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  1. These are great in small schools. I had 6 that would all hang out together. One of my favorite fish, honestly.
  2. Happy belated birthdays to all you you Jerks.
  3. More gooder conch-ulator (safe shareware, BTW)
  4. I hereby canonize you. Your new Delta Tau Chi name is St. Tard of Newbieville.
  5. pics didn;t come across, but the first sounds like hydnophora, the second sounds like either a mojano (bad) or tulip anemone (OK).
  6. Same as fish, in terms of introduction. Acclimation after you pop them iun the tank may include putting them lower in thetank and slowly moving it up higher to acclimate it over a week or so to a higher lighting intensity.
  7. I think we can see that, duh. What does the POWERHEAD feed into?
  8. That really depends on your canopy setup and how you access the tank: I burn my arm on the damn pendants nearly every time I reach in the tank.
  9. I have Icecap 150 and 250 ballasts. Fantastic. Ironically, the surface heat of the ballast itself is cooler on the 250 in comparison to the 150.
  10. What is that feeding into? If it's blowing right back into the tank, it'll just be blwoing the floaters back into the tank. You might be able to throttle back on the powerhead's draw to keep it from sucking air all of the way down.
  11. I have a small frag of a neon green encrusting variety that is doing much better once I put it into more direct flow.
  13. Further to that, SLO: if one uses a single fixture, it will have to be higher, in order to get better light spread, whereas a pair of fixtures will avoid having to spread the light as much. Budget is also a factor in setting up the pair vs one, of course.