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  1. saltwatercoral


    Anyone else add some AI lights to their tanks! Im looking to do a new build next year in the wall (48x18x18) Should be a nice addition to the man cave! I want to add the !!!!
  2. saltwatercoral


    Its been a while since the members list has been updated... but (drum roll please.....) The members list is 100% updated as of right now!!! (7/19/2017) If you have a AI light and want to be added to the list, put a post up and I will add ya! Keep those pics coming!
  3. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    Im going to do another one tonight or tomorrow. Whenever I get about 25-30 gallons made up and ready. Thanks pschom!
  4. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    I originaly purchased the Marcorocks dry reef rock and put it in the tank. I then moved some rock around months later and didnt like how these were looking so I took them out and set them outside for a few months. I recently put them back in the tank and it has been a few weeks to 1 month since then. It was at that time I decided to do by/weekly water changes... Probly not the best ideas to do at the same time.
  5. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    So it looks like a few water changes for the next few weeks and then I will go back to 1/week the the water changes. After doing more reading it also looks like the 3 pieces of once dead rock (was live rock at one point) now is throwing the tank into a cycle. I guess I made a poor decision about putting the rock in... Thanks MikeTR and pschom for the info!
  6. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    I did add three pieces of dry live rock. There is a small amount of cyano growing on the rock. This is the only thing that I have changed to the tank, do you think this would cause this problem? I do tend to feed on the heavy side do you think this may also be a problem?
  7. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    So I am kinda in a bind... I think... I noticed this morning a slightly cloudy tank. I didn't have time to do anything but when I came home it was cleared up. So I did my test and my Ammonia and Phosphate is high! I have been originally doing water changes 1/week and for the last 2 water changes I have been doing 1 every other week. I guess doing a few water changes this week will help clear this up. Here are my tests. MG: 1400 KH: 8.4 CA: 420 Phosphate: .8 Nitrite: 15 Nitrate: 0 Ammonia: .5 Suggestions?
  8. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    It was hard to do but once they mess with my corals ya get killed! He was hungry and so was I! Moahaaaaaaaa!
  9. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    It's a bitter sweet night tonight.... I had to kill my Elephant slug tonight... It was VERY hard for me to kill him tonight but I cought home for the second night in a row munchin on my caps. Yesterday was the very small red cap that I cought him in action on sanding down the surface on. And today he was leaving the seen of the crime on my new blue cap I just got yesterday with a huge spot eaten away. I pulled Him from the tank and the did a scolding HOT water dip and scissor dissection on him while laughing!!! He will no longer be munching on any of my corals!
  10. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    I just got 2 new foods for my corals. They are both from Coral Smoothie and the one is for my SPS and Chalice that's the Oyster Delight and the other is a great coral food that's called Feed the Frenzy. Just did the Oyster Delight tonight with the pumps off and man.... The chalice and sps really grab and hold onto that stuff!
  11. saltwatercoral

    Timothy's Deep Blue

    Looks nice and clean! Welcome! Love the acans! Thats the same concept I am going for.
  12. saltwatercoral

    Corals (Places to buy in Maryland)

    +1 They have just switched over to 100% all Saltwater now. Im going today to get some stuf. They are running a sale on stuff today and tomorow at CTE Aquatics. House of Tropics does have corals and fish but nothing compared to Pacific East Aquaculture. Up in Lancaster PA there is "That Fish Place" thats where I go and it takes me about 1hr and 15min one way. PM me if your interested in getting some higher end corals. I buy from a guy here in B-more. I can give him your info if interested. Check out my page and see the frags I have been buying from him. He has the most clean tank I have ever seen (300g)! He has alot of Jason Fox frags and thats alot of whats in my 120.
  13. saltwatercoral

    180G Office Paradise (2 Years Old!)

    You need top bring your CA up to atleast 450 and bring your MG to 1400+. Also KH is a big thing to test for when keeping SPS healthy. With a low MG I would think you KH will be way off. Once your MG is stable aroung 1400+ then you KH will balence itself out. for softies it does not matter that much with lower levles. I beleive once you fir this this will help. ALSO: Dont raise any to fast, if you do it will only complicate the matter. Slow and steady wins the race...
  14. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    I just got 11 new corals tonight! Lots of Chalice, a couple of Caps and a beautifull Acan Echanata. acan echinata http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h421/S...6905A5CDDFF.jpg] Jason Fox Dankas Favia riddler chalice
  15. saltwatercoral

    $ Pit

    I thought so to until I kept a close eye one them and found out that my cleaner wrass is the culprit. I hope to get rid of him This week.