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  1. Your Metal Halide Questions Answered

    I'm about to start a 16 gal Nano cube. Do you guys think I would do fine with a 70w HQI or would you go for the 150w? I'm planning on some SPS, but mostly R. Florida.
  2. DIY 70W Metal Halide pendant

    Hi. Im new to this board, so guess this will be my first post I know it's an old topic, but I need some advice to a DIY MH pendant My inspiration is this topic and this: http://www.nano-reef.com/featured/?tank=22 I sure would like help to chose the ballast. I did a search on ebay, but I cant find the one I am looking for. Do you guys think it is safe - and possible to build a pendant like the one Karlo did following your guide? Regards. Bonus question: Is 70W enough to a 16 gal nano?