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  1. MedRed's 60 Gal Solana XL: The End of an Era

    They took it down and booted the person out already. I saw the pic and said to myself " Your really going to pick a easily recognizable tank to claim is yours?" Plus they said it was a 44 cube. You could so tell it was Med's by the elegance and torch next to the zoa pillar and then the clowns in the background.
  2. MedRed's 60 Gal Solana XL: The End of an Era

    Caught someone claiming this tank was theirs on a local facebook page. Didn't work out well for them.
  3. Recommend a turkey baster?

    The Turkotron Baste Blaster form Spishak is what I use and it's amazing. Squeeze hard and all the water/broth goes where it's needed, not out the bulb.
  4. How to tell if my rock is live?

    Ask it?
  5. Best things you hear at the LFS?

    I figured as much. The only place I've been too were they tried to say an sps frag was still alive and when they went to show me all the tissue just sloughed off. I ran. But supposedly they turned the big redtails tank into a discus setup so I'll have to stop bye and see if anythings changed.
  6. Best things you hear at the LFS?

    What store, I've been to most in town and some probably can't do it themselves so they figure no one else can either.
  7. Worst Aquarium Related Smell You've Encountered

    Dead snails and the plumbing from a store that closed its doors but left the water in the systems hoses. Helped tear the store down when new store moved in. Three years of stagnation.
  8. godspawn mushroom?

    medium to low light and flow seems to be best for most mushrooms these included.
  9. You know you have a reefing problem when....

    I wish I had front desk staff, all I have is the surly fedex guy giving me weird looks over all the sloshing little boxes that he has to drop off. Although he's happy he 's never had to ring the doorbell and stand in the heat.
  10. Craigslist fails

    The toothpick mount is so awesome. Wonder if it was a mint flavored or plain.
  11. WYSWYG Stuff!

    I wish you would have had the hallucination's up when I placed my order the other day, I would have added those to all my other stuff. Great seller , excellent communication and packing. Buy with confidence!!!!!!
  12. Feedback for Matthew Stansbery (Mstansbery)

    My corals just arrived and boy oh boy was I happy. I live in Arizona and it's been hot as heck lately and all my corals arrived at around 78 degrees. Packaging was excellent and even when I dropped a cup taking it out of the box in my hurry it stayed exactly were it was supposed to. Frag look exactly like wysiwyg unlike others I've dealt with. Thank you sir for an excellent transaction.
  13. 2 x Jebao WP25s with new controllers $125.00 Shipped

    No message boards in the selling forums aren't the best place to talk about someone else's prices. Again it is against the terms of service that allow us to use this sight and also just plain rude. Again if you don't like the price find someone else that is selling it for what YOU are willing to pay or pm them with an offer for that price. Do not derail or tell that person they are selling it for too much. Talk about it in the equipment forum where that is actually allowed and ok. Per the selling forums rules: Unsolicited negative or argumentative comments about items for sale, or prices of items, are not permissible. Violation of this rule may result in revocation of classified forum access, suspension of posting ability, or account suspension. Users of the classified forums can choose for themselves what they are willing to pay, if you personally find something to be too expensive, move on. Arguing about a price is an unnecessary and unproductive point of conflict, and it brings down the level of discourse in this community.
  14. 2 x Jebao WP25s with new controllers $125.00 Shipped

    Farkwar the whole point about not posting in someones for sale thread is valid. I believe it's also against the rules here and everywhere else. Poor taste regardless of your motive. If you don't like/agree with the price move on and find a price you do like. Like in the group buy.
  15. Craigslist fails