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  1. Woohoo glad dude survived!
  2. Update needed. K thanks.
  3. I'd say your tank looks like poo just to troll you but I can't even do that! Looks good brother! Can't wait to see it in person!
  4. Haha, looks like they're on ice in that first picture.
  5. Bwahahahaha those days where we were working from 5pm to 2am.....
  6. Haha, night and day difference to our first tanks! Amazing what experience and financial stability will do for ya!
  7. Digging the rockscape! Hopefully you can recreate it! I'm super jealous of your tank. At least diving and seeing fire fish, sharks, and turtles, takes the edge off a bit. Oh, and I literally got attacked by a trigger fish the size of a tray of lasagna.
  8. LAMMMMEEEEEE!!! Hurry up and post pictures of the tank you don't have!
  9. Shouldn't voting have started by now?
  10. He's sitting in his b-boy stance too!
  11. Hermit using a snail as a hat!
  12. She is! because she SPOTTED something.... HAHA Sorry, couldn't resist
  13. 100% unedited photo of my dancing sexy shrimp.
  14. dun dun dunn....
  15. Jealousy does not describe it...