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  1. pj86

    Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - Retired! ☠️

    Congratulation. What an amazing little reef. Can't wait to see what you do with the PJ reefs 2.0.
  2. true, will need to expand on it.
  3. pj86

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    So true. The hobby is changing quite quickly. I'm trying to focus on species specifics, being able to self-sustain. I really like how your tank is going to be species-specific. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  4. pj86

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    @andrewkw Great to see you back, I remember your reef back in 2011. Time goes by so quickly. Will follow along.
  5. I had a little fun today with animation. What do you all think about it? Here is a small coupon for Nano-reefers. Coupon: NANOREEF10% https://www.pjreefs.com/products/pj-reefs-magnetic-feeder
  6. pj86

    Cambro Reef

    The common name is hydroids, they have several life stages. The one that looks like a jellyfish is the medusa life stage. There are hundreds of types of hydroids. In a mixed reef, they are kept in check by other inhabitants.
  7. pj86

    Pico Light Survey

    Really like this discussion. Been doing pico lights for about 4 years now. If you need any advice on how to get off the ground PM me.
  8. If it is going to be used as decorative lighting then I would vote that it follows the guidelines. I'll let @Felicia and @Christopher Marks chime in on it also.
  9. Yes. I'm planning on doing other albums, maybe like Best of Photos, or something along those lines. Let me PM you, I believe you are already a collaborator in the album, just need to decided what type of additional albums to create.
  10. That is the plan. I subscribed to all the threads and created a separate email account to follow along. I have been updating pictures as new pictures roll in.
  11. @seabass I've created a Pinterest album with sub-albums containing contestants photos. I believe everyone can access it without the need for an account. There is a total of 375 photos so far. You should check it out. https://www.pinterest.com/pjreefs/nano-reef-creative-container/ Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it. It is a fun way to see all the photos without the added conversations.
  12. pj86

    seabass's cookie jar - now with baby RFAs

    @seabass I really like the depth that your aquascape creates. Can wait to see this one fill up.
  13. pj86

    Orangutran's Basement Jar

    A second that pom pom crabs are good at hiding. I always had a hard time finding it in my 3 gallon. Then would reappear a few days later.