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  1. Hi Brandon, nice to see you are still active in the forums. I saw that you restarted your famous reef vase, it is neat to have seen it mature to such an extent.
  2. The reservoir top can come off and receives flow from the CPU water pump. I'm planning on using that reservoir area as the filtration media zone.
  3. In this build, I want to show how to modify a pico jar with various new ideas. I want to particularly address water movement control, filtration control and temperature control. It has been a while since I posted a new build on Nano-reef. My passion for miniature saltwater aquariums started here with a 3 gallon JBJ picotope. Since Kickstarter, PJ reef has been keeping me busy. I've learned that making a product is a humbling experience. It requires dedication and planning to make it a reality. I'm glad to be back building a new reef. FTS 08/30/2015 Equipments: - PJ reef LED Lamp and Jar - CPU Water Pump with Reservoir - Fan speed controller Stocking Plan: - To be Detemined (Unique miniature livestock) Modification Photos
  4. Nicely done. Love the scape..
  5. You are all also welcome to pin it on pinterest.
  6. Instead of doing a hand with a plant, I went a little different route. Hope you guys like. www.pjreefs.com Like me at Facebook Follow me at Twitter @PJreefs

    © Paul Roncal

  7. I did a little clip that I posted in Vimeo here I'm excited that my kickstarter is going start soon (April 16) Any one who want to follow can at: Feel free to spread the word in any form Follow me on Facebook Or Twitter @PJreefs
  8. Nice, what did you do to change the color? Light? Supplements?
  9. Cool, very nice success sweet<3
  10. SKU: PAR38-7-2 http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-141/7-LED-PAR38-Bulb/Detail
  11. Apex lite. It helps a lot.
  12. I really like how this photo showcases the PAR38 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=250755