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    Anyone else add some AI lights to their tanks! Im looking to do a new build next year in the wall (48x18x18) Should be a nice addition to the man cave! I want to add the !!!!

    Its been a while since the members list has been updated... but (drum roll please.....) The members list is 100% updated as of right now!!! (7/19/2017) If you have a AI light and want to be added to the list, put a post up and I will add ya! Keep those pics coming!
  3. Innovative Marine Fusion 10

    Thanks! But give it a while, probably won't stay that way for long, lol.
  4. Innovative Marine Fusion 10

    I figured its time to post some pics. I moved the tank last night to its new location and added my new Aqua Illuminations Prime led light as well. So I figured with the new changes needs new pics... Going to be adding more corals here shortly as well to stock this little guy!
  5. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Good idea or not?
  6. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    what do you all think about a Fluval G3 on the IM fusion 10?
  7. Innovative Marine Fusion 10

    What do yall think about me adding the Fluval G3 canister filter to the IM fusion 10?
  8. Innovative Marine Fusion 10

    Thanks Huffy! Just posted a coment on your thread as well! Yours looks nice!
  9. Huffy's IM Fusion 10g - Coralline Algae!

    Looking good!!! Love these little tanks! Can you post your light schedule for your Prime? I want to install my AI Prime light but just am not sure of what I want to set the lighting schedule to. And seeing that you have the same exact tank and light.... I thought it would be a great idea to see your schedule. Thanks!
  10. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Can I be added to the club please!!! Just added my build thread http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/363303-innovative-marine-fusion-10/
  11. Innovative Marine Fusion 10

    I figured I might as well start a new build thread! I have recently upgraded from my Fluval spec 3 tank to my new Innovative Marine Fusion 10 about 1 month ago. Since getting this tank I have upgraded a few things on this and its doing well! Here is what I have so far: Innovative Marine Fusion 10 tank Live sand Aqua Illumination Prime (not installed yet) Hydor koralia nano 240 aquarium circulation pump Spin stream nozzle Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget Ghost Protein Skimmer Finnex HMO Titanium Heater w/ Digital LED Controller Mated pair of ORA Platinum Percula Clown's 1 Emerald crab 1 Hawaiian pink Strawberry crab 3 different zoas Here is a few Pics of the setup so far... My little girl loves these litle clowns! Here is a pic of what the Red Hawaiian Crab looks like. He mainly hides during the day and comes out at night. Here is a shot of the clowns Here is the Emerald that just molted a couple nightss ago
  12. Fluval Spec 3 Reef (WARRNING PICTURE HEAVY)

    Time has come to...................................................................... UPGRADE!!!!!!! I am now wanting a bit more space, so I will be upgrading to a Innovative Marine Fusion 10 and putting the AI Prime on it along with the Ghost Protein Skimmer. I also grabbed a pair of mated Premium Snowflake Clowns! Already have on in the tank that I got last week and the other come to find out the fish store still has so I put a hold on this little guy so they can be back together again! I’ll start a new thread once I get the tank and get it going. I might take the Fluvial Spec 3 and convert it to a fresh water glow fish tank for my little girl and have them next to each other… Still thinking about that one…
  13. Fluval Spec 3 Reef (WARRNING PICTURE HEAVY)

    Can't wait for the Aqua Illumination Prime to come! Just got word yesterday that they are now shipping!

    Just got the good news yesterday that the Prime is now being shipped!!!
  15. Fluval Spec 3 Reef (WARRNING PICTURE HEAVY)

    When I get in tomorrow morning I will see how things are going! I may ad some peppermint shrimp!