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  1. i would be looking at selling it as a package, im not to worried about how much i get i just want it to be a fair price for both parties. but if i did go on thew path of parting it out, do people buy live rock? do people buy live rock with Xenia all over it?
  2. I wont get into why im selling but i need some help with pricing i dont want to be one of "those" people 60 Gallon Rimless Cube with Stand and 20 Gallon Sump For Sale Includes: Eco-tech Radion (gen1) MP10 Maxspect Razor JBJ Auto Topoff EShop Skimmer Media Reactor Mag 5 Return Pump 2 Eheim Heaters Digital Acquatic Reef Keeper Light 80 Pounds of Live Rock 4 Inch Clam Rose Bubble Tip Anenome Mutliple Other Corals 2 Clownfish + everything all the extras i have built up over the last 6 years (salt, hydro meter, buckets food etc.
  3. Rymah

    Opinion on Rockscape

    looks great!, if you do keep it make sure the rocks wont fall over either.. use a little 2 part puty (i use JB weld from Home depot) to connect some of the ify rocks.
  4. Other then the tank is sideways (i have no idea how you are going to hold water in it like that) your setup looks great! nice choice on the Kessel i dont have one but i have heard great things and if (when) you decide to get a bigger tank it will be able to be carried over! Moon lights aren't acctually needed for your tank they dont add any thing other then a visual for you and your fish (My clowns used to only sleep in the spot where the moonlight were). if i was going to add them to my new setup i would personally just buy the cheapest ones off ebay i could find. seriously tho how did you get your tank to sit in the middel of the wall like that :-P (i have no idea how to help you get the pics rite side up)
  5. Rymah

    Seahorse questions

    I think most people on here would love one, but there just soo demanding! going on vacation would kill the tank (if you dont have a good tank sitter) for me its also finding the nices hitching posts, i live in canada and finding cool macro's and gorg's and stuff isnt as easy as ordering them on line.
  6. Rymah

    Seahorse questions

    short answer, poorly. clown fish are aggressive and will outcompete them for food and bully them, seahorse's also dont swim well. you cant have much/any flow with seahorses's anyone succesfully keeping them (that i have seen) has a dedicated tank for them. They also require pristine water conditions and daily live food feedings.
  7. My tank has been up and running for 3 years now, i have never have algea problems, but the other day while i was scrapeing my glass (once a week) i started thinking if other people do it as often/more/less then i do. when i scape you can visably see the little green dots all over the glass, not enought to limit viewing though. how about you guys?
  8. Rymah

    To much skimmer?

    Tank has been around for 5 years. Went through 2 moves with new sand but last move was 2years ago now. Got home and took the collection cup off, the bubbles are popping on the red line(above) with no water spilling over the edge. I'm at my wits end with this... It wasn't cheap either...
  9. Rymah

    To much skimmer?

    so in my case where im getting green tea but only an inch in a week, what would you suggest doing? turing it up or down? i also have the bubbles popping right where the cup attaches, nothing spills into the tank when the collection cup if off (right about red line in your picture).
  10. Rymah

    Cheap PAR38 bulb for Quarantine?

    very good point, i diddnt realize RX diddnt get the eggs.
  11. Rymah

    To much skimmer?

    The water level is 9.25" the manuel says to keep it between 8-10" . should i maybe try to bring the skimmer body up a little?
  12. Rymah

    Dolphins 'Pass the Puffer' to get high! :D

    That is Boxy - she is super popular of other sites like red***.com and *chan.org Boxy is a character she plays, im not sure if this video is actually her or another character. but if you really want to be anoyed at the Youtube generation watch a couple Boxy videos
  13. Rymah

    To much skimmer?

    i have a 29 gallon BC, external overflow into a 10 gallon sump, in my sump i have a Eshoppes 120-S Cone skimmer rated for 40-120 gallons. i have 2 clown fish, CUC and Corals This skimmer has been set up for about 6 months and i have never really got any good skimmate out of it. the water in the cup is the color of a green tea, i only get about an inch of water a week. i get lots of nasty crap in the neck. i have played around a lot with the dial and i can never get it right, it either over flows or is like this. is it possible that the skimmer is just to powerfull for my low bioload? i can get pics when i get home if they are needed. Thanks
  14. Rymah

    Cheap PAR38 bulb for Quarantine?

    Why not just dip the coral in Coral RX, if there is a bug in the frag you will have to dip it anyway to get it out... im not sure what the purpose of QT'ing a coral would be.
  15. Rymah

    what am i doing wrong here?

    Your P04 and trates are 0 becasue the algea it using it all to grow. the SW that you buy do they mix it at the store? maybe try to test some fresh SW for PO4 and nitrates and see what its comes back at. i would also suggest more flow as well a small koralia can be hidden in your rockwork (but dos restrict its flow) also 12 hours of lights on 100% is a lot.