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  1. Hmmm, you may be right. I never had one before and recall only seeing pictures of the ones that looked like "peanuts". Here is an excellent photo shoot of one that looks similar to the one I have: http://www.captivereefs.com/forum/invert-index/peanut-worms-sipunculans-20656/ Peanut worms are harmless detrivores, right? Maybe it is my imagination that the zoas are missing. I will keep an eye on them.
  2. Here is another pic. I don't have tripod, so we are stuck with cell phone pics although this one is a little better I think. I am looking at the black thing with the white band. It extends out and retracts into the rock when I approach the tank. You can see the bare spot where the zoas are missing on the shell they are mounted on. The black thing extends all the way to them. It really is a pretty neat little thing. I would just like to know what it is and then I'll remove the zoas from the rock and move the rock to my fowlr.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I see the brittle stars; I have thousands of them. I'm actually referring to the black tube with white bands thing in the center of the left pic. I know the pics are bad. In the last pic it is not centered, but you can make out what appears to be a hammer shaped head. Whatever it is, it sees me coming to the tank now and retracts when I approach. mystery black snake 2 pdf.pdf
  4. Couple more lame pics. My tank is mostly full of pests anyway, so I probably will monitor it for a while to see if I can catch it. The zoas are your basic brown variety, and it is possible that the thing is not eating them. We shall see. Just have never seen any thing like this before. Sorry about the photos: cell phone with leds+no skill=poor photos
  5. Ah, not great reading comp on my part. Lol
  6. So isopods huh, long suckers too. I thought that it was a worm of some sort.
  7. Black thing in center if pic. Retracts when I approach tank.
  8. to summarize: contentment is the highest wealth
  9. For sensitive inverts water quality is going to be your biggest concern. If you are new to the whole saltwater game, start simple and slowly. Do the cycle properly and slowly. Lots of info in the beginners section. Goby/Pistols are just an interesting commensurate pair; tons of info on google about it. However, my pair always hid, only coming out during feeding time.
  10. The biggest issue I see with your selection is the hardiness of the animals. All of those would be fine as clean up crews in a mature tank, but not so much in a new tank. - tuxedo urchin - needs lots of algae to thrive - coralline or other - chinton - needs low nitrate levels - low as in less than 5 - conches - there is a tongan fighting conch that will stay small, but again needs a lot of algae to thrive or it will starve - ringed cowrie - very cool guys, but again consume a lot of algae, plus mine only comes out at night so that defeats your initial design criteria My advice: keep it simple, your clients will probably glance at the tank and say "neat", and then focus on business.
  11. I would agree that is some form of decorator. Where did it hitchhike from? I have seen a crab just like this collected off the west coast of FL.
  12. I've had it up for about a month. Using phos ban and Pura pads cut to size for the top and bottom. Seems to have reduced a red slime issue I was having on the sand. Fits in chamber one of my ap12.
  13. This, john will have a much better idea on availability...
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