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  1. ai prime

  2. ai prime

    Sold pendi g funds
  3. ai prime

    got it
  4. ai prime

    i dont have any mesages at all from anyone
  5. ai prime

    no sorry i did not i could not log in for some reson
  6. ai prime

    i tryed to sell last week but for some resion i could not log on but it is back up now you can tex me allso 214-415-8744
  7. ai prime

    i have a like new ai prime with aluminum mount light is white are is silver non hd has box asking $120 free shipping and paypal ready
  8. AI prime for sale

    in perfect shape like new i can get pics in the am
  9. AI prime for sale

    White ai prime light with aluminum arm in greal shape with box paypal ready and will ship asking $130
  10. i have a used in great shape Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Elite with sl1,pc4,temp prob,ph prob all in great working order paypal ready will ship with probes wet asking $125
  11. for sale like new works great paypal and shipping not a problem asking $30
  12. ecotech radion gen 2, reefkeeper lite

    Can i see a pic of the sl2
  13. Neptune Apex Jr

    Why would you sell a system ready to use with no display so it could not be used ???????