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  1. Biocube 29 w/LEDs: A learning experience.

    Here is my opinion on your situation and it is only based on my experience with the BC over the past 3 years. Here it is... you're trying to hard. I don't do anything to my tank othr ten water changes. The only time my tank gets out of wack is when I let the water changes go for weeks at a time and then it only takes a few ten gallon changes to kill off the hair algea. This is stocked with 4 fish, 2 shrimp, 2 large bta, 3 colonies of zoa, Xenia and a ton of GSP. Again maybe just mine.
  2. coraline on front of BC29 but lobster attacks!

    beautiful...why didnt i think of that, its not like i dont have several mag floats laying around! THANKS
  3. so i put a small purple lobster in my daughters BC29 with about 30-35# of rock along with corals and anemones. the coraline is covering the glass and i cant get in there with a razor blade to scrape it. do any of you guys have some tricks to scraping the bow front? i bought a wooden dowel rod today and slid a 4" razor in it but the plastic rim wont let me seat the blade all the way down and im scared i will scratch the glass using only a small portion.
  4. lost a fish today

    i dont know about how big it was but it still is a bc29
  5. lost a fish today

    as i walked by my daughters tank a little while ago i didnt see the lawnmower bleeny in his usual spot. after about 2 seconds i saw him being eaten by the purple lobster and a crab. poor guy i guess the lobster was creepin good during the night.
  6. Not getting amp reading when testing LEDs

    same here, i had the same exact problem and finally just gave up...i have no idea where my Ma stands but the driver is barely turned up.
  7. Ideas for dimmer kit/project box

    i made my own out of 1x4 and 1/4 inch ply...leftovers from the stand build. it holds everything inside and is painted to match the stand.
  8. The Biocube Resource Guide

    sure send it down and ill send it back no problem
  9. The Biocube Resource Guide

    no problem with the knitting, i took it 13 yrs ago in HS during home ec and i still have my own personal sewing machine
  10. The Biocube Resource Guide

    maybe just right down where everything is connected? it really isnt that hard!
  11. The Biocube Resource Guide

    i gutted my bc29 hood in less than 10 min and saved eveyhting so that it could be used in my bc14 hood. very simple to do.
  12. i have the smae problem with water flowing around the edges and it was falling apart until i sanded the plastic and glued it. i let it dry for a few hours before putting it back in.
  13. Biocube DIY wavebox idea

    well sure but a nano 750 cost 30 bux compared to the mp10s 200 or so.
  14. Biocube DIY wavebox idea

    same here, 2 korillia nanos in a bc29 takes up so much room and just looks messy