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  1. correction, i meant i will be upgrading from a 20 to a 40 breeder
  2. this was an early christmas present. i will be converting my twenty to a 40 gallon breeder
  3. the sunlight is there only when i leave the blinds open. normally they are kept shut. I was showing my wife the shimmer lines from when the sunlight hit the tank and explained to her the similar effects of metal halide lighting. i will soon be the proud owner of a metal halide system.
  4. I will be adding corals sometime this week. most likely something easy since this will be my first.
  5. this is my newly revised twenty. due to unfortunate circumstances i had to ditch the sump
  6. Its a coralife 2x65 watts. I have added some live stock to the tank. some herbivores, clean-up crew and 2 fish. I am waiting to settle in after i move this thursday before i add coral.
  7. because the mag 5 is within my price range and even w/ the mag7 it doesn't come compare to the quiet ones flow rate. the mag 7 is 700gph the quietone3000 is 780 gph. i'm thinking of teeing it off to run a in-sump diy skimmer. hmmm maybe i should consider the model 4000.
  8. its a 20 gallon. i think i will go with the quiet one. thanks for your help
  9. I have a aquaclear 802 powerhead for a return pump. I'm thinking of getting a stronger pump for the return. It's a choice between a mag5 and a quiet one model 3000. The mag5 is@500gph and quiet one 3000 is @780. Which is the better pump performance and durability wise.
  10. since this is my first reef tank i've decided to move from the ten to a twenty.
  11. thanks for the referral
  12. can you tell me who sells them
  13. could you suggest another type that i don't have to wire myself. i don't feel confident enough to do that without electrocuting myself
  14. ok it didn't work so i will try one more time
  15. oops the wattage on the bulb is 175 and it is a pfo ballast. i hope this works. here is the link