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  1. Rymah

    What unholy thing is this?

    What is that fish at 0:49 with the orange beak?
  2. Rymah

    bubble magus e3

    is it possible that this isnt a real Bubble-magus? i can find anything on there site or good about it.. and <$100 for a bubble magus sounds to good to be true!
  3. if he is dead your CUC has prolly already eaten him
  4. Rymah

    Added SPS... Questions about placement

    id say put it in the vally between the two hills you have, just to the left of your filter out. i cant tell if you already have one but you might want to look into a Korilia if you dont have one already
  5. Rymah

    Quick Question - gf got some pepper in SW mix

    id say use it... Salt and pepper go great together IMO. .
  6. Rymah

    bubble magus e3

    lol i found the website i just cant find this skimmer on the website.
  7. Rymah

    bubble magus e3

    Looks like a HOB to me, i needs more info on this though and i cant find it on their site!!
  8. Rymah

    bubble magus e3

  9. Rymah

    New 10G please review plan

    go with AC70 for increased flow /room and you will have room make it a fuge
  10. Rymah

    Reef freebies

    I I H8 you.... all ive gotten is a couple ugly brown zoa polyps i should send my wife to pick up my frags.... maybe she would have better luck....
  11. Rymah

    turning a stock bc into a hqi

    Lol awww to bad.. wish the wife would let me set up a second tank....
  12. Rymah

    Filling my 28g JBJ Nano

    Are you using a inTank media basket? if you are trying tieing the CPE to the middle shelf so it hangs in the 3rd slot. after i did that the flow in my back chamber really opened up/
  13. i was sooo disappointed in the 115 how are you finding it... i ending up tossing it and going for a Hob Aqua max.