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  1. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    So yea, med school has really been taking up a lot of time and this fish tank has been severely neglected. I'm thinking that it's finally time that I start to salvage what's left. I'll provide a more substantial update in the next few days, but here's the tank as it stands right now. Unfortunately I lost almost all of my coral. I don't really know what the problem is, but I still haven't been able to control my pH. The Alk is around 8, but the pH is 8.4-8.6. My tap water is pH 7, but my RO/DI water is reading at 8.5. I just changed the filters prior to measuring it. I've heard that RO/DI water doesn't really provide a reliable pH due to essentially no ions, although fresh saltwater (ReefCrystals) is still measuring at 8.4-8.5 prior to water changes. Anyways, I'm contemplating just adding some attractive and semi-invasive softies, such as blue clove polyps, to the tank to take over the rock work. I don't really have much for them to compete with other than my LPS which will sting any intruders. Current fish in the tank are my pair of African Flameback Angels, one really large Black Cap Basslet, one remaining Central American Red Cardinal fish, one Blue-Green Chromis, and only one Black Photon Clownfish. I'm sad because the female was about to lay eggs, but I think she caught a parasite from the chromis (didn't QT, :'( ) and died a few days after they were introduced to the tank. She had been cleaning her rock for months and was getting really large. That being said, the Scarlet Shrimp spawn almost every week, and the angels are still spawning every night. I'm also sad that over the summer I lost my favorite coral, a bright yellow torch. It fell onto the sand when I was in Europe for a month and it just wasted away. Here's a picture of it's beauty. You can see it in the corner.
  2. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    The tank is doing alright. It's not really thriving as much as I wished it would by now, but I have also been neglecting it. It's hard to manage medical school and a reef at the same time. I never really found out what was happening with my SPS, but it seems to have stopped for the most part (mainly because it killed 80% of my SPS frags). Other than the SPS, everything is doing fine and growing. I'll clean the tank sometime in the near future, probably this weekend, and I'll try to get a new FTS up. Thanks, too bad they didn't make it. Hopefully the cardinals will try again in a few weeks with better results. I'm not really sure with this particular species, because they're very uncommon. I know with Bangaii's that it frequently happens, but I was just shocked that they were gone in less than 24 hours.
  3. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    Cardinal swallowed the eggs :'(
  4. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    Yea, sorry I've been pretty busy with school. Almost done though! As a result, I've had to neglect the tank quite a bit. Unfortunately the STN continued without cause and took out most of my SPS. Surprisingly, all of my "delicate" (smooth-skinned) SPS are still doing fine, but most of the more textured acros are white skeletons. I've only gone 2 millie frags left. But as I said, the ORA Borealis, Red Dragon, Green Dragon are all doing well, and so is the Green Planet and Green Titan. Another down side is that I've got a mild cyano outbreak that has been a persistent nuisance for the sand on half of the tank for the past two weeks. I just purchased some phosguard and chemiclean, so maybe that will help. Also... I've been having problems with my heater. The Neotherm stopped working properly, and my tank dropped from 79 to 75 over the course of a day. I'm trying to work out the problem with Cobalt right now. I'm currently maintaining the tank with my water change heater. But, on the plus side, all of the softies and LPS are doing great, the rocks are pretty purple w/ coraline growth, the angels continue to spawn every night, and now my shrimp have started to breed regularly too. And finally, about two weeks ago, the anemone finally started hosting the clowns. I'll try and get the rest of the tank back in order once I'm done with school.
  5. College SUCKS!

    DO IT! It won't be easy, but I think it's worth it. I started a reef tank up my Sophomore year. There are countless downsides though. First, it was a PITA to move around, especially since my school forced everyone to change dorms during the summer. As a result, I ended up moving my tank at least 2 times a year. I also wasn't close to home. My school was about 2000 miles from my parents' house, so I always had to find a place to house the tank and someone to take care of the fish over breaks. Fortunately I befriended all of the faculty in my Biology Department, and they loved taking care of the tank. It also helped that I was the animal caretaker for the department, so maybe the faculty felt like they had to return the favor. I also made connections with local reefers, so over winter breaks, I would take the fish to their house. The coral and inverts were always fine on their own (as long as you have an ATO). When I graduated, I had to sell everything :'( But then I started medical school... and I lasted an entire semester before I started up my current tank. Right now, it takes a lot more effort to try and find the time to dedicate to the tank, but I still love it. It's a great stress reliever.
  6. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    Finally got a video. It's hard the angels because of the lighting, but they're in the center of the tank.
  7. Help ID'ing this coral

    No, it'll be fine without any feeding.
  8. Help ID'ing this coral

    Looks like pagoda coral
  9. Single fish that can be hand fed

    Puffers, Triggers, Lions, and Eels could all live singly and be trained to eat out of your hand. Many puffers and triggers also don't mind getting pet. I wouldn't try it with the lion or eel though Probably the fish with the most personality are going to be your puffers or dwarf lions. They're adorable little bastards. If you want a fowlr, then either will do. If you want a reef, then a dwarf lion is the way to go.

    Calm down, it's not that urgent. It could be normal, or it could not. Pictures always help. If I were to guess, I'd say everything is probably fine. Give it time. This is a great resource for everything about BTAs: http://www.karensroseanemones.net/ This what death looks like: http://www.karensroseanemones.net/whatdeathlookslike.htm
  11. Algae ID please

    Looks like some sort of Jania sp. most likely
  12. Awpong's 50g Cube - Long Overdue Update

    No I haven't gotten it fixed yet. I posted on the neptune forum, and everyone agreed that I would need to email customer support. I've just been too busy/lazy to email them. On another note, I just witnessed my angels officially spawn for the first time tonight! It was too dark, and I didn't want to risk startling them, so I didn't manage to get a video. I'll try to get one sometime this week. That being said, it looked almost exactly like this video I pulled off youtube: