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  1. It goes through phases, from no polyp extension to large polyp extension.
  2. I really like the one near the Galleria, that is their flagship store. The one here in Austin isn't as big, but still nice. It grows slower than a typical softy, @Nano sapiens. I really like how in the past 2 years it has gone from a flat growing coral to a vertical growing coral. I feel like it needed some growth before going vertical.
  3. Cool to see around Nano sapiens and your aquarium!, still going and looking good.
  4. Thanks. They aren't connected, and I actually moved the smaller one yesterday to the kitchen. Ill update the info on them. I got the Heliopora from the Fish Gallery in Houston about 5 years ago. They were small 1 inch frags from a breakdown of a customers tank. I like how it looks like a SPS but isn't. It has been a very adaptable coral also, has been in moderate to high flow, medium to high light, and appears to do well overall.
  5. Heliopora coerulea (Blue Coral) close up, polyp extension. I haven't seen that many tanks with this coral. It is considered a soft octocoral. What is really interesting is that the interior of the coral is blue due to it being able to deposit iron.
  6. The excitement of adding corals. You seem to be approaching everything carefully, which is really good. What coral food did your LFS suggest? With food be careful with dried food or broadcast feeding, it fouls the water faster. I prefer to target feed corals with a pipette to reduce the chance of overfeeding. Can't wait to see the development of your tank.
  7. After a short 3 year break, I'm back active on nano-reef.com

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      Christopher Marks

      Welcome back!

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  8. I can't believe it has been almost three years since I posted an update! Life just keeps on flying by. Currently still in Austin, and plan to stay here for a good amount of time. I've upgraded the aquarium size about 3 years ago, as the smaller aquarium was no longer large enough to accommodate the corals. Recently I had to remove all the sand, as it was becoming a detritus trap. Will definitely be more activate in the forums from now on.
  9. Hi Brandon, nice to see you are still active in the forums. I saw that you restarted your famous reef vase, it is neat to have seen it mature to such an extent.
  10. The reservoir top can come off and receives flow from the CPU water pump. I'm planning on using that reservoir area as the filtration media zone.
  11. In this build, I want to show how to modify a pico jar with various new ideas. I want to particularly address water movement control, filtration control and temperature control. It has been a while since I posted a new build on Nano-reef. My passion for miniature saltwater aquariums started here with a 3 gallon JBJ picotope. Since Kickstarter, PJ reef has been keeping me busy. I've learned that making a product is a humbling experience. It requires dedication and planning to make it a reality. I'm glad to be back building a new reef. FTS 08/30/2015 Equipments: - PJ reef LED Lamp and Jar - CPU Water Pump with Reservoir - Fan speed controller Stocking Plan: - To be Detemined (Unique miniature livestock) Modification Photos
  12. Nicely done. Love the scape..
  13. You are all also welcome to pin it on pinterest.
  14. Instead of doing a hand with a plant, I went a little different route. Hope you guys like. www.pjreefs.com Like me at Facebook Follow me at Twitter @PJreefs

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