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  1. Thanks! But give it a while, probably won't stay that way for long, lol.
  2. I figured its time to post some pics. I moved the tank last night to its new location and added my new Aqua Illuminations Prime led light as well. So I figured with the new changes needs new pics... Going to be adding more corals here shortly as well to stock this little guy!
  3. IMO, I would go with a nanoish tank and get a bigger sump to have a larger water volume and a more stable water parameter as well! Looking good though!
  4. Awesome looking tank!
  5. Sick
  6. I had those in my tank as well. Not so many of them now at all. Just make sure your Phosphates are down! It looks like they are pineapple sponges to me.
  7. p40

    Very nice
  8. Looks real nice! I thing I may get a few acro's and try them out myself!
  9. What the what!
  10. Nice and clean!
  11. Very Nice acan! This is why I get smaller frags/colonies, lol. The price for a larger colonie is out of this world!
  12. Thats Purdy!
  13. How much did that litle guy cost ya!
  14. Very nice lookin SPS!
  15. How you doin! :smile: