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  1. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    Can't wait to see what corals will go into your container.
  2. Cephalapico - ajmckay's Creative container

    When I had one they accepted meatier food easily. Waving a few frozen Mysis shrimp will assure you that they are eating well.
  3. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    This statement made my day. Love it.
  4. @hinnenkm No problem. Luckily I can have these soon because parts and manufacturing are obtained in the US. I will post instructions by tomorrow morning. @GraniteReefer Thanks!
  5. @Boggers Magnetize eggs shells do help removal of the egg shells. I'm working on a better video to show the magnetic properties.
  6. They hatch without tumbling, another concept uses how they are attracted to light to gather them with varying success. I actually used the product below, but the quantity was never enough for large feedings. San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery
  7. So far we have 3 interested members. Maybe a few more
  8. Ocean Nutrition does not make the cysts, they just use INVE cyst to market under their brand name. You won't see the Ocean Nutrition product in the USA because it is only marketed in the EU. Their concept is to hatch the artemia outside in a separate vessel with a magnet. My concept is hatching the cyst in a magnetized container inside a nano/pico aquarium. A different concept. Either way, I want to make it available to hobbyists.
  9. Hi metrokat. The company INVE market the magnetized cyst to large fisheries and also aquaculture facilities. They magnetize the eggs by coating them with a magnetic material that is non-toxic to invertebrates and vertebrates. I will be selling them through PJ reefs. I just came up with the idea of the magnetic container and I have been using it to feed finicky eaters as well as some larval stages of fishes.
  10. Thanks! I forgot to erase that portion. I feel comments and PM will be best.
  11. Hi, Nano-reef members. Many of you showed interest in the PJ reefs 2.0 Feeding Magnets and Food. I would like to offer this as a reward. Please PM or comment below if you would back it as a reward. I can have these ready for Christmas. PJ reefs 2.0 Magnetic Feeding Container and Food for $29.99 as a reward level.
  12. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    I really like the shape of your reef vase. Those optics look amazing!
  13. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Sexy shrimp do like to bother/pick at recently fragged corals. The corals have a reaction and the picking continues till the coral doesn't recover. I would wait until everything is grown out to attempt them again.
  14. So officially I was able to gather all the pictures in one place. A total of 305 pictures so far, wow! I also followed everyone's threads so I can keep the pictures current. After seeing all the pictures I must say that the contest is looking great. I'm really liking the creativity and enthusiasm. Each picture should link back to the source, so you can easily go and comment on each person thread. Pinterest Pico Creative Container Contest Album https://pin.it/X2lBf_t @ChristopherDido I added you as a collaborator. I'll PM you with instructions. If anyone else wants to become a collaborator let me know.
  15. Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment

    Hope everything in the tank/jar comes out fine.