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  1. So yea, med school has really been taking up a lot of time and this fish tank has been severely neglected. I'm thinking that it's finally time that I start to salvage what's left. I'll provide a more substantial update in the next few days, but here's the tank as it stands right now. Unfortunately I lost almost all of my coral. I don't really know what the problem is, but I still haven't been able to control my pH. The Alk is around 8, but the pH is 8.4-8.6. My tap water is pH 7, but my RO/DI water is reading at 8.5. I just changed the filters prior to measuring it. I've heard that RO/DI water doesn't really provide a reliable pH due to essentially no ions, although fresh saltwater (ReefCrystals) is still measuring at 8.4-8.5 prior to water changes. Anyways, I'm contemplating just adding some attractive and semi-invasive softies, such as blue clove polyps, to the tank to take over the rock work. I don't really have much for them to compete with other than my LPS which will sting any intruders. Current fish in the tank are my pair of African Flameback Angels, one really large Black Cap Basslet, one remaining Central American Red Cardinal fish, one Blue-Green Chromis, and only one Black Photon Clownfish. I'm sad because the female was about to lay eggs, but I think she caught a parasite from the chromis (didn't QT, :'( ) and died a few days after they were introduced to the tank. She had been cleaning her rock for months and was getting really large. That being said, the Scarlet Shrimp spawn almost every week, and the angels are still spawning every night. I'm also sad that over the summer I lost my favorite coral, a bright yellow torch. It fell onto the sand when I was in Europe for a month and it just wasted away. Here's a picture of it's beauty. You can see it in the corner.
  3. ? Can you provide a little bit more info?
  4. So attractive, but so tiny! Better hope he doesn't get eaten.
  5. Tailspot Cardinalfish (Apogon dovii);-photo-dump-part-1/page-6#entry4639970
  6. Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata debelius);-photo-dump-part-1/page-6#entry4639970
  7. Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas);-photo-dump-part-1/
  8. It's looking good.
  9. Mystery is has been solved. Thanks to WWM, this little guy has been identified as a Sabellariid (family Sabellariidae) in the genus Lygdamis.
  10. Will do. I've sent an email to WWM to see if they could help too.
  11. Sabellariid, Lygdamis spp. ------------------------------------------------ Can anyone ID this thing for me? Each tentacle is a little less than a cm in length, and the entire creature lives inside of that sand-tube. It will retract on contact. I've never seen anything like this before and haven't been able to ID him. He's been in my tank for about a year and hasn't spread, this is just the first time I've been able to photograph him. He was originally attached to the rock base of one of my SPS, but he moved after I buried him in the sand.
  12. Is this really 40 liters? I've counted 11 fish in this tank and it's a little alarming. Gorgeous tank, but what is your filtration like?
  13. Beautiful tank. It almost looks animated.
  14. Awesome fish!
  15. Beautiful!