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  1. 10G 24LED 2+ years later... w/ Pics

    Maybe there's still hope then! :-)
  2. 10G 24LED 2+ years later... w/ Pics

    I know. I rolled the dice. Never saw a corpse though. I was kinda baffled with that one?!?! I don't have the lights running at full power. Maybe 70% on the blues and maybe 50% on the whites. That's just a guess though.
  3. 10G 24LED 2+ years later... w/ Pics

    I don't care about the current LEDs. I can get rid of them all and go with different ones. I can't really add any the way they are currently set up. Some of the colors of my fish and corals look a little washed out as compared to my other RB/NW setup. I do have to use the same divers and heatsink though. Thanks for liking my tank. I stay on top of the maintenance due to the small water volume.
  4. 10G 24LED 2+ years later... w/ Pics

    I don't know the type. It disappeared after a few weeks. I don't think anything ate it. I can see everywhere in the tank....just seemed to vanish. That was about $18 gone like a fart in the wind. :'(
  5. Just thought I would share some pics and info on one of my reef aquariums. Comments? Opinions? Questions? AQUARIUM: A standard 10G aquarium with 24 Cree LEDs with a 1:1 RB CW ratio 5" to 6" above the surface of the water. All of the livestock is doing well. Corals grow well (except zoanthids). I don't love the color rendering of the RB/CW LEDs, so I'm planning out a full spectrum setup with the same heatsink and drivers. LIVESTOCK: (1) 3.5" Maxima clam (1) 10" Wellsophyillia coral (1) neon green candycane coral (1) Acanthastria coral (1) 4" Duncan coral (1) GPS growing in a mat on the sand (1) 3" Faviidae "War" coral (1) 1.5" chalk bass (1) 1.5" Target Dragonette Mandarin (1) 3" Christmas Wrasse (1) 2" Yellow Watchman Goby (1) 2.5" Orange Linkia Starfish (2) 2" Blood Shrimp (1) 1.5" Pistol Shrimp (red & white) (5) small Bumble Bee snails (2) Nasarius snails (1) Scarlett hermit crab (1) Mexican Turbo snail (pinball size) (2) Astraea snails (1) small colony of zoanthids (4) Red mushrooms
  6. Full spectrum LED layouts

    No build thread, I was just helping a friend out. He took some pics along the way, I'll check to see what he took. He bought all the components from you. I'm pretty particular when I build something, so I wanted this to be a clean setup. I ran out of shrink tube and had to use wire nuts on the power wires. That made it look sloppy. But he needed it asap, so I reluctantly left it that way. Heres a full tank shot (with cell phone camera)... The colors in the pic are not accurate to real life. It looks nice in person. The ocean whites, when run alone, turn orange things blood red...pretty cool.
  7. Full spectrum LED layouts

    I just built a full spectrum setup for a friends red sea max. Its royal blues, natural white, ocean whites. Turned out pretty nice. Its my third led build, two of mine and now my friends. Anyway heres a pic of the electronics layout. Just in case anyone is looking for ideas... Also this is the only picture I took on my phone, but I can get pics of the led layout if anyone would like to see them. Btw. I kept the stock moonlights and relocated them to an aluminum strip along side the heat sink, now powered by an old nokia phone charger.
  8. Instead of a second potentiometer, could a resister be wired inline to a single potentiometer to limit the voltage to 7 volts? If so, which wire would it be wired inline with? What resister could be used?
  9. The many methods of training Dragonets

    I have gotten really lucky with a Green Target Mandarin. It is in my 10G and eats everything I feed him (frozen [vitamin soaked] mysis and live adult & baby brine shrimp). I hand feed him one or two shrimp at a time until he wont eat any more. I do that once or twice a day. Originally, I bought him to control some flat worms that were becoming a nuisance. He ate all of the flat worms and I have not seen one since. I planned on keeping him in the 10G until the worms were gone, then to the 180G he would go. Fortunately, he eats like a boss and is very active. If I had to sustain him solely on pods, he would starve. I drop in arthropods from time to time and he chases them down and gobbles them up. He seems to be doing very well on the mysis shrimp. I have owned a red scooter blenny in the past for about 1.5 years in my 180G. He just ate whatever was there but eventually died. I have tried my hand at the green (psychedelic) mandarins. I had one get picked at by a wrasse and killed and another died within a day or two of purchase. My target mandarin was bought just to eat the flat worms since the Christmas wrasse I bought that “loves flat worms” didn’t even look at them. I am very pleased with the target mandarin’s “performance” so far. I’m guessing he is an anomaly in the world of mandarins. Whoo-hoo lucky me. I finally caught a break!
  10. What do you think of this filter-skimmer

    I've been using the Bio system 35 for over a year on my 10g nano. The ONLY reasons I liked the filter was the surface skimmer feature and it was inexpensive. It works well in that aspect. However, the impeller shaft will rust and pit. There are start-up issues with the pump from time to time. The pump is noisy and the seal leaks because the pump does not lock-in tight. I replaced the shaft with a carbon fiber rod. and glued the pump in place. I lost a clown goby and a watchman goby to the to the skimmer (they got in and could not get out). I'm about to replace the filter now. I am considering the Fluval C3 or the Emperor 280. Hope that helps....
  11. Snails die after a month

    Check your magnesium levels. High magnesium acts like a sedative for snails. They stop moving and eventually die. Also check for the clear snot like goo when you pick up the snails. That is indicative of a predatory worm (euclid) that puts the goo on then to paralyze them then eat them. Low salinity is bad too for inverts...
  12. Blenny... Goby... ?

    Yeah. That algae grows between the sand and glass. Easy to get rid of though. Theres various species apparently. This one is a tidepool sculpin... Gets to be around 5 inches max http://www.crystalcovestatepark.com/Images...l%20Sculpin.jpg Thanks for helping me identify these little boogers!
  13. Blenny... Goby... ?

    They don't have the lawnmower blenny antenna. The were hitchhikers with a batch of ghost shrimp. I looked up sculpins and that's what they appear to be. (tidepool sculpin). I presume they are safe for the reef? They are ugly, but free. Plus they don't look like they will eat too much. Any suggestions?
  14. Blenny... Goby... ?

    I have two little fish I need identified. They are about the size of a watchman goby. They have fins like a watchman goby and scooter blenny. The are semi transparent and are a gray-brown color. They seem to be active at night and hop around the substrate like a scooter blenny. I have had no luck identifying them myself. heres some pics...
  15. Clam tendencies

    Clams will often stalk and eat inverts and small fish at night when the lights go out... only to return to the same spot and look all innocent and stuff. ;-)