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  1. Im selling my mp10 with 2 dry sides, I just sent in the whole unit and ecotech serviced the wet side and fixed it. I have the original box. Im asking 205$ shipped paypal.
  2. Up for sale is a gently used 24 inch by 4 bulb TEK t5 ho fixture. Acoording to the sticker this light was manufactured in JAnuary of 08. Ive had the light for about 4 years and the previous owner didn't have it very long. The fixture will come with 4 bulbs used for about 6-7 months (3x ati blue+, 1x ati purple+). There is slight corrosion on the reflector as you can see the spots in the first picture but that is from the previous owner and I have taken action and applied and cleaned the reflector many times and made sure the corrosion can't continue. It does not seem too effect the light penetration very much if at all. Comes with everything you need to hang except the mounts that go in ceiling and the bolts screw into, but you should be able to find them at any hardware store. I have taken very good care of this light to make sure it stays working. It fires up no problem every time. Price is 155$ shipped as it will cost a lot to ship the light. Thanks and pm any questions.
  3. Rapid LED kit for 29G standard

    Ok well i don't have a controller so i'm going to have to use the potentiometer+10v AC adapter route.
  4. I want to convert my tank to LEDs and i've decided I want to purchase one of the 24 led kits from Rapid LED. Ive decided to go with the solderless kit since it is only 10$ more, but i was wondering which drivers to pick, the ELN-60-48D or the ELN-60-48P? and also I was wondering which heatsink from their site I would need. I want to keep sps and possibly a clam. Also would the DIY 2 color dimming kit be sufficient for dimming? Thanks
  5. Clownfish Locking lips and fighting?

    I bought them from an online retailer. My LFS has some smaller black ones so ill trade mine for one of them.
  6. Clownfish Locking lips and fighting?

    They're both about 2 inches.
  7. I have two ocellaris clowns that have been fighting since I got them and they lock their lips sometimes like they are kissing. Is this normal behavior?
  8. Scoly damaged

    Heres pics from today
  9. Scoly damaged

    Alright thanks a lot everyone! Ill keep this thread updated.
  10. Scoly damaged

    How long do you think that will take to heal up?
  11. Scoly damaged

    Heres som pics with the lights off at night.
  12. Scoly damaged

    Thanks. I really hope it pulls through!
  13. Scoly damaged

    Ok I got it to eat a couple of Fauna Marin ultra lps pellets.
  14. Scoly damaged

    Updated with night pics: last post I just got this scoly in through the mail. ITs pretty beat up, do you think it will make it?