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  1. Help ....pls. Urgent

    I did took the sponge out...but I guess its too late....I had prepared the water....it has to be over night to do so....as I used the water which was due to change by tomorrow (weekly water change). I guess this is the only option...to do water change ... Hope the corals make it till tomorrow. Am just confused what caused this... As I had small fan orange coral in the tank but never faced such thing... The sad thing I lost the clown fish ... I was so attached to it.
  2. Guys, Yesterday I purchased a blue sponge, I did acclimated for 2 hrs and didn't took it out the bag as I know it should not exposed to air, placed it in my tank and today morning the tank was smokey white and the sponge color changed to white , thought its protecting cover or else .. However I changed my water, 15% and cleaned my filter, and the whole tank was going down....leather coral titled down, the hairy mushroom shrink...the elegance is closed the Kenya tree tilted down..... And about two hrs I lost the 2 clown fish and 1 shrimp..... What to do.... Heeeeeeeelp pls.
  3. Help..

    Just ...update When I reach home I checked the fish and the white circle gone... What was it...no idea??! But the good thing is blasTomuss coral is fully open... The finger leather is fine and star polyp as well.... I guess it midnight nightmare....lol Still wanna what is the white circle was?? Wish I can provide picture but didn't had time to do so...and it's gone now... Thnx to all
  4. Help..

    Thank you all for the reply, my tank is 15G and I think am dealing with the wrong LFS staff,I know their aim is totally the profitable. Drop down in PH is strange for me as well, I have the test kit for magnisume , calcium, ph,no3,no4. Supplier staff adviseme me to dose the iodine as the coral I have is not totally thriving in the tank. Am maintaing weekly water change, and daily twice auto feeder fish flake for the clown which the like it. External and internal filtters, chiller, skimmer. Liverock, live sand bed. 2 cleaning shrimps, 4 turbo snails. The sport is quite big for the fish almost the tail part is covered with it but in circle shape. Thank you guys for the valuable information. Parameters will send it once reach home.
  5. Help..

    Any update !!!
  6. Help..

    Urgent help.. Yesterday I applied iodine 10ml to the aquarium along with ph+ 10 ml, after 6 hours or less, I noticed white circle on one of my clown fish near to the tail and in both sides, almost the same size. I never noticed small white dots ( as I check all pic on the net) which suppose to be white spots, didn't notice any strange behavior like scratching the body to rock or other things. So what is this white circle, could it be from the iodine.??! And if not white spot, then what is it? I don't have another fish, only clown and anemone.+ bubble coral, leather star polyp , blastomuss. Ph was dropping to 7.6 last 2 on Wednesday test, friday is the schedule for weekly 20% water change.
  7. Feather worm

    Still waiting reply....
  8. what type is this crab?

    Very much true Lecroj, it's a good thing to keep the live stone for over night acclimate, today morning I found dead anemone crab, and I put it in the glass where I kept the small crab I found And in hour time...he. Ate it all....grrr Thnx for the reply.
  9. Feather worm

    Anyone?who knows what is it.?
  10. Feather worm

    finally the feather worm found a place under the live rock, as today only , but i saw it left something covered with mucus...what is it exactly???...picture attached
  11. I bought additional live rock today, and found inside a small crab, hardly made him out of the rock... can any body advice if it is save to add to the tank, what type it is... and is it safe to put with clown fish, anemone and tube worm?
  12. The live rock i have , been two weeks in my tank, today i saw this worm with it's feather... am wondering what it could be?
  13. Today I went diving with my friends (me only surface diving...lol) How ever, they brought for me small Linckia Multifora Starfish , i place it in the sea water..and it's smelling sea... My question is that how to clean or cure the star fish, and of course it need acclamation. So how to do that....any article or advice. And if in the future I pick some corals or any inverters from the sea, how to cure them. Any help will be appreciated
  14. Feather worm

    By the way the NH3/NH4 is between 0 and .5m/l And ph is 8.5 Which it is safe as per the chart, by tomorrow will change the 20% of the tank water as it scheduled each 7 days. The test I did yesterday for nh and ph.