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  1. Wtb jbj 28 hood

    I have a JBJ 28 HQI Metal Halide hood with moonlights. It comes with a brand new phoenix 14K bulb I just installed (less than 10 hours of use). It includes the ballast to power it all, which is superbly heavy. $200 shipped.
  2. Suggestion on LED upgrade

    if you like the stock look, you can get the LED hood from JBJ. Sometimes they come up here for sale for around 250$. I recently emailed RapidLED.com about how they can easily have a JBJ NC retrofit kit by modifying their existing biocube 29g kit that they currently sell. He responded by saying that they had some heat concerns and would probably have a kit for the JBJ nanocube sometime in the Summer. If you can't wait, you can retrofit it into the stock hood pretty easily with parts from rapidled, but I'd just wait.
  3. I'm looking for a used ReefKeeper Lite/Elite or Apex Jr/Controller. Not just the head unit, but the whole system, including outlets, probes, other modules, etc. I realize that there is wide range here, but I'm open to all offers.
  4. RKL Controller

    So, does this include the SID too? or just the head unit? what about the programming coupler?
  5. please close!

    Have you tested the unit? Is the controller dead?
  6. WTB: 28g nano cube led hood

    would you take a MH HQI hood? I have one with a brand new phoenix 14K bulb.
  7. Coral and Fish for sale!

    not intending to thread crap... but shouldn't this be in livestock classifieds?
  8. Eheim 2215 canister

    I'll take it check pm
  9. LF MP10 with Ecosmart Driver

    Just FYI, but the normal acronym used here is "WTB", not "LF" ...especially since LFS is commonly used. Not trying to troll. just thought I'd put that out there.
  10. 28g Nano Cube LED

    Is the LED hood still available? Do you know if the JBJ stock HQI ballast can run the LEDs?
  11. NanoCube 28 DIY Cree Led retro

    Firstly, we're talking about the JBJ NC28 for the no-solder LED mod right? Secondly, you need some sort of ballast to run the LEDs right? Is it included?
  12. wtb media reactor

    great; where is the link? I tried the brs website you referenced and there's a page on how to set up a group buy but i don't see where there's someone who's set one up with the 25th as a deadline?
  13. FS: Used Tunze 9002

    what type of collection cup comes with it? has the magnet been modded to fit in a jbj nanocube?
  14. so i'm going to assume since both was 90, and his is 80 shipped that the TDS will be 10$ shipped. that's a fair price. i'll take the TDS if he gets the RO.
  15. will you sell the TDS separately?