7.5 gallon tank. Good luck, Payson
  7. Add dead rock, it will eventually become live rock when bacteria begins to grow on it.
  8. Par 38's and SPS?

    I would like to place 3 par 38's over my 20 long system and was wondering which ones would provide better/faster growth on SPS coral. I want maximum growth on my SPS. I was thinking going with three of the Ecoxotic par 38's pr three of the rapid par 38's? I was leaning towards the ecoxoticPAR38 12K Aquarium LED 3-6500K White 2-455nm Blue but just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks, Payson
  9. Need help/suggestions

    Where is your power head and pump placement at? How high is your sand bed? And how is your sump set up?
  10. Glass holes suggestions?

    SPS dominant Mp10
  11. Glass holes suggestions?

    I'm going to start a 25 gallon cube and wanted to know what gph flow I should get for the sump? It's between 300 and 700? I was thinking 700 but wanted to ask people with more experience. Thanks a lot, Payson
  12. Paysons 7.5G Pico Aquarium=D

    Thanks man!
  13. AquaClear or HOB Skimmer for 20g H?

    I'd get both aqua clear 110 and a hydor slim skim or a tunze 9002
  14. Ecoxotic par38s vs BoostLed par 30's?

    Ecoxotic par38's VS. Rapid LEDs par 38s? Anyone like one more than the other and why?