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  1. Coastie

    I'm on the fence... Hmmmm

    I may have bought the sellers only one. I do plan. On keeping SPS but probably not a whole tanks worth. Hmmmm
  2. Coastie

    I'm on the fence... Hmmmm

    So I have an IM Nuvo 20. Was running some crap eBay pumps while I debated jebao vs hydor vs ecotech vs current vs etc. Ended up finding a Jebao SW4 brand new for $27 so I went that route. Now that I have it, I can't decide if I need two. Anyone have 1 or 2 SW4s in the 20? Thanks! A-A-Ron
  3. Coastie

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Awesome! Thank you for the info! I'll definitely put it to use!
  4. Coastie

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    I'm digging this tank so much! It's my inspiration! (I also have an IM Nuvo 20 with a XR30W gen 2). A fee questions if you dont mind... What temp do you keep your tank at? What salt do you use and what salinity? What profile is your radion using? Do you think the spin streams are necessary? Thanks!
  5. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    Ended up picking up an SW4 brand new for $27. Figured for that price, might as well give it a shot. If it doesn't work out I'm going MP10.
  6. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    Hmm didn't really factor in noise but that is a thought. No one has any experience with the current eflux pumps?
  7. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    Well I can get an MP10W QD for $150 (or an older white box MP10 for $90). Used of course but those are great prices for a great pump (I've had an MP10). Im still leaning that way but I am still interested in trying something new.
  8. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    Anyone know what kind of footprint the aquami pumps occupy? Are they any better than the MP10?
  9. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    My buddy mentioned that to me as well, I'll have to look into it.
  10. Coastie

    SW4 vs MP10 vs Eflux

    Trying to figure out wavemakers and which would be the best fit. $72 for two SW4s $150 for a used MP10 or $106 for eflux 660 loop kit with 2 powerheads. I have a Radion and the thought of syncing it with a power head is cool but I'm sure pretty much just a novelty. So my question is, on a Nuvo 20 which would you do and why? Thanks!
  11. Coastie

    Tank, light, filter, Rock

    $5 off everything.
  12. Selling an IM Nuvo 10 (local pickup only - Alexandria VA 22315) $65 - Mint Condition! Fluval 106 canister filter ( barely used! ) $55 Approximately 25 lbs of rock that's been cycling for a month $20 Mars Aqua LED comes with a hanging kit $55
  13. Coastie

    WTB IM Filter Socks

    Looking for a couple of Nuvo Filter Socks. Hoping that someone bought the 10 pack off of Amazon and wants to part with 2 or 3 of them. Please let me know!
  14. Coastie

    Wavemaker necessary for 10g w/ no SPS?

    If you are trying to keep the equipment out of the display you could always upgrade the return pump, I'd even recommend splitting it so you can point it at the dead zones. Moving water keeps crap from settling and it can prevent crap from growing on the bottom.
  15. Coastie

    Heeeessss back! A Coastie Story.

    Spent the last 3-4 hours troubleshooting my new radion. Couldn't get ecosmart live to connect. Turns out I downloaded an old config manager from somewhere. Newer version worked like a charm. Now I'm running the LPS schedule despite having no coral in my tank! Haha. On a serious note, the sense of calm that comes over me from just seeing the moonlights is absurd! Added some ammonia to test the cycle. Here's hoping I can request tank inhabitants for Xmas!!!