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  1. Emerald Crab Dead... WHY???

    I remember when that happened to me a few months back. I thought "oh great only had it a couple of months and it's dead already" then I proceeded to fish it out and tossed into the garbage went bact to check the tank for any other fatalaties and lo and behold there was another crab only bigger thats when i realized it had molted. it could definitely freak you out the first time it happens
  2. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    Right now I do it by hand. When I upgrade to the 40 I plan to eventually add some type of auto-topoff system
  3. sealife systems skimmers

    does anybody know about the performance and quality of the sealife system protein skimmers. when i was in my lfs the other day i saw that they were selling them and using one but i want to know if anybody has had any experience with them.
  4. 1/6/05 Upgrading your aquarium

    current tank is a 20 gallon with 2x65 watt pcs. plan to upgrade to a 40 gallon breeder with 20 gallon sump/refugium and 250w mh with an internal overflow and manifold return. the reason i am upgrading is so i can have more space for more corals. also plan to upgrade my protein skimmer and pump.
  5. 11,750 members here wow!

    usually on here quite a few times a day but, that wasn't an option
  6. I plan on upgrading to a 40 gallon breeder which is 36x18x16, but if i had a choice definitely the 36x18x18.
  7. So What Do You Want For Nano-christmas?

    I will be getting a new piece of coral, a 40 gallon breeder a couple of powerheads, some supplements and a book written by Ron Shimek
  8. will 150 watts be enough

    thanks everyone for their replies. i think i will go for the 250. marine depot has the aqua medic ocean light 250 watt for only 20 dollars more than the 150.
  9. will 150 watts be enough

    i will be upgrading to a 40 gallon breeder in the coming months. along with this upgrade i also plan on improving my lights. in the future i do see myself trying a clam or two, and maybe one frag of a less light demanding sps. but, for the most part it will be dominantly soft and lps. will 150 watts mh be enough if the clam and sps were positioned closer to the surface or should i consider a stronger system? it will be a DE bulb system. for those who don't know the tank is 16 in. high. sorry for the long post
  10. my early christmas present

    correction, i meant i will be upgrading from a 20 to a 40 breeder
  11. my early christmas present

    this was an early christmas present. i will be converting my twenty to a 40 gallon breeder
  12. can someone id this

    I have had this in my tank for awhile and still cannot id it. the picture is not that great but its the best i can do. it seems to have little tentacles and is embedded in the rock. it also seems to have a mouth in the center. there is about eight of them clustered together. anybody want to try and guess.
  13. I am currently running a 20 gallon tank with 130 watt compact flourescent. I need to know what I can keep and can't keep. with the exception of sps and clams will this lighting be sufficient for most corals or should i consider metal halides. I was thinking of 150w or 175w. this whole lighting issue is confusing so if someone can help me i would appreciate it. or point me in the right direction
  14. feeding and dosing

    i figure you normally change 10% percent a week. so i'll do about 5% percent one part of the week and another 5 the second part of the week so that i can keep any waste build-up to minimum.
  15. feeding and dosing

    i just got my first coral. what i wanted to know is when i should start testing for and dosing the tank with calcium or will the water changes be enough? i plan on changing the water 2 times a week. also do i need to feed the coral. it's a few red mushrooms. i know that they get their food from the zooxanthellae algae that reside in them and absorption, but do i still need to feed them something to supplement their diet. heres a picture of them