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  1. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    All of the zoas are gone. Everything else is currently on hold, I've had a couple of local people who are interested in pretty much everything. So, yeah, that means I'm still not shipping, sorry.
  2. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    Thanks. Everything is still available.
  3. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    BUMP... everything still available! I've had several people message me and then never reply back. I can't believe nobody wants FREE blue tubbs and other cool zoas! Wow. Doesn't get much cheaper than that.
  4. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    BUMP, the last seller ended up not making it to town. All the corals are still for sale, and the zoas are still free with purchase of $50 or more in corals.
  5. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    I've decided to not sell the zoas anymore, since I discovered a nudibranch on one of them today. Needless to say, I'm not selling any corals with pests in them. I will, however, throw all in for free for someone that buys at least $50 in my other corals.
  6. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    Ok, now its just the blue tubbs and duncans that are pending a sale. If someone wants me to ship, just PM me with the method you want me to use and we can figure something out.
  7. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    The duncans, frogspawn, tubbs, and whammin' watermelon are pending right now. Everything else still up for grabs. Sorry about the no shipping thing... I just have never shipped before and REALLY don't want to send someone corals that don't make it! Maybe if someone is interested in shipping, they could tell me the method(s) they want me to use, so we'd both be confident that we'd both get what we want? I guess just PM me with what you have in mind.
  8. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    BUMP again. I really want to sell this stuff.
  9. Selling it all! Free zoas included

    BUMP Make me an offer I can't refuse...
  10. No shipping, sorry. It's a pain. I've got lots of corals for sale. After I sell them all off, I will consider selling my livestock, and then live rock and equipment. Livestock includes 5 green chromis, 1 ocellaris clownfish, 1 firefish, 1 pajama cardinalfish, 1 hi-fin redbanded goby, 1 tiger pistol shrimp, and 1 peppermint shrimp. Equipment includes a 6 week old 20,000K 150W metal halide, a 24" actinic t5, a fluval 305 with extra carbon, Phosban, and u-cut filter pads, heater, SEIO powerhead, remora protein skimmer and preskimmer box, auto top-off system, 5 gallons of IO Reef Crystals salt, siphon, wavemaker powerstrip, light timer, nutrient test strips, coral grabber, hydrometer, 95% full Seachem Ca test, Kent Ca/Iodine/Strontium/Molybdenum supplements, Nite-Out bacterial additives, Flatworm eXit, Kent Superbuffer dKH (unused), IO water conditioner, full bottle of IC-Gel frag plug glue, Prime Reef Flakes food, and live rock. Oh and don't forget the algae scraper and buckets! Now, for the coral! Nothing is newly fragged, everything is at least 4 months and doing great. Not pictured: galaxea (tooth) coral: 3-4" wide and thriving, $40. Sunburst zoa, 16 heads for $15. Small 2-head blue candy cane, $10. Lots of green star polyp, baseball sized chunk for $15. Small green sinularia, about 2.5" tall, $20. Green dragon eye zoas, green palys, purple/white zoas, purple star polyps, 75+ purple mushrooms, and several pulsing xenia colonies are included with live rock. There is probably 25-30 lbs of live rock, I'll sell it for $2.50/pound. Zoas: green crossettes $15, bumblebee $20, blue tubbs $45, whammin' watermelon $55. Less than $1 per head, these are sweet zoas. Duncan coral: really great coral, will put out new heads like no tomorrow when you feed it shrimp! 7 heads, $50 Frogspawn coral: massive, it is time to go. 8" across, LOTS of heads, $100 Green Candy Cane: 10 heads or so, it actually looks more turquoise in real life. New heads about every month or so. $60. Blue candy cane has 6 heads, 4 of which are in the process of dividing, $30. Turbinaria scroll coral: sold to me as a yellow, but looks green/purple/blue in real life. 3.5" diameter, $35 Red Lord Acanthastrea: 9 heads, eats mysis like a champ! $60 Orange/Red branching Montipora: Grows fast, really easy. Sorry for the dark picture, but I didn't want the flash to wash out the pic. 4" long, $20 Hairy Mushroom rock: Large rock, completely covered in a dozen or so orange/green hairy mushrooms. Each mushroom is around 3" diameter. $50 Hammer coral: 15 heads of green hammer, 10 heads of pink. The green is pretty robust, and the pink has finer tentacles. $75 for green, $50 for pink. Mycedium chalice and random zoas: Not sure what "designer name" this chalice has, but its a nice one. Green eyes and purple skin, 3" diameter $35. Zoas look like they might be a mix of eagle eyes and bumblebee zoas. They are covering a spike of an old sps a few inches long. 50+++ heads, $30. If someone wants to buy multiple corals, I'll give them a deal. LOCAL ONLY please
  11. Paneubert's 15G Macro/Molly/Mantis Tank

    And the wait is over! That is a nice looking mantis. I see it has been in the tank for a day now, has it eaten all of the resident fish? Maybe they all decided to be friends... more pics of it in the tank!
  12. Aaahhhh, if I had access to NSW I would switch in an instant. I hate having to mix salt... and buy it.
  13. Protien skimmer.. now, later, or never

    It also depends on what you want your water to look like. Do you want crystal clear sparkling water, or do you not mind having a film on top of the water? Without a skimmer, my tank gets a film on top, and it doesn't look as good to me. I guess it depends on if you have the cash and are willing to buy one. Your reef won't fail without one, though.
  14. Paneubert's 15G Macro/Molly/Mantis Tank

    No codium? That sucks, hopefully they send you some or give you store credit. I really want to see those mangroves start growing in too. Those mollies are growing fast. Any new births lately? Also, any plans for guppies in the near future?
  15. 40B flooded due to ATO!

    #2 is what I would recommend. Its what I use, though I'm not sure what brand mine is. It doesn't need to be inverted, because it is wired that way. I can say this way would be easy and it works well. No overflowing here.