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  1. Figured out a solution. Send a Duncan to me. #coastietheproblemsolver
  2. Looking good! Our tanks started up about the same time! Hell, I even bought a 10 as well and said NOPE! IM 20 here I come! Looks like you swapped the Jebao for a MP10? Any fish yet?.... I need to update my own thread.
  3. Thanks! The rock is a weird mix but I like how it came out.
  4. Thanks! (A little late because apparently my last post never went through) Anyhow a lot has happened to the tank to include a ridiculous cheap frag sale. So here's an updated picture. And yes, I put Xmas lights around the tank! Haha
  5. So I bought a used Nuvo Fusion 20. It didn't have any of the return nozzles. I have ran it as is for a while now and I believe this is causing a microbubble issue in my tank. I'd like to attach some locline to angle the flow down a little more. I don't believe I can simply attach locline to the opaque plumbing going through the false wall, so I'm trying to locate the return line to locline adapter. Anyone know who sells them and what they'd be called? I guess I could always reach out to IM too. Hopefully this makes sense. I'm a little out of it this morning. Thanks in advance! Aaron
  6. No experience using a canister filter, but I do have one for sale. I think it's an fluval 106? I'd be willing to sell it for $60+ shipping (unless you're near 22315) if you're interested.
  7. I may have bought the sellers only one. I do plan. On keeping SPS but probably not a whole tanks worth. Hmmmm
  8. So I have an IM Nuvo 20. Was running some crap eBay pumps while I debated jebao vs hydor vs ecotech vs current vs etc. Ended up finding a Jebao SW4 brand new for $27 so I went that route. Now that I have it, I can't decide if I need two. Anyone have 1 or 2 SW4s in the 20? Thanks! A-A-Ron
  9. I'm digging this tank so much! It's my inspiration! (I also have an IM Nuvo 20 with a XR30W gen 2). A fee questions if you dont mind... What temp do you keep your tank at? What salt do you use and what salinity? What profile is your radion using? Do you think the spin streams are necessary? Thanks!
  10. Ended up picking up an SW4 brand new for $27. Figured for that price, might as well give it a shot. If it doesn't work out I'm going MP10.
  11. Hmm didn't really factor in noise but that is a thought. No one has any experience with the current eflux pumps?
  12. Well I can get an MP10W QD for $150 (or an older white box MP10 for $90). Used of course but those are great prices for a great pump (I've had an MP10). Im still leaning that way but I am still interested in trying something new.
  13. Anyone know what kind of footprint the aquami pumps occupy? Are they any better than the MP10?